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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Wanted: Volunteer to Help Homeless People Speak Out

31-03-2004 15:06

Groundswell UK needs a volunteer to help to publicise it’s events and publications - and to help homeless people’s collectives publicise theirs publicising our own events, publications and other activities.

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Benny Morris - A Tragic Israeli Historian

31-03-2004 14:02

Found in the New Left Review, this interview with Benny Morris a renowned Israeli left-winger says...............

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Prepration meeting on the Caravan towards World Economic Forum in Warsaw

31-03-2004 13:15

Our globalisation masters, so good in ripping off the people, have
decided this time to have their meeting in Warsaw. They have an
invitation from the polish president and with a weakly prepared
alter-global movement there, they expect to have nice & relatively calm

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Clashes in oilfields kill 17 soldiers and guerrillas

31-03-2004 12:06

15 government troops dead in fresh fighting in Colombia’s southern oil region. President Uribe seeks foreign help to beef up military muscle. US lawmakers promise more soldiers and mercenaries.

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Community activism - revolutionary or reformist?

30-03-2004 22:59

The recently formed Bristol Anarchist Network is pleased to announce it's first public event - an open disussion meeting on the pros & cons of community activism & involvement. There is no party line, and no pre-determined correct answers to the questions raised in the text of the flyer below. Come along.....

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Eye-Witness Reportback from Occupied Iraq and Palestine

30-03-2004 22:20

Resistance and Solidarity Struggle in Occupied Iraq and Palestine
Eye-Witness Reports from Jenin, Nablus, Rafa, Baghdad, Basra, and beyond
Monday 5 April 2004 7.30pm
London Action Resource Centre -
62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES.

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EU Fortress Europe / No Borders No Nation / Dublin Mayday

30-03-2004 18:10

The consolidation of the EU's immigration policy has led in one direction: Fortress Europe.

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Civil Liberties under attack - public meeting in Swindon

30-03-2004 16:59

This is the press release from Swindon Stop the War Coalition:
meeting 6th April, 7:30 pm - Friends Meeting House

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Marks & Spencer Picket Under Attack!

30-03-2004 15:50

Two comrades from the Manchester M&S picket recently attended court to face charges regarding the way in which we conduct our protest. The case was brought against the picket after constant harassment from the labour council. THE PICKET NEEDS MORE PEOPLE TO HELP OUT REGULARLY!!!

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Peace in Palestine? Something to Debate.

30-03-2004 13:33

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -
In the following you read how Uri Avnery places the assassination of
Sheikh Yassin in context, and in the four forwarded articles of the
Israeli-Palestinian email magazine Bitter Lemons
[(Assassinations and
conflict - Ed.12) you find the subject approached from several
significant angles.]

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When Fucking The System Isn't Enough

30-03-2004 10:21

Experiences of anarchist organizing in Scotland, leading up to a five-year anti-poll-tax campaign. Includes a look at lessons learned regarding anarchist organizing, anarchist groups, and vanguards.

The talk is broken into 3 parts: 2 halves of Ramsey's presentation and about 30 minutes of discussion afterwards.

[Y note: This is one of the best talks on anarchist organizing that I have heard, and considering the mixed success of the anti-war and anti-globalization movements in the UK today, it seems worth learning as much as possible from past struggles.]

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Slavery and European Wealth - Reparations Tribunal audio clip

30-03-2004 03:36

Audio clip of Omali Yeshitela, founder of the Uhuru Movement, speaking at the 12th Session of the World Tribunal on Reparations for African People.

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International Demostration Freedom Imprisoned Anarchists 24 April Barcelona

29-03-2004 22:28

From the Coordinating Freedom Imprisoned Anarchists we summoned to a manifestation at international level next the 24 of April in Barcelona, to 18 h. in the Seat of the Cathedral. The logic of the system based on the exclusion, repression and the hardening of the pains cause the continuous increase of the prison population. The dissidence is more and more represaliada as we have been able to state in so many places (Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Salonica, Italy...) We see ourselves in the necessity to show our rejection all prison system, thus we make this call at international level to demand the freedom of lxs compañerxs anarchists encarceladxs, and by a world without prisons
CALL: BARCELONA (Seat Cathedral 18 h.) 24 OF APRIL OF 2004
More info:

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UN report: Israeli forces inflict "reign of terror"

29-03-2004 13:53

A recent report by John Dugard, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights' Special Rapporteur, stated that Israeli forces had "inflicted a reign of terror upon innocent Palestinians in the course of their assassinations of militants in densely populated towns, their destruction of homes, and their random firing in built up areas—not to mention the methodical intimidation and humiliation of civilians at checkpoints."

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ESF rejects democracy for TU cash

29-03-2004 13:27

In mid November, my partner Loppy and I were approached by Oli of Manchester Social Forum as we passed through the Metropolitan Police and Special Branch welcoming committee at Waterloo Station which greeted our return from the Paris ESF. Over a cup of coffee in the station concourse we became willing recruits to the efforts to democratise the ESF, and to broaden its focus to include a proper recognition of Green issues.

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Kingsland Road Squatters

29-03-2004 12:10

Looking for interviewees for a documentary film.

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CARICOM Urged to Withhold Recognition of Haitian Regime

28-03-2004 23:31

BASSETTERE, St. Catherine

The chairperson of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership (HLL), Marguerite Laurent...wants CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY (CARICOM) leaders
meeting here for their 15th inter-sessional meeting, to call for the 'unequivocal' reinstatement of the
deposed Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his Government.

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Campaign continues to save Malmesbury and Devizes maternity units

28-03-2004 22:03

Update on the campaign to defend Malmesbury and Devizes Maternity Units

The local health authority has announced plans to close both units. They are consulting with the public on this proposal until the 26th April.

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Sherwood Protest Eviction Alert

28-03-2004 19:23

Sherwood Forest protest camp has recieved strong indications of a possible eviction in the forthcoming week begining 29/3/04.

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Something Evil This Way...Oh No, It's Here!

27-03-2004 23:51

The militaristic posturing of the U.S. world-wide threatens more than just the rest of the world. It threatens the very foundations of Democracy in the country I once fought for.