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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Iraqi Women

03-03-2004 16:11

The Iraqi Women's League...

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mental health excluded from financial services

03-03-2004 11:58

new evidence shows that peoople experiencing longer term mental health problems are having to lie to access financial services or walk away from them altogether because of discrimination

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Holy Crimes for Oil

03-03-2004 07:00

Holy Crimes
Communism, Green Belt, Islamic Revolution, Death Rows, Terror, Stonings, Massacres, and more Massacres. Sounds Familiar? This is what my nation lived for 25 years now. And they are asking you to convince your politicians to >> STOP BACKING TERRORIST AYATOLLAHS FOR CRUDE OIL & DIRTY TRADES! YOU HAVE CROSSED THE LINE OF "DIALOGUEs" or RELATIONS! WE SEE THIS MORE AS WAR! ((

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Seven Oaks magazine: 2nd issue online

02-03-2004 22:32

The second issue of Seven Oaks magazine is now available online.
Seven Oaks is a weekly magazine published every Monday from
Vancouver, B.C. It aims to be a non-sectarian voice for progressive
change. The magazine welcomes contributors and financial support.
Here's what's featured in this issue...

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Auto organise now

02-03-2004 13:37

a gathering of gatherings..

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Fairtrade Message Spelt Out To Launch Fortnight

02-03-2004 12:58

Make It Work
Oxford Students launched Fairtrade Fortnight in the city today by spelling out the words 'Make It Fair' outside the Radcliffe Camera.

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Blackwood Bypass - Action Alert

02-03-2004 11:24

Blackwood Bypass - Action Alert
- phone fax email web blockade on Blackwood sub-contractor -

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US Sponsored Coup d'Etat The Destabilization of Haiti

02-03-2004 10:09

The armed insurrection which contributed to unseating President Aristide on February 29th 2004 was the result of a carefully staged military-intelligence operation.

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7 Questions with Carolyn Leckie

02-03-2004 08:37

An interview with Carolyn Leckie, member of parliament for the Scottish Socialist Party

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illustration HUNGER

01-03-2004 22:31

illustration HUNGER
illustration HUNGER

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ERIO calls for urgent measures for Roma in Slovakia

01-03-2004 20:34

ERIO Press release on Roma prostest in Eastern Slovakia and call on the Slovak Government and the European Union to work towards the improvement of the situation of Roma across Europe.

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Callout to International Mobilization Against the FTAA/bFTA's for April 17

01-03-2004 18:47

This is a callout from the anti-FTAA campaign based in Quito, Ecuador. Recognising that bilateral free trade agreements with the United States have replaced the FTAA as the new and immediate threat for the Andean and Central American nations, we call out for an international network of solidarity to fight neoliberalist politics and mobilize on April 17 international day of peasant struggles

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S. Korea: Migrant Workers Struggle (updated)

01-03-2004 18:44

rally and deo in ansan/1
Since more than 100 days we, migrant workers from different countries, are occupying Myeong-dong cathedral's compound downtown Seoul to fight against gov't's policy of mass deportation.

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LAUNCH Leeds Social Forum

01-03-2004 17:45

On 19th Frbruary 2004, Leeds Social Forum had its first meeting at Leeds Civic Hall. Below are some of the aims of Leeds Social Forum and minutes from the meetig.

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01-03-2004 11:27

The Partition of British India in 1947, which created the two independent states of Pakistan and India, was followed by one of the cruelest and bloodiest migrations and religious and ethnic cleansings in history and resulted in the forced transfer of an estimated 14 to 18 million people between the two countries.

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Fairtrade Fortnight In Oxford

01-03-2004 10:09

There are a wealth of events taking place across Oxford for Fairtrade Fortnight - including the launch of Oxford's Fairtrade City Status.

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Eyewitness Says Aristide did NOT Flee - US Soldiers forced him out at gunpoint

01-03-2004 03:50

A French reporter on the scene in Haiti found a terrified old man - a palace caretaker, he believes - cowering in a corner. The old man said US soldiers came in and forced Aristide to leave at gun point.

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Urgent action to save the lives of two women

01-03-2004 00:40

The lives of Nazila and Farideh are in great danger

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29-02-2004 19:03

Currently a popular uprising is brewing in Slovakia amongst the Roma people. Latest reports speak of door-to-door raids, systematic beatings and electric-shock torture (over 100 to date). Rioting started when Roma, already jobless, had unemployment benefits cut by 50%. Join a picket on Tuesday at Noon in front of the Slovak Embassy to show opposition to the treatment of the Roma by the Slovak state.

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Palestine: Life Under Occupation (Public Talk by Anne Gwynne)

29-02-2004 14:14

Anne Gwynne is a 65, a retired bank manager and former teacher, now a journalist for The Pacifica Radio Network in the USA and writes for all the important political websites and has reported for the BBC and for other print media.