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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Picket of Marks and Spencer Marble Arch 11/9/03 in support of the Intifada

11-09-2003 21:21

Victory to the Intifada’s (VTI) mobilisation brought over 80 protesters on to Oxford Street with banners, placards and street theatre. They joined the weekly picket supporting the Palestinian struggle by opposing M&S’s corporate sponsorship of the State of Israel. The picket is now facing opposition from Zionists and BNP members who for two weeks in a row have set up a stall supporting Israel. They fly the Union Jack alongside the Israeli flag and hand out leaflets defending Israeli supremacy in the Middle East. Zionists who justify the existence of the State of Israel by reference to the Holocaust are standing shoulder to shoulder with virulent Holocaust deniers.

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Who is the terrorist? - text and film

11-09-2003 17:58

Israeli special forcers occupy houses in Old City of Jenin (10th Sep)- film and text

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Thoughts on the Anti-Capitalist movement and DSEi 2003

11-09-2003 14:07

Thoughts on focus, direction of anti-capitalist movement with mention of anti-war action, mayday and DSEi 2003.

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DSEI - silverlink stopped - try to block DLR

11-09-2003 11:13

silverlink withdraw from the service all their trains (and that include the line to the DSEI) - try to block DSEI and delagates won't be able to use public transport.
One person with a D-lock can stop entire DLR network for 1h.

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Only one week left till the EEF starts: Come to Berlin!

11-09-2003 07:05

Simultaneously with the European Higher Education Summit 2003 the first European Education Forum (EEF) takes place from 18th to 20th September at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Students, pupils and teachers from whole Europe will come to Berlin to discuss during two days the current education policy and to develop alternatives.

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10-09-2003 21:10

The (very) long awaited issue 10 of radical ecological journal Do or Die is out now.

Do or Die is an occasional journal crammed with reports and analysis from the world-wide ecological frontlines. These are the voices not of outsiders, journalists or academics, but of those involved in the struggles themselves. In these times of concrete alienation these voices shine hope from movements that take action to defend nature, create revolution and re-wild humanity.

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Who is the terrorist? - special forces in Jenin

10-09-2003 18:34

Israeli special forces occupy houses in Old City Jenin, arresting 7 people

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Zionists and Fascists to Sabotage Pro Palestinian Picket Tomorrow - help needed

10-09-2003 14:08

Below is a call out from the folks at Fight Racism Fight Imperialism who have kept up a constant weekly vigil outside Marks and Spencer and are now facing hassle from zionists and racists waving Israeli flags and Union Jacks and trying to push them off the streets>


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U.N. finally asserting itself in Congo

10-09-2003 06:35

After a civil war lasting almost five years, a four year period of ethnic killing separate from the civil war, and half a year of almost genocidal conditions in its northeast provinces, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is finally receiving the full attention of the United Nations.

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CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?

10-09-2003 02:12

Re: Jobs....I've got some bad news and I've got some REALY BAD news! NOTE: Although this article is written about the US job loss situation, the "disappearing job" syndrome and the government's pitiful response to the problem are pretty much the same sorry story in the UK. So thought you Brits would appreciate it.

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No Sweat (anti-sweatshop) Meeting

09-09-2003 19:57

The next Sheffield No Sweat meeting is on Thurs 11th Sept at St Matthews Hall on Carver St (opposite the central Fire Station in city centre)at 7.30pm. We'll be concentrating on finalising details for the local dayschool on October 4th but also planning future local actions.

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Pocket Sized Police, Press & Race Complaints

09-09-2003 18:21

A Handy Sized Guide To Police, Press & Race Complaints

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Coca Cola Killers organising for action

09-09-2003 12:47

Building resistance and education for all Coca Cola employees regarding the murder of workers and trade unionists in Latin America

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Mitchell wrong, says City Councillor

09-09-2003 07:47

John Tanner, Oxford City Labour Councillor, will launch the campaign this week about the far-reaching effects of the World Trade Organisation on communities throughout the world, including Oxford. The WTO meets in Cancun, Mexico this week, the outcome of which could threaten local services in Oxford. Cllr Tanner attacked Cllr Mitchell’s recent comments (Ox Times, 29th August) and said “I am sure most people in Oxford care about developing countries and don’t agree with Cllr Mitchell.”

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DSEI - have we done it the wrong way?

08-09-2003 23:14

Inside here you can buy anything from a bullet -
I'm thinking we should have done all the serious blockading during the setting up process not after all the traders and weapons are already safely inside.

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08-09-2003 14:44

steve gough, has been walking naked from land's end to john o groats to highlight the issue that clothing should be optional in life. he has been arrested several times, with most charges subsequently dropped, he has been beaten up, and he is currently naked in inverness prison segregation awaiting a new trial, without exercise or access to a phone.

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Dungavel Demonstration 6.8.03

08-09-2003 13:18

Demonstrating at Dungavel
Some more pictures of the demonstration to shut down Dungavel Detention Centre.

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Iraqi Solidarity Action Round-Up

06-09-2003 17:38

Round-Up of solidarity activities in Iraq in the past few days and future...

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Rumsfeld Rumbled! - activists protest war criminals meeting in Baghdad

06-09-2003 17:29

Activists from Ireland, Poland/England, The US, Kurdistan and Iraq protested outside the Iraqi Convention Centre in Baghdad against the presence of recent Afghanistan and Iraqi war architect and US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

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Video Meeting for DSEI Sun 7th 12pm

06-09-2003 08:14

Video meeting to plan for DSEI Sunday 12pm 7th Sept. after the IMC volunteers meeting at the convergence space