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Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity - Introduction

30-11-2003 23:30

Thessalonik Solidarity logo More than five months after the EU summit in Thessaloniki, 7 people incarcerated within the Greek prison system - Simon Chapman (English), Fernando Perez Gorraiz (Spanish), Carlos Martin Martinez (Spanish), Souleiman "Kastro" Dakduk (Syrian), Spyros Tsitsas (Greek) and two Greek juveniles - have finally been released pending trial. Despite overwhelming evidence that they have been framed and despite solidarity protests around the world, this only occurred after approximately 2 months of hunger strikes by 5 of the prisoners.

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strike spotting in the uk

30-11-2003 17:34

summary of strikes in the uk of the last weeks... starting point for an autonomous circulation of class struggles reports...

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30-11-2003 14:05

Buy Nothing Day of action...

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Buy nothing day - Read and despair

29-11-2003 20:17

Considering how it's buy nothing day, the irony of this story seemed superb.

Walmart has apologised to a woman knocked unconscious as shoppers rushed for a sale of DVD players.

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Demo in Campsfield

29-11-2003 18:19

a report of today's demo for the closure of Campsfield

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Tom Hurndall's birthday party outside the Foreign Office

29-11-2003 00:11

Birthday Blessings for Tom
Tom Hurndall's family and friends gathered outside the Foreign Office on Thursday evening to celebrate his 22nd birthday. He is unlikely to live for us to mark his 23rd.

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28-11-2003 12:40

Yesterday morning the Dutch consulate in Birmingham was occupied for 5 hours by Dutch and English activists, because of eviction of a squatted community centre in Utrecht, Holland.

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latest on health of thess 5

27-11-2003 21:08

latest on health of thess 5

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Was Georgia a CIA coup?

27-11-2003 16:19

Was people power in Georgia in reality a CIA coup? An example of the desire of George W Bush to bring 'democracy' to the world?

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'Me? I thought, OBE me? Up yours, I thought'

27-11-2003 12:08

An invitation to the palace to accept an New Year honour... you must be joking. Benjamin Zephaniah won't be going. Here he explains why

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Latest news on students strikes in Germany & France

27-11-2003 02:45

Latest news about actions and stikes of students in germany and France against the commercialisation of education. Students are calling for an international day of action in December 2003

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Brixton Says No To Nike Naked Greed

27-11-2003 00:15

Nike open their newest UK store in London's Brixton tomorrow morning. Late tonight a 6 foot "No to Nike Naked Greed" Bbanner appeared across the front window.

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Employment Grinch of the Year Election

26-11-2003 22:45

Jobs With Justice have just announce their festive elections for American National Employment Grinch of the Year. But due to globalisation, and that "special relationship", these aren't really American only Grinch Candidates...

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American Plea Bargains Infect U.N. War Crimes Tribunal

26-11-2003 19:23

The notorious plea bargain system that plagues the American "justice" and jail systems, is now moving to the United Nations' war crimes tribunal. The new plea bargaining going on at the U.N. tribunal is a response to the Bush Administration...

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Thessaloniki7- vigilance.

26-11-2003 16:57

Keep pressing greek authorities.

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Thessalonika 7 released

26-11-2003 15:14

All 7 of the tessalonika prisoners to be released

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The thessaloniki 7 are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26-11-2003 15:08

From 16.00 this afternoon all of the prisoners of the EU summit are FREE without bail.

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Blunkett To Kidnap Refugee Children

26-11-2003 10:28

Under new legislation, the home office will able to remove children from parents who do not leave the country when told to.

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Mayday 2004 in Dublin : EU Enlargement Meeting

26-11-2003 04:34

On a mayday tip:

The Government has outlines the key priorities of the Irish Presidency as being the enlargement of the EU, which will be marked by a ceremony in Dublin on 1 May 2004, and the advancement of the EU's Lisbon competitiveness strategy.

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We interrupt this Greek cultural evening

26-11-2003 01:36

Report of an action in solidarity with the Saloniki 7.