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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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photos from bruxelles, Actionday

21-03-2005 13:53

All together: resist, revolt, smash capitalism (www.Linksruck,de)
photos from bruxelles, Actionday 19th March

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Electronic Sit-in Against Coal Power Station Proposal in Aotearoa/NZ

21-03-2005 12:37

MIGHTY PEOPLE POWER have called for a cyber sit-in on the Mighty River Power website in New Zealand (

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Venezuela talk tonight

21-03-2005 07:42

There will be a talk tonight from 7pm at the sumac centre in Nottingham from Nora Castañeda and Angélica Alvarez of Venezuela.

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A letter to Iain Coleman MP about solutions to peak oil

21-03-2005 02:17

We're facing serious disruptions to human society. Industrial civilisation as it stands is unsustainable and will shortly collapse. The British government fears crashing the markets and fears discussion of this issue. A year of lobbying has had no effect and the only result is silence.

This is a proposal for a solution.

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Trading Freedom and the G8 screening in Brum Tuesday 22nd March

21-03-2005 00:48

Birmingham Indymedia Cinema presents a screening of "Trading Freedom: the secret life of the FTAA" and “Workers Without Bosses” on Tuesday 22 March 2005 at the Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. The films start at 8:30pm and will be accompanied by a Q & A session with a collective member of the film making team of Trading Freedom and also the launch of a local G8 dissent group. The discussion that follows will help contextualise the phenomenon of mass mobilizations in relation to the G8 protests in Gleneagles in July.

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bio-warfare (biotechimc) re-posted 4 uk

20-03-2005 18:53

this is a good article. i thought it deserved a re-posting..

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MP Accountability: Helen Jones - Warrington North

20-03-2005 16:16

Below details the facts of Helen Jones's performance as my MP. Go to and research your MP. With the General Election looming, publishing their actual record could have a real impact. Hold 'Em To Account!!

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MP Accountability: Christine Russell - City of Chester

20-03-2005 15:52

Below details the facts of Christine Russell's performance as my MP. Go to research your MP and name & shame. With the General Election looming, publishing their actual (and most probably poor) record could have a real impact. Hold 'Em To Account!!

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Iraq demo: Anti-Islamist protest

20-03-2005 11:54

Freedom for Iraq: London anti-war demo, 19 March 2005
OutRage! backed the call for “Britain and the US to set a timetable for the withdrawal of troops,” but it opposed calls for “Troops Out Now”; warning that “a hasty withdrawal could pave the way for the seizure of power by Saddam loyalists or Islamic fundamentalists.”

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Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army IN GLASGOW next WEEKEND

20-03-2005 01:48


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Boycott Thwaites Beer

19-03-2005 12:53

When Craig Murray wanted to rent property to stand against Jack Straw, he was told "Thwaites has decided it will not let me rent any of its property in Blackburn. Its directors feel it would not be in the company's interests to allow its premises to be used to campaign against Jack Straw. "

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"Pagan" Celebration Turns Into Street Fights Against Iranian Regime

19-03-2005 10:57

L ast Tuesday , 15th March, violent clashes rocked the main Iranian cities as brutal militiamen attacked Iranians who transformed the already hardly tolerated celebration of the traditional "Tchahr Shanbe Souri" (Fire Fiest) into protest action and show of "un-Islamic" joy.

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Nestor Makhno: Anarchy's Cossack

18-03-2005 20:07

Nestor Makhno: Anarchy's Cossack by Alexandre Skirda is now out. Never heard of him? Been conned by Leninists into thinking was was a bandit without the sense to tie his own shoelaces? Either way, you will find this an interesting read.

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18-03-2005 16:48

£5bn for war, yet no money for pensions. Support the striking public sector workers.

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Defend Our Pensions - support Public Sectore Strike

18-03-2005 14:17

We are calling on all people – the elderly, disabled, unemployed and other council service users, to support this call for strike action by the Trade Union UNISON.

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Week of action targets plunderers of Iraq

18-03-2005 13:00

Join us, the corporate pirates, in a week of action on 1 - 6 April to oppose the corporate plunder of Iraq! We have a series of events planned for this week and anyone who wants justice for the people of Iraq is welcome to join us.

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G8 action planning meeting

18-03-2005 12:25

Meeting this Sunday March 20th at O'Neills pub Euston Road from 2 until 6pm to discuss proposals for action in Edinburgh on July 7th.

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G8 Action planning meeting

18-03-2005 12:18

Meeting this sunday, March 20th to discuss proposals for action in Edinburgh on July 7th.

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New Social Centre opening

18-03-2005 12:01

Institute For Autonomy :: For a life of dignity without capitalism

76-78 Gower Street, London WC1
Opening Saturday 19th March – 7pm til 1am
Café :: films :: music :: info-shop :: kids space

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Support Comunidad de Paz San José de Apartadó on the 8th anniversary 23 March

18-03-2005 10:41

Comunidad de Paz San Jose de Apartado
Solidarity with Colombian Peace Comunities

Support the Comunidad de Paz San José de Apartadó on their 8th anniversary on 23 March

Out of the horrors and suffering of displacement in Colombia, eight years ago - on 23 March, 1997 - was born a new hope. War Resisters' International sends greetings to the Comunidad de Paz San José de Apartadó as it celebrates its eighth anniversary.