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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Nottingham Spring into Action :: Big Sprout Day Out 1

08-04-2007 11:08

Spring into Action activities continue, with Saturday being the 3rd day of activities. Some folks were performing in our new shiny Market Square to entertain, but also, to inform people about these events, and the issues around climate change.

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Chiapas: The New Face of the War

07-04-2007 21:49

Andrés Aubry
Originally Published in Spanish in two parts by La Jornada
March 24 and 25, 2007

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Nottingham's April [Extra] Critical Mass and Bike About

07-04-2007 01:34

On Friday 6th April, Nottingham's Critical Mass Bike Ride started from a NEW Meeting Point in the Market Square. This ride was an extra one! Normally, it is the last friday of every month. This event was added as part of the 'Spring into Action' programme [see below].

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Fur Shop Shuts Its Doors!

06-04-2007 22:01

A fur shop that has been the focus of a 2 year campaign has finally shut it's doors!

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Demolition Derby

06-04-2007 18:20

Sham consultations, compulsory purchases, mass demolitions and the displacement of entire communities. Call this a housing policy? A look at the government's Pathfinder initiative.
First published in Red Pepper April 2007.

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Toxteth people fear "legalised theft" of homes

06-04-2007 18:10

Residents of the Granby Triangle fear they will be forced to sell up to Lovell - the council's chosen developer for £27m urban renewal scheme - whether their homes are down for demolition or not. First published in the Big Issue (1/4/07)

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African Reparations Tribunal Pledge Drive Halfway to Goal

06-04-2007 18:06

On April 1, the Uhuru African Liberation Solidarity Campaign (Uhuru ALSC) announced a pledge drive to raise €10,000 Euro (or about 7,600 GBP) by April 9th in support of the International Tribunal on Reparations for Afrikan People (ITRAP).

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AUSTRALIA:Our Fascist Welcome Mat John Howard's ABCs

06-04-2007 00:56

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)?
When someone comes to visit how do you greet him or her? With open arms and a welcome mat or with a list of allegations and a naming and shaming file? True it is Labor this time but not Liberal even though Lab is Lib hence Lib/Lab but what proves the point is that when it's too embarrassing for Lib then it's up to Lab to do the dirty work and attempts to get away with it. But the process is clear it's all about Isamophobia and what mileage John Howard's ABC and their mass media and political allies can make out of it for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)?

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Camberwell Squatted Center - Statement of Occupation

05-04-2007 17:15

Yes, we are dreamers…

An Invitation.

On the 10th March 2007, we climbed a high ladder and entered the empty building at 190-192 Warham St in Camberwell, South London. It took five minutes to put life back into a building that had been left empty for 9 months.

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05-04-2007 16:13

The Police, the English Partnership and Royal Bank of Scotland
working in partnership promoting best fascism practice into regeneration

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more big bro methods to aidthe work of the DWP

05-04-2007 08:59

DWP minister adds another tool to aid benefit fraud detection

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AUSTRALIA:GetUp! delivers 65,000 protest letters for David Hicks

05-04-2007 04:42

65,000 protest letters
The group says Australians have now lost faith that the Government will come to their aid if they are treated unjustly overseas.

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Shell Poisoning Erris Water Supply: Don’t Mention The Water, Part Two

04-04-2007 22:11

The second short movie (a work-in-progress cut of the feature movie Policing The Pollution).
This film documents the visible pollution leaving the Shell Corrib Gas Project construction site.

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AUSTRALIA: Villawood detainee hospitalised after hunger strike

04-04-2007 22:11

Hunger Strike
The Refugee Action Coalition says 35 asylum seekers are taking part, but a spokeswoman for the department says she only knows of eight asylum seekers.

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Climate Camp 'spring into action' open for business

04-04-2007 21:35

Climate Camp 'spring into action' open for business

A 'free space' has been made available and is being prepared for use. There will be many workshops here and at the other locations around town.

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Shell Poisoning Erris Water Supply: Don’t Mention The Water, Part One

04-04-2007 19:32

The first of a two part short film (from an in-progress feature movie called Policing The Pollution) investigating the pollution of Carrowmore Lake, the water supply for over 10,000 Erris people in County Mayo. The polluter – Shell. Local resident John Monaghan and myself look over the water tests and confront Mayo County Council.

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Don't hate Americans - Our peril is your peril - Globalist Conspiracy

04-04-2007 18:33

There is a conspiracy among the international money powers of the world to create superstates that will (ostensibly) supplant the constitutional rights of the great democratic nations (UK, USA, etc). In the UK it will be a European Constitution that will (ostensibly) override the Magna Carta and British Constitution. In the United States the assault has been success versions of the USA PATRIOT Act and a movement toward a North American Union.

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Vote Nobody at the Welsh Assembly elections

04-04-2007 18:21

whoever you vote for the government always wins
Voting is not an expression of power, but an admission of powerlessness.

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City Council Exec lose their rags

04-04-2007 12:07

When people decided to reclaim the square at the end of last month we were amused to find ourselves winding up Jon Collins, Michael Frater and others. Now it looks like our expose of their dodgy electoral tactics has caused a stir.

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Third Planet Report, Passover Ed.

04-04-2007 01:58

Link to progressive web radio from The Farm, in Summertown, TN, USA