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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Peter Tierney arraigned for assaulting anti-fascist

05-08-2009 13:22

Anti-fascist protesters gathered outside the Liverpool Magistrates Court
As Peter Tierney of Liverpool BNP was arraigned for smashing an anti-fascists head in with a camera tripod, protesters organised by the magistrates court in opposition to fascist violence. But much more can be done.

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Callout for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009

04-08-2009 13:35

This is a call out to people involved in squats and autonomous spaces for
2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009 around
housing and the creation of more autonomous spaces at this time of crisis.

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Court rules that Vesta workers can be evicted immediately

04-08-2009 10:42

Breaking News- the court case in Newport, Isle of Wight has just been heard over the Vesta workers who are occupying their own factory making wind turbines.

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AFP in Honduras Hung By Its Own Photograph

04-08-2009 09:27

"It turns out that AFP’s make-believe “journalist,” Francisco Jara knew full well that his statements about military-style “training exercises” by what he called “Zelaya’s ‘popular army’” were false and he chose to lie about it anyway. The proof of his deceit comes from AFP’s own photographs, like the one above. The exercises – see for yourself – were more akin to a Sunday Easter egg hunt or picnic than the conspiratorial scenario conjured by Jara in his felony against journalism."

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Direct Action; Spain, Mexico, Italy, UK, Belgium & Mexico

03-08-2009 22:58

30th July - 3rd August


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Workers can take advantage of a serious crisis too.

03-08-2009 21:21

Capitalists aren't the only ones that should be taking advantage of a good crisis. Workers shouldn't let a crisis go to waste either.

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Protest at Press TV over Iran Repression

03-08-2009 09:27

Part of a long line of images hanging opposite Press TV
Around 40 British and Iranian socialists and trade unionists protested outside the west London studios of Press TV, the English language TV station funded by the Iranian government on Sunday 2 August to highlight the plight of political prisoners in Iran. Photos Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Around the Campaigns Monday 3rd August 2009

03-08-2009 09:01

Myroslava (Mira) Muronyuk, Still here, Still fighting
"Solicitors working for the Manuel Bravo Project managed to stay the removal; Mira remains in Yarl's Wood but solicitors are working to get her released."
Background: We want Mira to Stay in Leeds, where she belongs

Church fights to stop deportation
Mira has been befriended by members of Christ Church in Upper Armley, which is linked to the Manuel Bravo Project, named after an Angolan asylum seeker who killed himself in Yarl's Wood in 2005.

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Innocent man sent to prison for life by the Irish High Court.

02-08-2009 23:28

The Irish State wants to force this married man to allow them to break up his marriage, but he will not agree with their unlawful directions.

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"The dream of an Israel on both sides of Jordan River is more relevant today"

02-08-2009 21:43

map of 'Greater Israel'
Twenty Jordanian lawmakers have introduced a bill in parliament calling for a 'freeze' of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty of 1994 in response to a remark by the speaker of the Israeli Parliament supportive of expanding Israel to include territories now under Jordan's sovereignty.

While Palestinians have long been fighting to win back their territory for "a future state", far-right Israelis are determined to keep the land in hopes of achieving what they describe as a "Greater Israel." Historically, the concept of a "Greater Israel" also included occupation of Jordanian land.

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Workers' Fightback: Vestas still occupied, Lewisham victory, Irish occupations

02-08-2009 21:18

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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ADHD - Petition to increase NHS provisions and funding for Adults with ADHD

02-08-2009 14:11

We are asking the Prime Minister to ensure that NHS service provisions and funding arrangements for services for adults with ADHD are reviewed and revised urgently

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Request that UN Committee on Elimination of Racism to prosecute WHITE Racist Nat

02-08-2009 09:21

Request that UN Committee on Elimination of Racism to prosecute WHITE Racist Nations, incl Australia

Cant the Whiteman be trusted with a signed Treaty?

Come join this petition, and save American Taxpayers' dollars on useless UN rorts that only go to fuel terrorism through their hypocrisy and abuse of UN process, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Riding the "Green Wave" at the Campaign for Peace and Democracy and Beyond

02-08-2009 08:36

A public protest against the Iranian government, Paris, 25 July 2009
The huge publicity given to Iran in the establishment Western political and media systems is closely connected to the U.S., NATO, and Israeli campaign to destabilize and change regimes in Iran, a campaign that is part of a larger program of power-projection, subversion, territorial expansion, and serial warfare.

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Berzi Family Belong to Dover

02-08-2009 05:36

Samia and Noradine Berzi, nationals of Algeria and their sons Sami and M'Hand aged 13 and 10, all residents of Dover. Were 'Captured' while reporting to Immigration in Kent on Monday July 27th. They are currently held in Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Monday August 3rd at 21.05 on Air Algerie Flight AH 2055.

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Demonstrate against the BNP in Liverpool on August 5th

02-08-2009 02:59

Demonstrate against the racist and violent BNP in Liverpool on August 5th

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Anti-Capitalist Choir Hits Cambridge's Consumerist Temples

01-08-2009 23:15

Video of 'Buy Less, Sing More' Choir – Saturday 1st August 2009

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SHAC Campaign Update: July 2009

01-08-2009 20:32

Its time to put more pressure on HLS' customers, while HLS are in a weak position. Lets finish what we have begun and with your support, we believe we can.

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Two Irish Anti-shell Campaigners Imprisoned for Civil Disobedience (Update)

01-08-2009 16:44

Shell snaps its fingers and the State hops to it' - Maura Harrington

In Bellmullet court on Thursday, five Shell to Sea protesters were up for hearings on charges ranging from last August 2008 to this June 2009. Judge Anderson dismissed several charges on technical points but was very harsh in serving two of the campaigners with four and eight month prison sentences.

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Joanna Lumley is being asked to join the campaign about UK Alan Johnson

31-07-2009 15:51

Joanna Lumley is being asked to join the campaign about UK Alan Johnson