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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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‘Make a Difference’ day - Saturday 25th October.

21-10-2003 13:13

St. Andrews Gardens
On Saturday 25th October, Liverpool Students' Union, liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool City Council are coming together for the National Make a Difference Day.
Involving students, staff and local residents and businesses, the Make a Difference Day will help promote unity between the local community and students.
Focussing on the environment the order of the day will be to clean up the area; ranging from litter-picking to graffiti removal and a general social day.
If you would like to get involved get down to St.Andrews Gardens at the top of Copperas Hill for 2 o'clock on Saturday... help us to help 'Make a Difference'.

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Another Israeli Raid Against Civilians INDIRECTLY Funded By US Tax Dollars

21-10-2003 05:29

"Israel's Channel 10 TV said that none of the dead were militants, characterizing the refugee camp strike as a "mistake."Residents said one of the dead was a doctor who was treating victims when a second missile struck. The identity of the other victims was not immediately known."

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History of the Palestinians in Israel

21-10-2003 00:03

Despite all odds and ethnic cleansing of 70% of natives in 1947-1949, remained in what became Israel. They were kept under martial law until 1966 and are now (separate and unequal) citizens of Israel. "Adalah's main goals are to achieve equal individual and collective rights for the Arab minority in Israel in different fields including land rights; civil and political rights; cultural, social, and economic and rights; religious rights; women's rights; and prisoners' rights."

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Bolivia Solidarity Demo : BP London : Wed 22nd Oct

20-10-2003 16:42

BP & REPSOL out of Bolivia!
Wednesday 22 October 12noon onwards
BP Headquarters,1 St James Square, London SW1

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20-10-2003 15:31

The Anarchist Workers Network will be 'officially' launched at this years
Anarchist Bookfair on October 25th.

The AWN meeting is at 2.00 pm in Meeting Room 3C, ULU, Malet Street,
London. Membership of the AWN is open to anarchists and other anti-authoritarian
libertarians. So get yourselves along there.

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Al Brazil (Rafah, Gaza) is being invaded now

20-10-2003 15:17

Writing to request 'a call to action' - I have attached a short update on the
situation in Rafah (from today, Thursday 16th of October and also one from
Sunday 12th October) and hope that most of you get the chance to read it...

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Lea Estrategia Internacional Nro. 20 en Internet

20-10-2003 14:07

Publicación de teoría y política marxista revolucionaria Nº 20 - Septiembre 2003

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Bolivia: Interview with Evo Morales

20-10-2003 12:49

Evo Morales is President of the Andescouncil and was presidential candidate for the Movimiento al Socialismo. The Andescouncil represents about 2 million coca-farmers in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia and was set up in '91 with the intention to internationalise the fight which is put up in each of these countries. One of the main objectives in to fight for the rehabilitation of the coca leave which forms the basis of the local economy.

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20-10-2003 11:28

An extract of a report from an anarchist in Iraq, about the new forms the class struggle is taking there after the fall of the Baathist "socialist" regime. Wildcats strikes, picket lines with AK-47s, workplace militancy and State repression.

Full article online at link below

"The Most Powerful Men in the World, The Peroxide Spook and The 25c
Armed Picket Line"

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Palestine films coming to Oxford

19-10-2003 23:22

Film screenings in Oxford.

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Report on Condition of Working Class in Iraq

19-10-2003 12:12

Dodgy unions, ex-Baathist fascist bosses, spies monitoring the new ministries in Iraq and machine gun armed picket lines.

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do summat...

18-10-2003 23:00

do summat
am trying to sort out a co-op society for the manchester metropolitan university..tis called DO SUMMAT...tis open to anybody and everybody... dont just want students involved... more peeps from more walks of life is mucho good...

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Oil Workers Union in Daurra, Baghdad is Fake

18-10-2003 14:11

There are many ex- high ranking Baathist initiated struggle absorbant unions popping up all over Iraq that need to be scrutinised. Many are not authentic expressions of worker solidarity or struggle..

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IMC related article on Slashdot

18-10-2003 13:10

Can someone sort out this Tom/Thomas J menace please.
IMC can do more helpful things than getting involved in crap like this.
Back to the topic...

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18-10-2003 08:13

A Communist Revolutionary critique of the World Social Forum. An attempt to lay bare the ideo-political basis(i.e. class interests) of the WSF.

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Econoticiasbolivia (Translated by: Latinsol)

18-10-2003 01:02

Last minute up-date (Friday, October 17th, 17hrs): Thousands of people are gathered around Bolivia's Congress awaiting the official resignation speech of the President as parliamentarians attempt to mantain formal "democracy". Leaders from the mass movement are discussing weather to accept the vice-president to be sworn in.

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Embattled Bolivian President to Resign

17-10-2003 20:51

An AP wire story reporting the upcoming resignation of Bolivia's president.

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17-10-2003 04:47

A giant multitude have sieged the Presidential Palace throughout Thursday demanding Bolivia's President resignation as around a million people from all walks of life have joined on a national hunger strike until Sanchez de Lozada steps down.

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Al Jazeera article on Thessaloniki Prisoners

16-10-2003 21:23

Al Jazeera article on Simon Chapman and the Thessaloniki Hunger Strikers

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Bolivia - an eyewitness account

16-10-2003 18:42

Marching through the streets near government headquarters, more rebels appear, residents of the area, adding to the march, with clubs and stones. It is the people,
humiliated and massacred with machine guns and rifles for more than 48 hours. It is the people that has decided to kick out the government of millionaire Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada.