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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Peter Tierney on Trial – protest against fascist violence

28-05-2010 23:20

On Monday 14th June Peter Tierney, high-profile member and donor for the Merseyside BNP, faces trial at Liverpool Crown Court. He is accused of assaulting a trade unionist and anti-fascist protester on St George’s Day last year.

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Atos Origin Don’t Give a Toss for the Sick

28-05-2010 22:27

With Iain Duncan-Smith yesterday announcing the Tories plans to fuck the Welfare State we’ll be taking a closer look at exactly what that means.

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Thanks to the Zapatistas

28-05-2010 19:53

Originally published in Spanish in Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, this article considers what we, Mexico and the world owe the Zapatistas.

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Protest at G4S AGM: Stop Detaining Children and Families Now!

28-05-2010 18:04

Despite the government's pledge to end immigration detention of children and families, G4S continues to lock up innocent children in Tinsley House, near Gatwick Airport. Today students from SOAS Detainee Support protested against this abhorrent practice, and confronted chief executive, Nick Buckles, who earns more than £4000 per day, while continuing to be complicit in harming children's health and well-being, while they are in G4S's 'care.'

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WILDCAT! Issue #1 out now!

27-05-2010 21:13

The first issue of Liverpool Solidarity Federation’s free local newsletter is now available.

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The role of fear in the neoliberal plan

26-05-2010 20:11

The neoliberal plan needs the people to be frightened in order to succeed. Starting from the current situation in Greece, this article is about the background of neoliberalism and its blows on societies. The article was written by S. Seferiades, professor of politics at the Panteion University and was published (in Greek) with minor modifications at the weekly newspaper "Epohi" on 9/05/10

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Epaminondas Korkoneas the be released from the prison !!

26-05-2010 14:09

the Murderer Policeman KORKONEAS ..
Outside prison will be in next week the Epaminondas Korkoneas the Special Police force member that shot and murdered at December 2008 the student Alexis Gregoropoulos !! . On June 6 of 2010, the 18-month maximum-legal-limit for the temporary detention is ending and until that day that judges are not expected to issue a decision, so he is expected to be released from the prison !!

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Democracy Village youtube footage of Brian Hawe being arrested

26-05-2010 13:44

Youtube footage of Brian Hawe being arrested by police on 25 May during police search of Democracy Village camp.

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Announced inspection of Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre

26-05-2010 07:16

[Two new wings built to Category B prison standards will open in June, bringing Harmondsworth back to full capacity, and will be the largest immigration detention centre in Europe]

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Anti War Democracy Village : Serving soldiers join protest in Parliament Square

26-05-2010 03:56

Serving soldiers from the Royal Corps of Signals and the Parachute Regiment have joined the protest in Parliament Square against the war in Afghanistan. Boris Johnson has described the sight of the soldiers and supporters as "mess and squalor" and MPs have called the protest, including the soldiers, as a "national disgrace". The protest camp is against the war in Afghanistan but respects troops.

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Iran Urges West to Accept Enrichment Deal

25-05-2010 17:32

"The deal is materially the same one the Obama Administration endorsed just a few months ago and was demanding that Iran agree to as recently as last month, but the US has condemned the deal, demanding Iran submit the offer formally for consideration by the IAEA, which they did today.

But diplomats familiar with the situation say that the prospect of a deal is very unlikely, particularly as the Obama Administration moves forward with plans to sanction Iran which were nominally designed to punish them for not agreeing to the deal in the first place."

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JB SPRAY Squat, Nottingham Under Threat of Eviction

25-05-2010 14:50

This morning the JB SPRAY squat in Radford, Nottingham was served notice of a court date on Thursday 3/6/10. The landlord intends to obtain a possession order to force us from the building. We intend to resist, but we need your help.

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Save Courage Idiagbonya from deportation!

25-05-2010 13:47

[There is another Charter Flight to Nigeria this Thursday. Nigeria lacks the capacity to establish and maintain political institutions, secure their population from violent conflict, control their territories and meet the basic needs of their population. Is in free fall to becoming a failed state; 22nd in 'Fund for Peace' Failed States Index in 2006 it plummeted to 15th in 2009 a 32% decrease in living/human rights conditions in 3 years.]

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Birmingham Indymedia public meeting

24-05-2010 15:03

This Thursday at 7.30pm there will be a public Birmingham Indymedia meeting at the Midlands Art Centre (MAC) at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham.

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Boot Monarchy

24-05-2010 12:57

The Duke, Misses Simpson and Adolf
In al historic times royalties has been corrupt and arrogant, and often connected to very dubious persons and groups in society. Don’t forget that the former Duke of Windsor, i.e. Prince Edward (Edward VIII) and his spouse Misses Wallis Simpson admired The Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. In fact they visited The Berghof, in Bava-ria, the mountain resort where Adolf Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun lived during the summer. Though not far from Berghof was the KZ Dachau, the infamous work and concentration camp where thousands perished

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Home Office ordered to release suppressed Drugs Classification Review from 2006

23-05-2010 23:52

In response to a Freedom of Information request process submitted by Casey Hardison, acting with the Drug Equality Alliance, on the 9th of March 2010 the Information Commissioner's Office ordered the Home Office to disclose a suppressed draft consultation paper with suggestions for a review of the drug classification system. The Home Office appealed against this decision and the outcome of this appeal is now pending. However on the 7th of May 2010 the Home Office released part of this consultation paper.

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Boost to the nuclear weapons industry under Obama: The new nuclear legislation

23-05-2010 20:50

Ground Zero, Hiroshima, August 1945
Clearly, the sole use of disarmament rhetoric by the US is now to disarm foreign and domestic opposition to US policies, especially "non-proliferation-themed" geopolitical ambitions. Other than dismantlement of the thousands of warheads put into the dismantlement queue by that pacifistic president George W. Bush, there is no disarmament going on in the US. Quite the reverse is true. The situation is far, far more difficult than it was even 3 or 4 years ago.

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Howard Lyman vs. the pig murder industry's latest Rupert Murdoch funded spokespe

23-05-2010 20:19

Rupert Murdoch's HarperCollins subsidiary William Morrow chooses to
promote the wife of a cattle rancher, a profiteer from the blood of innocents.

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End Detention of Children and Families!

23-05-2010 14:50

Despite numerous reports and substantial amounts of evidence, the new coalition government has only committed to a 'review' of the detention of children and families for immigration purposes. This it is entirely inadequate and unnecessary. SOAS Detainee Support therefore invites you to Release Carnival, a demonstration on the 5th of June, where we will show the government that there is wide support to stop this abhorrent practice!