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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Brian Haw's alternative Christmas message

15-12-2007 14:20

Brian (The Brave)
Check out Brian's message to the world at Christmas.
The Queen's speech.... Blah! This is the one that matters!!

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Urgent Call-in: Stop attack on Uhuru Movement

14-12-2007 19:52

Boley is a private company that gets government funding to provide housing assistance based on poverty statistics of the black community in several Florida counties. They recently notified four members of the Uhuru Movement in St. Petersburg, Florida, that their housing assistance has been terminated.

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Karen Reissman strike suspended

14-12-2007 19:38

150 NHS mental health workers in Manchester who have been on strike since the beginning of November following the sacking of Karen Reissman are to return to work on Monday 17th December, without having secured her reinstatement.

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Call To Action:Christmas Demo for Housing 17th Dec 6pm Hackney Town Hall

14-12-2007 17:16

Hackney “Scrooge” won’t house us: We won’t be turned away

Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street E8 []
6 - 7:30 PM

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London: Improvements for the homeless

14-12-2007 15:39

A new campaign to improve the lot of homeless people in London has been gathering steam after it was launched by the London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP), finds Freedom newspaper.

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WM IWW Xmas benefit for union courier killed at work - 20/12/07

14-12-2007 13:58

Mission Print IWW Job Branch proudly presents...

Xmas Benefit Gig for the Ryan Boudreau Memorial Fund - Union cycle courier killed on the job. An injury to one is an injury to all.

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"Africa and the West" Conference Broadcast

14-12-2007 01:38 to broadcast Omali Yeshitela's keynote address on December 16 from "Africa and the West" conference in Huelva, Spain

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Workers Assassinated at the Thyssen Krupp Steel-works in Turin!

13-12-2007 21:51

During the night of Thursday December 6 the latest in a tragic series of "industrial accidents" struck 7 proletarian families at the Thyssen Krupp steel-works of Turin: 7 workers were overcome and charred by flames in a section where metal castings are cooled by an oil bath. Antonio Schiavone, 36 years old, married and father of 3 children was incinerated immediately, while 3 other workers, after suffering critical burns, died a few days later.

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Re-affirming Human Rights and the Filipino People' Dignity

13-12-2007 18:42

Marie Hilao Enriquez, with Carol Araullo, at The Hague, Netherlands, March 2007
Although Human Rights Day is celebrated only once a year, all Filipinos who love freedom and justice--as well as all citizens of countries that signed the United Nations Charter--should practise and apply to their everyday lives the principles embodied in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, a document which is an integral part of international law and also of the constitutions of nation-states who are members of the UN. The following article is a tribute to all activists involved in the promotion of human rights, in particular to Filipino activists in KARAPATAN, the Filipino human rights monitoring organization, to its staff and secretary-general, Marie Hilao Enriquez.

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Contradictions in the Cuban Five Case…

13-12-2007 12:12

Contradictions Abound in Cuban Five Case

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SOCPA cycling.

13-12-2007 11:18

Why are drivers allowed to play their sound systems in the SOCPA zone but not cyclists?

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Myanmar Mission in NYC

13-12-2007 00:53

The UN Mission for Myanmar vandalized on Human Rights Day.

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New Anarchist Newssheet Hits Merseyside Streets!

12-12-2007 17:32

A group of Merseyside anarchists have produced the first edition of our new newssheet, 'Shout!'. There are articles on Capital of Culture (or capitalist vultures), academy schools, the postal strike, the plans for the new Royal hospital, where our recycling REALLY goes, and asylum seeker support. Click on the PDF if you want to read and distribute, or simply scroll down for the text version.

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rampART gets eviction papers

12-12-2007 17:11

The rampART social centre in London today received court papers for repossesion on the grounds of Tresspass. The hearing date is the 20th Dec.

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Scottish Financial Enterprise “Houseboat Picton Was Everything We Ever Had!"

12-12-2007 15:24

Scottish Financial Enterprise
Celebrating the successes of the Scottish financial services industry in 2007, Mr John Campbell, Chairman of Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE), held a reception for members-only, at the Jacobite suite of Edinburgh Castle last night (11th December). Promised a private viewing of the Scottish Crown Jewels, other things were on their mind too….by invitation of one evicted Welsh Family of seven.

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Policing the police

12-12-2007 15:16

The police propose a meeting next wednesday to discuss direct action

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Seeing REDD

12-12-2007 13:09

“World Bank; Hands Off”, “Carbon Trading is a Sin”, “Land Rights Now”
Banner Drop and ‘Die-In’ Protest marked launch of World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility which attempts to kick start carbon trading in forests as part of the Reduced Emissions From Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) mechanism promoted by industry and commerce for the post-Kyoto framework.

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Venezuela Film Screening Tonight

12-12-2007 10:25

No Volveran!
Free screening of great new documentary tonight

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Blood In The Streets Of Oakland: Anniversary Death of Mary Jesus

12-12-2007 01:27

In Memory of Mary Jesus... December 10, was the 3rd year anniversary death of Mary Jesus, who was hounded to death by Oakland's greedy landoords! Mary Jesus shook up downtown Oakland 3 years ago when she climbed onto the Oakland Tribune Tower and tossed down 100s of copies of a suicide note denouncing the plight of Oakland renters before leaping to a tragic bloody death...