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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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2011 - A year of action in pictures

31-12-2011 20:23

Its been a busy year from anti-cuts & anti-fees demos to riots, evictions, blockades and strikes

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Protest against cuts to Disabled people's benefits & services

30-12-2011 15:04

Protest against cuts to disabled people's benefits and services and the destruction of the NHS.
Time: 1pm Friday 20th January
Place: Lemington Spa, Warwickshire. At CHRIS WHITE, MP’s office, 43a CLEMENS STREET, OLD TOWN, CV31 2DP, not far from railway station. Meet outside constituency office at 1pm

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Workplace death survey results published

30-12-2011 13:50


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Brent council can`t be trusted

29-12-2011 14:09

The court ruling was that Brent council wouldn`t move books from the closed libraries while the legal process was still active.

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Occupy Sheffield Statement on the occupation of the Citadel Of Hope

29-12-2011 00:20

Citadel of Hope Auditorium
Occupy Sheffield have issued the following statement regarding the occupation of the former Salvation Army Citadel in Sheffield City Centre.

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Solidarity action in Istanbul/Turkey for the 64 punks arrested in Aceh/Indonesia

27-12-2011 14:04

Solidarity action in Istanbul/Turkey for the 64 punks arrested in Aceh/Indonesia

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Occupy Christmas

27-12-2011 01:16

The festive season did not pass unnoticed at the camp, with a well attended General Assembly on Christmas Eve followed by a lunch on Christmas Day shared freely among anyone who happened by.

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Brixton prison new year solidarity demo!

25-12-2011 12:57

Meet at the benches by the Ritzy (Coldharbour Lane/Brixton Road) to march to Brixton prison.

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Melbourne, Australia : Commonwealth Bank Branch Attacked

25-12-2011 00:10

In the early hours of the 24/12/2011 we attacked the Mountain Gate branch of the Commonwealth Bank with rocks causing some damage to windows in a small, spontaneous expression of nihilistic solidarity with our comrades fighting the state both here in Australia and all over the world.

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Norfolk Cty Council- Senior Green skunks off to Tories

23-12-2011 15:59

A 'senior' Green on Norfolk County Council has turned out to be a Zac Goldsmith in disguise. Elected for Green Party, Philip Hardy now runs off to the Tories cos he likes their "modernisation" of the NHS etc. (£Kerching£ more like shurely)

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CSO Castillo - about us

21-12-2011 13:51

an updated version of our post about CSO Castillo we posted a month ago

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two months at the Castillo!

21-12-2011 13:47

Update- we have occupied social centre "Castillo" in Barcelona for 2 months...

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Open Letter To Occupy London from 2 Working Class Old Buggers

20-12-2011 19:14

An Open Letter To Occupy London from Two Working Class Old Buggers in an attempt to make some practical suggestions based on what has been attempted by some so far:

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Council Plans To Evict Over 25 People At Christmas.

19-12-2011 18:09

Please,come around

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Titnore Woods Info Night

19-12-2011 14:03

The woods are under (indirect) threat again!

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Direct action against migration prisons in Brussels

19-12-2011 12:25

Report of Sunday's demo against the new "Caricole" prison outside Brussels, and the ongoing campaign of direct action and practical solidarity.

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Basic daily rights under threat for 20,000+ UK citizens!

18-12-2011 14:28

How would you feel if it was the case that you, or your loved ones, had the most fundamental aspects of your lives constrained and controlled? Do you take for granted the minutiae of freedom in your life? Over 21, 000 people are confronting the terrifying reality of losing such freedoms. Including myself. We have to call on our allies to support the campaign to make the coalition government rethink their attack on us. If this funding is stopped we risk living in worse conditions and with less freedoms than convicted criminals.

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Kristallnacht in Palestine

17-12-2011 23:43

Virtually daily, Israeli security forces attack, kill, or injure Palestinian civilians with impunity. They also destroy their property by bombing, shelling, bulldozing and uprooting it. At the same time, Israeli authorities wink and nod, occasionally decry, yet do nothing to deter extremist settler crimes against Palestinian civilians. Most often, they're given license to terrorize, vandalize and commit physical violence with impunity. Rarely ever is anyone held accountable. The same holds for its own security forces, no matter how outrageous their crimes.

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Two police cars burned in Helsinki (Finland)

17-12-2011 09:29

As the world economy falters the power elite holds on to capitalism with tooth and nail, even though around them, the house of cards is wavering. The people who suffer from this listen to the money-grabbing power elite without calling into question the orders the elite hands out just to save their own hinds.

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Solidarity With Indonesian Punks

17-12-2011 01:05

Sixty-four young people have been held by the Aceh Police since Saturday for the supposed crime of being “punk”. They have not been charged with any crime or brought before a court.