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Video as a Tool for Activism

19-02-2016 14:05

Where and why should you use video in your activism?

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SHANIA TWAIN LAW @slatukip #ANTIFA @siegfails @exposingbf @jlrfb @misscheeky666

19-02-2016 13:25

Just as you think stupid racists cannot get any thicker, along pops a racist and homophobic Christian member of psychotic neo-Nazi internet cult #bluehand, who cannot even spell the word Christian, ranting about his fear of something he calls "Shania Law", which is run by "Islams". His profile is not a spoof, but sadly is for real. Yes, we have serious idiots living among us, bozos who support Britain First, of all people. What a surprise.

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UG#729 - The Dynamics of Deep State Capture (The SEC, Bear Stearns,Gary Aguirre)

18-02-2016 13:21

This week, we examine the topic of regulatory capture in the US financial sector. We hear of some smoking guns which are hidden in plain sight - the blindingly obvious leads not properly investigated by the SEC, the FBI, the US Justice Department or any agency of the US government. Our main presentation is a 90 minute piece from lawyer and SEC whistleblower Gary Aguirre is introduced by an outline of the take down of Bear Stearns from - which although produced in 2009 has enduring relevance for anyone seeking to better understand the importance of the Deep State in the Financial 'Crisis'.

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FALL OF THE EDL FOOTSOLDIERS @slatukip‏ #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

18-02-2016 11:53

"They've Got Muslamic Rayguns....."
Once "coming down the street", now coming in their pants, all that remains of the once-famous EDL is a small gang of drug-abusing loners who have spent the winter months idly jerking off, waiting for their first march to begin. Once a mighty fascist fighting-force, now diminished to the point of extinction, the English Defence League are down to their last few footsoldiers, most having defected to Tommy's Silent Car Park Army. Having started off with a bang, jackboots on the street have dwindled with the passing of years to such an extent, nobody fears the EDL any more, like they did, back in the day. The first thing Tommy Robinson did when he awoke from his coma, was took the piss out of the pillocks of the EDL, whom he and friend Eddowes had helped put out of existence, hundreds of members grassed up and jailed, their once ferocious Facebook page flogged off for click bait. Someone close to the forlorn hangers-on in the EDL (not that many have partners), should break the news gently...... The EDL are yesterday's losers. EXIT STAGE... EDL!!!

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11-02-2016 09:39

The Occupants of the Mega Squatted Mondeggi Farm at Bagno Ripoli just a stones throw from Florence. Have started up a a Free School of Farming where lessons, given by qualified teachers ,cost absolutely nothing at all.
As in totally FREE !! no strings attached anyone can book in.

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Gewindeberg Blows The Whistle On Ukraine Diplomacy

10-02-2016 14:56

When Iran recently cancelled a reactor manufacturing contract with Russia over a sexualised assault by a senior engineer dispatched to the country, it resonated heavily within the mortgage-burdened industry´s rumour mill. As the employee was escorted into an air plane from the republic, it was speculated that funds collected for the purchase of a reactor fleet were to be diverted to the flight sector. But that was largely a distraction, says the South African university teacher, since the senior engineer who fingered the burqa of a senior health worker had been in the business for decades and already participated in the construction of the failed Chernobyl reactors. Gewindeberg now says in short, since replacing the Triple Alliance with the Security Council lead to a breakthrough in Tehran, it is well advised to try the same in Ukraine, but even better not to rely upon it because it remains helpless on Three Mile Island.

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Mega Squatted Farm in Florence Italy "MONDEGGI COMMON GOOD - FARM WITHOUT MASTER

08-02-2016 14:54

Reclaim The land !!
Mondeggi-Common-Good-Farm, a popular farmers group which occupied a 500 Acre Farm in June 2014 has recently started a "reallocation program" which basically means handing the land back to the local people in small plots. Hundreds ordinary country folk have signed up to the plan and the RECLAIM process and is well under way. The Farm is located in a very desirable (4 the rich) area strategically placed between Chiantishire and Stings mega Mansion and spread.

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#PEGIDA #PUPPIES @slatukip #ANTIFA @bikeyjezmo @JLRFB @dubdanu @misscheeky666

08-02-2016 14:16

EDL members and self-styled "Infidels" remain oblivious to their emasculation. Whether Tommy "The Tit" Robinson was nobbled in jail, or exchanged a funny handshake with a well-spoken man in an Austin Martin, someone somewhere slipped the "cash whore" a good few quid to lead British nationalism down an evolutionary dead end, which is such a welcome achievement. Once a ferocious fighting machine drilled to instil terror into the ranks of the UAF, thanks to Tommy Tit, far right British bulldogs have been decommissioned into puppy dogs with wagging tails. It was so hilarious to witness gangs of hard cases with football banning orders, marching quietly to a deserted industrial estate, whilst made to think they were putting one over mainstream society. The Emperor's New Clothes indeed. Milked ruthlessly for their pennies, the EDL's former football hooligans have been pacified into obedient little dummies incapable of saying boo to a goose. Not even allowed to holler and cheer, their "exciting away day" in Birmingham consisted of standing around in utter boredom, applauding only when instructed.

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#PEGIDA MURDERERS @ant1fane #ANTIFA @dubdanu @seigfails @JLRFB @uaf @tellmamauk

07-02-2016 16:46

Tommy Robinson hypocritically talked to the media about banning nazis and racists from his neo-nazi gathering, however, enlisting his team of former EDL and BNP heavies to do the security, meant racist murderers participated in the march. EDL security thug Andrew Currien from Lanesfield near Wolverhampton and Daryl Rickhuss were part of a gang convicted in 2009 for the cowardly racist murder of a black 59 year old man Stainton Barrett, who was crushed to death by a car following a violent brawl, the EDL nazi thugs having racially abused the man in the street after he asked them for a cigarette. Andrew Currien along with EDL supporter Daryl Rickhuss, also from the Wolverhampton area, were both jailed for 18 months by Wolverhampton Crown Court. Both were present at the Pegida rally, staying close to Tommy Robinson at all times.

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#PEGIDA DAMP SQUIB @slatukip #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @hopenothate #edl

06-02-2016 15:35

UKIP's Bucket Fannies
The "not-so-great" and the "not-so-good" turned out to march from Birmingham Airport's station to a carpark in the middle of nowhere for their spectacular opening fascist event. EDLers turned up in their dozens hoping for some action, having snorted nostils-full of regular marching powder, however in the damp Midlands drizzle, their fascist get-together was nothing more than a damp squib. Most of those who marched against Muslims were hardcore extreme rightwing football hooligans, however the quiet event was so uneventful that several fell asleep mid walk, shuffling along like clueless zombies wishing they were elsewhere. Even standing on a cold, blustery train platform, trainspotting, is far more exciting than Pegida UK. A damp squib, pure and simple.

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#ANTIFA CALL OUT DESTROY PEGIDA @slatukip @JLRFB @misscheeky666 @siegfails #ukip

05-02-2016 12:33

The hour is almost upon us, your opportunity to destroy Tommy Robinson's Pegida UK movement on a chilly, rainy February afternoon. The neo-Nazi scumbags are not marching in Birmingham City Centre because they are shit scared of ANTIFA, especially as a handful of bourgeois UKIP racists in expensive suits are expected to join the action, cowards who talk big about persecuting Muslims and destroying Islam, but in the cold light of day, will shit themselves once they catch sight of an angry antifascist ready to chase them off the streets. Dover was big, but stopping Pegida in their tracks will be momentous. Antifascists were too slow off the mark to stop the EDL in the early days, part of the reason, there was only the UAF mobilising at most if not all counterprotests. Now ANTIFA and the Anti-fascist network are taking the lead, there is much more resources for direct action, Dover and before it, Liverpool, landmarks in the physical struggle against street fascists.

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Dover anti-fash demo 30/1

04-02-2016 18:09

FYI-Reports from the recent demos in Dover: pro-refuge/ anti fascist

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#PEGIDA BLOODY MAYHEM @slatukip #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB #ukip

04-02-2016 16:43

Pegida's neo-Nazi goosestep from Birmingham International Airport Train Station to a windswept car park in the middle of nowhere, is not for the faint-hearted or the squeamish. We are not talking about confrontations between ANTIFA and the fascists. Serious bad blood remains between many EDL members and Tommy "Tit" Robinson, with Stephen Yaxley Lennon accused by many detractors, with good reason, of grassing up the rank and file to the police. Non more so than when a large number of Birmingham EDL rioters were caged - Tommy apparently was on the phone for a week to officers investigating these crimes, once the photographic evidence was released. Nothing is left to the imagination with Tommy Tit - and one of his most offensive lies was when he headbutted a ex-military dissident in Blackburn who publicly accused him of being an informant, later pretending he viciously assaulted him because he was "a nazi". Lots of ex-EDL members are promising to turn up demanding answers from Tommy, whom they firmly believe to be an agent of the state.

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TOMMY ROBINSON #NAZI @siegfails #ANTIFA @slatukip @bikeyjezmo @misscheeky666

04-02-2016 11:59

Tommy Tweets White Supremacist Videos
Well versed by his handlers Helen Gower Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, Stephen Yaxley Lennon was told to steer clear of white supremacism, however from time to time, Tommy blatantly lets the mantle slip by publicising anti-Semitic white supremacist conspiracy theory YouTube videos, blaming Jews and supposed "anti-whites" for "causing immigration". See the extremely damning captured screenshot. Just in-case people are wondering whether this was a once-off, some weeks later (late November), a friend of Tommy's warned him about tweeting any more white supremacist material, more than aware that antifascist opponents could discover Tommy Robinson's real beliefs.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: TOMMY WHITE SUPREMACY @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

03-02-2016 19:55

Tommy Tweets White Supremacist Video
Well versed by Helen Gower Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, Stephen Yaxley Lennon was told to steer clear of white supremacism, however from time to time, Tommy lets the mantle slip by publicising anti-Semitic white supremacist conspiracy theory YouTube videos, blaming Jews and supposed "anti-whites" for "causing immigration". See the extremely damning captured screenshot. Just in-case people are wondering whether this was a once-off, some weeks later (late November), a friend of Tommy's warned him about tweeting any more white supremacist material, more than aware that antifascist opponents could discover Tommy Robinson's real beliefs.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: #PEGIDA WHITE SUPREMACIST @slatukip @seigfails @ant1fane @JLRFB

01-02-2016 19:17


Neo-Nazi group Pegida tried to sanitise their extreme racism as the truth is bad PR, however a simple search for old tweets comes up with all the proof you need to show that Tommy Robinson's inner circle of friends include hardcore white supremacists who loathe black people. Stephen Yaxley Lennon's Australian cheerleader "Ozz Sue" AKA Team Tommy", who repeatedly champions Tommy's Pegida UK and his Birmingham demo, is exposed by her own past tweets as a sickening white supremacist who regularly posts KKK-style anti-black captions online. Tommy Robinson is more than happy to use this white power nut to promote his Islamophobic organisation on Twitter. Black Brummies - you know the score.

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TOMMY GOES FULL HITLER @slatukip #ANTIFA @JLRFB @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

01-02-2016 12:32

Having pretended to moderate his views, former EDL fuhrer and BNP member Stephen Yaxley Lennon has virtually copied Adolf Hitler rants about removing Jews from Europe in the 1930s, this time targeting Muslims. The sickening tweet the scumbag made last night promises to get rid of all Muslim males from Europe, in a chilling echo of Hitler's Nuremberg rallies, which were actioned, as we all know, by Kristallnacht, forced ghettoisation, and finally the Holocaust. Whilst Tommy is a rabble-rousing white supremacist windbag who has little chance of ever gaining electoral power despite his obvious hopes with a Pegida UK link-up with UKIP sometime in the future (whilst Farage refuses to proscribe the neo-nazi organisation) chillingly extremist comments like his, (see the screenshot) provide all the ammunition to enpower the violent criminal fascist rampages that happened in Stockholm and Leipzig. MILITANT ANTIFA - BE THERE!!!

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Latest consolidated polling

01-02-2016 12:25

The latest 'poll of polls' numbers are even worse than we feared.

It's time for Jeremy Corbyn to step down before the Labour Party becomes a complete irrelevance to the people of this country.

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NF HITLER SALUTES #NAZIS #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @ant1fane #edl

31-01-2016 12:53

In the same week as billions of people worldwide commemorated the Holocaust, vile horrific neo-Nazi NWI and NF thugs turned up in Dover to salute history's worst ever mass murderer, Adolf Hitler. Whilst the BBC and Sky News liked to call them far right protestors, they were the furthest right as you could possibly get - supporters of anti-Semitic genocide. Such pictures were not broadcast by the main news channels who preferred to describe the disgusting national socialists as "anti-refugee campaigners". Shame on he media for going soft on Nazi hate, and failing to spot the hardcore neo-Nazi regalia, including triple cross NF flags, Combat 18 flags and the dozens of Hitler salutes that happened throughout the day. Playing up to the David Cameron / Theresa May narrative that immigration is a "bad thing" is bad in itself, but failing to spot Nazis as being Nazis, shows a distinct lack of understanding, sacrificing history and common decency to facilitate a rightwing political agenda. Ordinary people were not out demonstrating against refugees in Dover. National Socialist thugs were!

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USA - Incarceration Nation of World

31-01-2016 01:51

United States of America has only 5 percent of the world's population, yet has the highest rates of incarceration (per capita) than the rest of the world's countries. 2.3 million people are incarcerated in American jails or prisons.