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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Actions and Resources for Fossil Fools Day 2009

23-02-2009 16:11

FFD is only five weeks away! We know of various affinity group actions around the UK but thought we’d upload some inspirational public actions you can get involved with on the April 1st and some resources to help inspire you to take action in you local area.

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Camden People have decided that the campaign remains local & not London AR

23-02-2009 03:21

There are plans to build a deadly virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden Council house estate, alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library. The threat of virus leak is very real, Foot & Mouth disease was leaked form govt facility Pirbright in Surrey into the water supply. Camden needs council homes and community facilites not a deadly lab.

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Palestinians take Miliband, Mandelson & Hutton to court re Gaza -Tue 24 Feb 11am

23-02-2009 00:28

You may wish to come on Tuesday 24th February at 11.00 am to the High Court of Justice to show your support for Gaza and protest against the British Government's failure to stop supporting the Israeli aggressor.

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Two Days of SHAC Netherlands Tour

22-02-2009 22:53

Thursday, 19th February - Eight HLS customers and a supplier are demoed
Friday, 20th February - Another nine HLS customers are demoed

'Our mission is clear, our demands simple and straight forward, our motivation indestructible. We will not sit idly by or look the other way whilst animals pine away and suffer inside HLS!'

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Four Peaceful Anti-Vivisectionists Arrested - California

22-02-2009 20:58

For Immediate Release
February 22, 2009

Federal Authorities Arrest Peaceful Protesters
Animal Liberation Front, Other Clandestine Groups Prosper as Result

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Dark Nights #5 (EU Prison Struggle & Insurrection)

22-02-2009 19:07

A new issue of Dark Nights is available for download as a PDF file, it is an anarchist freesheet covering recent repression and resistance news (4 pages, folded A3).

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Swedish activists remanded over fur/leathershop arson

22-02-2009 14:57

Urgent ELP! Bulletin (21st February 2009)

Dear Friends

ELP has just heard that two Swedish boys/young men have been remanded into custody today accused of an arson against a fur/leathershop in Orebro.

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“Let them eat cake!”

22-02-2009 13:34

Free Markets. That’s what we are supposed to have: free markets. Free markets are where one person can exchange something of value with another person, all without any encumbrances by the government. We have never had free markets, nor will we ever. Worse, you wouldn’t want a truly free market.

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Social Capital and the Obama Administration

22-02-2009 02:22

In the late 1990s, while he was a member of the Illinois Senate, Barack Obama was also a member of the Saguaro Seminar -- a brainstorming group organized by Robert Putnam on how to remedy the decline in social capital in the United States. Social capital refers to the collective value of social networks: when people are embedded in networks and can draw upon the norms of cooperation and reciprocity the networks embody there are a variety of measurable benefits both to them and to the community as a whole. These benefits can include more effective government, faster economic growth, improved health, and increased happiness.

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The revolution delayed: 10 years of Hugo Chávez’s rule

21-02-2009 23:53

No Masters! No Gods! No Chavez!
* A translation of a March 2008 interview conducted by the French anarchist Charles Reeve with two members of the El Libertario group in Caracas, the nation’s capital, which offers some stark insights into the reality of the situation.

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Direct Action; Estonia, Mexico, Germany, France, UK & USA

21-02-2009 21:25

17th-21st February


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Top Terrorist Threat to Planet Earth

21-02-2009 16:13

The word "persecuted" springs to mind in this article by editor of total liberation and animal rights. Associate professor of philosophy at UTEP, award-winning writer, noted speaker, public intellectual, and seasoned activist. Steven Best engages the issues of the day such as animal rights, ecological crisis, biotechnology, liberation politics, terrorism, mass media, globalization, and capitalist domination.

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Student University Occupations: A Growing Movement

21-02-2009 14:32

Around 200 students from the University of St. Andrews have been in occupation of Lower College Hall, a key University building, since Wednesday at 12 when a petition signed by over 600 students and staff was handed to the university.

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CND and the inconsistencies of anti-unilateralists

21-02-2009 14:31

I am in favour of unilateral nuclear disarmament. I’m not a peacenik, in that I don’t hold all violence to be inherently unjustifiable, but the very idea of nuclear war makes my mind boggle. That we, that is, the UK, retain a nuclear arsenal with the capacity to wipe out millions if not hundreds of millions of lives is effectively a crime against all humanity. I’ve met a few Labourite activists who believe we should keep our weapons, but I’ve never yet met one who is consistent about it.

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Two of Top Five HLS Investors Sell Their Shares

21-02-2009 13:36

Wells Fargo, who were one of the top 5 institutional investors in LSR (Huntingdon Life Sciences), have sold all their shares and Bank of New York Mellon, which was also one of the top 5 institutional investors, has sold most of their holding in LSR.

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Public Action Against Judicial Corruption & Institutional Failures in the UK

21-02-2009 08:19

Demonstration against Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonments, Convention Rights Violations, Institutional Failures and unaccountability in the UK; Every Week outside HMP WORMWOOD SCRUBS, DU CANE ROAD, LONDON W12 0AE; Commencing 12pm - 3pm.

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Camden "Super Virus" Lab consortium start exploratory work at site

21-02-2009 01:34

There are plans to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council house estate Somers Town, alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library. The lab has been criticised by MI5, MPs, councillors and local people. Foot & Mouth disease was leaked from similar govt facility Pirbright in Surrey. Exploratory works have begun this week at the site.

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Say no to 'Israeli Science Day' at our Science Museums

20-02-2009 22:55

The Zionist Federation of Britain, a pro-Israel lobby group, wants to hold an "Israeli Science Day" at the Science Museums in Manchester and London.

The Stop the War Coalition and activists in the UCU union in Manchester are mobilising to stop this insulting event from happen at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (Mosi).

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Protest to take Tamil Tigers off Terrorist List

20-02-2009 22:47

There was a marching protest today in front of the White House where activists shouted out for President Obama to “help us”; meaning to take the Tamil Tigers off the terrorist list.

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Singing Martyrdom in Gaza

20-02-2009 20:55

'Raise your voice, raise your voice, raise it in your song! Songs are still possible, they are still possible!'

"Please tell me how he was! How did you find him? Was his body still put together? Was it in pieces?! You have to tell me!" demanded the mother of the martyr Yousef Abu ‘Oda.