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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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G8 Protest 2-6-2007 ON GOING 'RIOTS'

07-06-2007 11:24

The 'water' in those cannons might have chemicals in it.
It looks like you could breath it in:

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A Missionary of Ignorance

07-06-2007 10:11

The king of arrogance and the missionary of ignorance are part of a frozen elite consciusness of fear and indifferent reason where there are no alternatives and bankruptcies are just normal business practice. Another world is possible of open arms, not clenched fists, a world where everyone has a place and where many worlds fit!

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Urgent Action Needed! - Demirci family Must Stay

07-06-2007 08:29

Demirci family
The Demirci family was detained on Monday 4th June, when they went in to sign at the Home Office. Halil and his wife, Songul, and their two children, Sezer and Donduzilan have been given a removal date for this Friday morning at 7:00am. Sezer, who is 12 years old, was attending Alexander Parade Primary School. He speaks English with a Scottish accent. Donduzilan, who is 5 years old, was born in Scotland. The family as we write are on their way to Tinsley House IRC.

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Joseph Kakembo Belongs on Teesside!

07-06-2007 08:26

Joseph Kakembo
Joseph is a Ugandan who fled to the UK 14 years ago. Since his first application for asylum in April 1993 he has been through a series of hearings, reviews, and appeals - each one preceded by months of anxious preparation and followed by weeks of waiting and hoping and worry.

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Prison-death demonstration, Styal Prison, 13 June 2007

06-06-2007 22:30

Demonstration to protest against the death of another woman prisoner
Helen Mary Cole, aged 48, died on 3 June 2007
while in the care of Styal Prison, Cheshire
Demonstration will take place on Wednesday 13 June 2007 starting at 1.00 pm
Reporters and photographers are welcome to attend

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Blocking G8

06-06-2007 21:38

Massive blockade leaves from the camp.
Successfull blockade of the south east entrance.

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Scotts against the G8!

06-06-2007 19:10

Scottish protestors are part of the mobilisation currently ongoing in Northern Germany against the G8 summit.

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Support pipeline protesters, stop G8 climate criminals!

06-06-2007 17:46

Pipeline and G8 solidarity protest outside court in Cardiff tomorrow as authorities attempt to evict Brecon anti-pipe tree camp.

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G8 Tuesday. MSF action Rostock harbour.

06-06-2007 17:32

Desparate for that drug treatment.
Medecins Sans Frontieres provided a visual spectacle to highlight the scandal of people dying in poor countries due to the price of life saving drugs. Credit to MSF's volunteers the water was filthy not to mention freezing.

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G8 Blockade On Main Road To Heiligendamm

06-06-2007 16:33

View of protestors advancing towards the fence through the fields ...
Thousands of people left Reddelich camp early this morning to take part in the first day of blockades against the G8 summit. The main group which consisted of well over 5000 people moved towards the fence through fields and country roads. Other smaller affinity groups also left towards the fence 'protecting' Heiligendamm. Here there are a few photos of the main blockade which managed to break well inside the designated 'no-protest' zone, and successfully occupied the main road leading to Heiligendamm from the town of Bad Doberan, and just a few hundred meters away from the fence that protects the so-called 'red zone'.

At the time of publishing this report the blockade is still on, and growing in numbers as protesters from an earlier blockade of a military airport nearby are joining in. Police are bringing in water cannons and small tanks, but the protestors are staying put and resisting the blockade, some of which planning to stay overnight.

Here there are a few pics of the blockade so far ....

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Rostock demonstration for global freedom of movement and equal rights for all.

05-06-2007 22:12

Police hold up the begining of the demo...
Arriving at the rally point the Police presence is unreal. Literally thousands of the fuckers. A group of communists are being kettled outside the entrance and the atmosphere is tense to say the least. The speeches are delayed because many of the speakers are held up outside while people are being searched. Then when the demo forms up hundreds of cops surround the start and block its passage. Behind them are water cannons. The crowd refused to provoked. Its the same deal as before. There are refugees present and noone is going to allow the Police to add deportations to their arrest quota.

After hours of negotiation the demo finally leaves with over 10,000 people on it. Outside the town centre it is stopped again because the streets are too narrow or something. Despite these pathetic excuses the crowd still refuse to react in a violent or confrontational manner.

10,000 is over ten times bigger than anything that Germany's Nazis have ever manged. They think that borders are a good idea...whose winning?

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Gender Equality & Homophobia in Pakistan

05-06-2007 21:07

This is shortly what happens on judicial sailoring of two Transgender at their case of marriage in Lahore court district.....

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Sunday afternoon in Rostock

05-06-2007 20:05

A few snaps from Rostock on Sunday afternoon.

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Green Venezuela: Environmentalism and the Bolivarian Revolution, London

05-06-2007 12:04

London Hands Off Venezuela presents a discussion on

Green Venezuela: Environmentalism and the Bolivarian Revolution
With Derek Wall – Principal Male Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales

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ASDA Hyson Green Expansion

05-06-2007 09:28

Proposed expansion - impression (of something hideous)
Asda in Hyson Green have put in a planning application to expand the shop building into their car park off Noel St. We think this greedy company has done enough harm to the area as it is.

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Black Bloc in Rostock

04-06-2007 23:14

Black Bloc at the anti-G8 manifestation in Rostock, 2nd June

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Police use massive force against G8 demonstrators in Rostock

04-06-2007 19:39

The head of the march
A peaceful mass demonstration of an estimated 80,000 participants turned into a grim battle between thousands of heavily armed police and demonstrators—including provocative members of the “black bloc” of anarchists—on late Saturday afternoon in the northern German port city of Rostock.

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[video] Three short movies on Rostock riots

04-06-2007 18:40

Few videos from Saturday clashes with the police

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G8 Protest - Bristol Solidarity

04-06-2007 18:20

CRITICAL MASS, Friday 8th June
8am in the MORNING!

Assemble on St. Augustines Parade at 8am sharp to move off when critical mass forms.