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The day in the basque country

a basque youth | 11.02.2005 14:24 | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Today we are suffering a new great attack from the spanish and french states. 42 youths are being judged because belong to basque youth organisation Segi. The spanish state asks an overall punishment of 642 prision years for all of them (from 10 years to 112). They, too, arrests today two monks and another youth

Unai Romano, before and after be tortured for the spanish police
Unai Romano, before and after be tortured for the spanish police

It be being a difficult day for the basque country. Today the spanish and french states are showing how they want to "solve" the basque conflict. Several and differents attacks are being done from different police corps.

Today have started the judgment against the basque youth organisation called Segi. The work of Segi is to defend the basque youth people rights: the basque organisation fights against the workers explotation, against the social discrimination, and supports the basque people national freedom struggle. Today, 42 youths are being judged because of belong to a organisation who fights against the power (People of World Revolution knows that organisation, if you want more information). They ask 654 years of prison for them, 10 years for some, 14 for others and 112 for one. This case shows their attittude for the youths. They ask 112 years for Asier Tapia, this punish to speak in a press release after the police arrests 15 kids from Segi.

At the same time, France is ready to give Araitz Zubimendi to the spanish polices. Consequently, Zubimendi is under the danger of be tortured.

But it isn't all.

The last wednesday they arrest 14 youths in all the basque country and they say they are militants of ETA. Now, they all are incomunicated (they can't speak nor with their lawyer, neither with any people, except the police officers). They all are under the danger of be tortured. Today, the spanish police arrested another youth called Unai Lizaso in Gipuzkoa.

But it isn't all.

The spanish and french polices have arrested two friars in Gipuzkoa (Spanish state) and Lapurdi (French state). The first has 75 years old and the second, 70.

I know my english is very poor, but we need that what happens hear will be listened all around the world. The photography that I adjunt, proves the torture we are suffereing. The photo of the right is the same boy, after be arrested by the police, and after be tortured.

Up the social and national freedom for the peoples!

a basque youth
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