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Up to 200 Italian police 'ran parallel anti-terror force'

07-07-2005 07:57

Up to 200 police officers and former intelligence operatives are being investigated by Italian magistrates on charges of organising an illegal "parallel" police force to combat terrorism. this article doesn't mention Freemasons or Gladio but dozens of articles in the italian press do.
"I guess John Philips(also writes 4 the grauniad) aint into that kind of conspiracy theory crap so let's stick to the sheeple version INNIT !

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Police Protecting Sheraton, Edinburgh

07-07-2005 07:40

7th July, Police employ similar tactics as yesterday around Sheraton Grande Hotel on Lothian Road, where G8 delagates are being housed.

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Sydney, Australia : G8 solidarity action

07-07-2005 07:04

Sydney people will gather for a G8 solidarity action tommorow, winding through the streets in a climate criminal carnivale highlight the corporate polluters ending with a party at a secret location.

It is also a warm up for the big mobilisation planned for August 30 at the iconic Sydney Opera House where the annual Forbes Global CEO conference will be held.

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South Bristol Anarchists Storm Blair's Flats

06-07-2005 23:28

Militants, The South Bristol Anarchists, stormed Tony Blair's luxury apartments in Bristol today in support of Black Bloc G8 actions in Scotland.

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Solidarityactions: Bern,Hannover,Heidelberg,Lugano

06-07-2005 23:18

Solidarity actions and other actions to inform about the G8 summit took place in various places round the continent today.

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06-07-2005 22:43

To be the Antichrist, you don't have to be smart, you just have to be evil.

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06-07-2005 22:27

we all assembeled outside the city gallerey, with banners placards, loudhailers ect.........

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G8 'Kids Blocl Blockade, Wednesday 6th

06-07-2005 22:24

Here there are two photos of the Gleneagles blockade by the 'Kids Block' and their supporters, which included a batallion of the CIRCA, a samba band, around 30 vehicles including a double deck bus, and about 300 protestors.

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Geldof declares African empowerment and representation "not important"

06-07-2005 22:01

Today, Bob Geldof finally put on the record what many development campaigners have suspected for a while - namely that the empowerment of African people to represent themselves and solve their own problems, rather than relying on rich, guilt-ridden celebrities to save them, is not important to him.

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On the way to Gleneagles -- Edinburgh

06-07-2005 21:42

Fed up waiting on buses held up by police people decided to take a stand
On the 6th July, a few hundred people were stuck in Edinburgh waiting for their busses to go to Gleneagles -- at the end they decided to hold an impromptu march in the city.

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Boogie on the Bridge

06-07-2005 21:06

Stop the M74, Save the Climate!
Glasgow, 2 PM, Commerce Street Bridge

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Glen Eagles Demo - quick rushes

06-07-2005 20:13

The first video rushes of footage from Gleneagles we have. Some fence pulling action. And some walking into the field.More soon about how the police stopped people from getting there.

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Video testimonies: How the G8 effects South Africa and Ethiopia

06-07-2005 20:02

Raised Voices: Testimonies from the majority world on the impacts the G8 has on their lives.

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Dissent website down?

06-07-2005 19:54

Error messages when go to

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London g8 action

06-07-2005 19:36

London g8 action at Business Action for Africa

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Police Movements, Edinburgh

06-07-2005 18:18

6+ police vans seen speeding off A7 towards Preston Street, Edinburgh

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mj on holiday in Bahrain

06-07-2005 17:59

how many bruhs and sis have been attacked or lost jobs?/how many of our kids got a bad grade and feel they been robbed?/how many feel that their country got jacked by a killah/how many have been harassed for not buying the lies of amerikkka

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Photos from our trip on the A9

06-07-2005 17:44

We travelled over the A9 to Gleneagles, and here is what we saw...

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What's Happening at the Hori-Zone Eco site in Stirling

06-07-2005 15:53

The eco-site in Stirling is at the forefront of the G8 protest. What's really happening at Hori-Zone?