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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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One week of Blockade on Tara

01-06-2007 19:04

Today begins the second week of a campaign to have the M3 diverted.
The really intelligent governments ministers who stitched up the
Gabhra Valley for their mining and re-zoning maties are taking
full advantage of the hung government.

but we are not all thick.

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Eviction of squatted community garden

01-06-2007 17:04

Eviction hearing on monday for community garden in Reading

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Solidarity needed; Rigaer Strasse 84- Berlin

01-06-2007 15:46

Rigaer strasse 84, a housing project in Berlin-living place for 48 people,a
space for international guests, public cooking space, cinema, free space
for politcal groups, concert space, and a bar.

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Nottingham folk report from G8 in Germany #2

01-06-2007 10:45

Second report from some Nottingham folk who have travelled to Germany to take action during the G8 summit, which takes place at from 6-8 June 2007 in a hotel in Heiligendamm next to Rostock at the Baltic Sea. For more coverage of the G8 summit, click here. For the first report, click here.

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Uthayasooriyan Family belong to Middlesbrough

01-06-2007 05:14

Please help stop the removal of the Uthayasooriyan family, Suntharalingam, Shanthini, and their two children, Anosha aged 8 and Anitha aged 4 (born in UK).

Detained on Tuesday 29th May they are due to be removed on Sri Lankan Airlines flight SL0506, departing 14:25 on Saturday 2nd June.

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Manchester No2ID Street Stall, St. Anne's Square, 2nd June

31-05-2007 22:45

Manchester No2ID Logo
A reminder that we'll be taking the debate on ID cards and the National Identity Register to the streets of Manchester on Saturday afternoon from 1pm onwards.

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The War on Drugs Does Not Exist

31-05-2007 22:01

The WAR ON DRUGS does not exist - welcome to the WAR ON HUMAN RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, BELIEFS AND CHOICES…..For if it is a War on Drugs, why do we annihilate and persecute some, while giving supremacy to others?

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Get the G8 off Africa’s back

31-05-2007 17:25

Article by the education charity WORLDwrite examining prevailing attitudes on the ability of Africans to self govern and develop their economic and social potential. Explores poverty eradication & poverty reduction along with what debt relief really means in Ghana.

Includes comments by Ghanian Academics Professor Akilagpa Sawyerr and Dr. Yao Graham of Third World Network Africa.

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G8; Call for Global Infopoint Network

31-05-2007 14:49

In conjunction to the alternative media material that has already started coming out of Germany about whats going on, we want to encourage the setting up of a network of nodal infopoints outside of the protest area for people in their local area to be able to go to and find out first hand whats going on...Spaces already forming in Berlin, Mataro(Cat), Sao Paulo

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Audio: Barcelona and the ongoing attack against the squatted social centres.

31-05-2007 14:43

Re-occupation of Miles de Viviendas Social Centre
Here there is a 24 minute interview with Emily from Miles de Viviendas squatted social centre, about the local situation in the barrio of Barceloneta, the Barcelona wide situation, the Pirate University project from Miles de Viviendas, and other means of positive creative action for change.
Recorded on May 3- 07

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Public Meeting: BP in Colombia: Oil workers, communities speak out

31-05-2007 13:05

BP in Colombia: Oil workers, communities speak out
On Tuesday 19 June, (7.30pm Victoria Hall, entrance on Chapel Walk), representatives of oil workers and communities in Colombia visit Sheffield as part of a UK tour seeking solidarity with their resistance to BP's anti-union policy, its collusion with death squads and its destruction of their environment. They are Edgar Mojica, Human Rights Commission of the Oilworkers Union USO; Manuel Vega and Martín Ayala, Casanare oil field communities; and Luis Hernandez, researcher at Universidad Nacional.

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Public Meeting: Cuba's response to the Kashmir earthquake

31-05-2007 13:00

Public Meeting: Cuba's response to the Kashmir earthquake
On Monday June 11 Dr Juan Dupuy, leader of 2,500 Cuban doctors who went to Kashmir to help the victims of the October 2005 earthquake, will talk about their experiences (preceded by a moving 15min documentary "On the Slopes of the Himalayas") - Quaker Meeting House, St James Street S1 7.30pm.

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Stop the show! Everyday resistance instead of anti-G8-Spectacle

31-05-2007 06:17

It is always similar: The rulers in politics and economy meet and protests as for example against the G8-summit in Heiligendamm react to it. Thousands of humans come together to have actions, demonstrations, discussions, etc. and after the end of this - for state and capital calculable - spectacle they all drive home and function again at home (part of the spectacle are the summits as well as the protests against it): everywhere, where capitalism reproduces itself daily, where we all reproduce it daily, by our wage labour, by our doing: whether in the factory, in the office, in the sweat shop, in the agency, in the school or university. The protests against the G8-summit and the demo tourism do not have anything to do with concrete daily resistance, where we work and live.

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Australia: NSW: Sydney political scapegoats plead not guilty

31-05-2007 03:05

Political scapegoats
At a committal hearing earlier this year, it was alleged that police went on a fishing expedition of a few suburbs to find alleged material you'd pick up at the shops or on the internet.

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Iraq war opponent Cindy Sheehan resigns from the Democratic Party

30-05-2007 19:48

American antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan addressed an open letter to Congress May 26 announcing that she was leaving the Democratic Party, which now controls both houses of the legislature. Sheehan, whose 24-year-old son Casey died while serving in the US armed forces in Iraq in April 2004, came to prominence when she set up camp near George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas in August 2005 as a protest against the war.

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Anarchists join Gay Pride march

30-05-2007 12:24

Local anarchists supported the march and distributed leaflets.

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G8 infoweek and more at rampART

30-05-2007 09:59

While the G8 summit takes place in Germany, the rampART will be hosting a series of G8 Info Nights with indymedia access point,presentations and discussions along with the latest news of what's going on at the protests. Each night will have a specific theme as well as screenings of the latest footage...


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Leading Palestinian hip hop band DAM in London

29-05-2007 17:07

DAM is Palestine’s seminal rap band, and one of the most interesting groups garnering international attention today. Through their music, DAM raises awareness of the situation of Palestinians living in Israel, proving that rap is a fantastic tool to forge identity and build strength and hope in our acutely discriminating world.

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Daily Post- Sycophant, Lazy or plain Docile?

29-05-2007 14:29

Why is it the Daily Post along with its sister paper the Echo seem absolutely incapable of doing the most cursory journalistic research before they mislead their audience?