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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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New date for Mad Chicks

06-10-2004 13:27

Don't forget that the date for Mad Chicks has now changed.

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06-10-2004 10:56

Joe gets up at 6 a.m. and fills his coffeepot with
water to prepare his morning coffee. The water is clean and good because
some tree-hugging liberal fought for minimum water-quality standards.
With his first swallow of coffee, he takes his daily medication. His
medications are safe to take because some stupid commie liberal fought
to insure their safety and that they work as advertised...

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Party Trafalgar Square - When Thatcher Dies!

05-10-2004 20:06

We all know it can't be long now - and when Margaret Thatcher dies its party time!

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Kent makes Anti-Gay Stance - Gay Activists fight back

05-10-2004 17:18

Queer Youth Protesting in Maidstone
Gay rights groups have called a day of protest in Kent, following the County Council's continued support of what has been dubbed the 'Son of Section 28'. The protest day, scheduled for Saturday 13th November, a year after the government repealed Section 28 in national law. Immediately after this landmark decision, however, Kent County Council chose to implement similar policies that prohibit the "promotion of homosexuality".

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05-10-2004 16:05

Colombian trade-unionist and Indian Resource Centre worker coming to talk about the impact of Coca-Cola and other transnationals on their communities ...

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Lesbian activist murdered in Sierra Leone

05-10-2004 10:24

Fannyann Eddy
The founder and leader of the Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association (SLLAGA), Fannyann Eddy, was raped and murdered on the night of 28/29 September by unknown assailants who had broken into the in the SLLAGA office.

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news from silicon valley xtra

03-10-2004 06:38

er, this is silicon valley news

super fast and linux info

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Mad Peckham

02-10-2004 13:10

Mad Peckham

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Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK) Call for the release of Kenneth Bigley

01-10-2004 17:16

In response to the recent video broadcast of Kenneth Bigley, who is still being held hostage two weeks after his kidnapping by the Al-Zarqawi organisation in Iraq, the Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK) is calling on Mr. Al-Zarqawi to release Mr. Bigley unharmed.

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East Oxford Action - still active

01-10-2004 12:40

East Oxford Action is moving forwards

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Some upcomming meetings on venezuela and latin america

01-10-2004 12:00

Meetings on Venezuela and latin america

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Educating who about what?

30-09-2004 22:01

For some anarchy is about social change, for others it is about social status. Anarchism has its subculture figureheads, who tell us from stages and with lights shining on them that hierarchy, rock 'n' roll, and the status it gives to them pop idiots is wrong...

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Znet needs your help!

30-09-2004 00:38

We need to increase our revenues immediately to stave off growing costs that threaten our existence. Accomplishing that goal includes taking special steps such as posting this on our homepage

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Blair ready to talk with freedom fighters

30-09-2004 00:27

Mr Blair told reporters: "I don't think we can take any hope from anything until we know exactly what the intentions of these people are," he said. "They're not in contact with us, it's impossible for us to make contact with them."

Hello: I think without a guess that their intentions are to have US and British forces out of Iraq. As if Blair didn't know! But that's a worry if you won't negotiate with "freedom fighters" isn't it?

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Interested in the Countryside Alliance?

29-09-2004 10:26

For detail about the history of foxhunting, landownership and the Countryside Alliance after the riot in Parliament Square you should read the linked article below. Apart from "The Rich at Play" which is the definitive liberatarian/left book on these issues, this is the best information there is.

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Speakers from Federation of Cuban Women (FDM): Oxford host a meeting, 7 October.

29-09-2004 09:19

This meeting has been organised by Cuba Solidarity Oxford and NOW (Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace). It will be held in Oxford Town Hall on Thursday 7 October at 7.30pm. Photos are of the 2 speakers, Alicia and Ivette.

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Building Bridges Radio - The Other Iraq and Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor?

29-09-2004 04:20

Building Bridges presents this 29 minute radio show. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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Community activist Peter Sandy quits Rushmoor LibDems

28-09-2004 15:05

Peter Sandy, an Aldershot LibDem councillor, has resigned from the Rushmoor LibDem group. He found he could no longer stomach their hypocrisy and childish behaviour.

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War Resisters Come to Canada (video)

28-09-2004 00:23

War resister Brandon Hughey left the United States Army and came to Canada. He speaks publicly about his decision to leave the United States. Also comments from Phyllis Bennis, noted public intellectual about the deteriorating situation in Iraq.

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Photos from Glasgow anti-war stall Wednesday September 22nd 2004

27-09-2004 22:03

Here are two photos from the anti-war stall in central Glasgow on September 22nd with some contact details of anti-war activities in Scotland and also news of the ESF.