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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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On Known and Unknown Self (dis) Organisation.

01-05-2013 21:47

The Asylum Strike is a historical moment of self-organisation where the undocumented and illegalised have manifest as a force on their own terms and shown the ability to go on the offensive against the state and racism in the heart of Western Europe and therefore on these same terms against international capitalism.

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UG#632 - The War On Kids (The Youth Of Today's Toxic Legacy)

01-05-2013 03:12

Whether in terms of biodiversity, Peak Oil, water shortages or whatever, we've looked many times on this show at the damaged and degraded planet earth that we are leaving for our children. This week we take another angle, looking at the damage done to the very brains and minds of our children.

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May 6th Greek Info Night @ Pogo Cafe

30-04-2013 20:27

Greek Info Night. Monday 6th May. 7.30pm

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At Your Service (Tales from Community Service)

30-04-2013 17:32

Article written by contributor who is currently serving a 120 hour community payback order, in which they are required to do a program of unpaid work for the terrible "community"1. This Article forms the First part of a short series detailing different aspects and analysis of the community payback program, from thinking about the actions being performed and their implications to offering a kind of insight into what this shit is actually like. Please distribute to anyone you know who might be about to get sentenced to community payback.

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Brighton Green Party compares staff strike proposals to winter of discontent

29-04-2013 21:21

Having voted for Council officers to implement cuts to staff take home pay of up to £95 per week a leading Brighton Green Party Councillor has said compared staff strike proposals to the winter of discontent

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Protest in London

28-04-2013 17:56

Demand for an End to the Attacks on the Zapatista Support Base Community of San Marcos Avilés

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Attacks in Chiapas

28-04-2013 17:53

In Chiapas there is a latent threat of forced displacement against the Zapatistas, and there has been a new political assassination.

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May Day: take action to remember the workers killed in Dhaka and worldwide.

28-04-2013 09:28

On 24 April more than 300 workers were crushed to death in a collapsing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The factory made clothes for high street chains including Primark, Matalan, Benetton, and Mango. Just another "accident" in the race for profits. Those responsible for these deaths are in London and in towns across the UK, we need to hold them to account.

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Sheffield workfare protest, Saturday May 4th

27-04-2013 15:18

On Saturday May 4th, starting at 1pm, Unite Community members will be protesting outside Poundland on the Moor as part of the ongoing national campaign against the government's workfare schemes. We hope you can make it. For more information, see the facebook event:

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Anti-capitalist Stop G8 protest in Sussex

26-04-2013 07:41

A PROTEST against capitalism is to be staged in Worthing town centre on
Saturday May 4.

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Scottish Coal ask courts to allow them to walk away from opencast sites

25-04-2013 09:58

Coal Action Scotland media release: for immediate use 24th April 2013
Media contact: Oliver Munnion at or on 07917693337

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Athens: Cops detained comrades during solidarity action with Athens IMC and 98FM

24-04-2013 19:23

In the morning of April 24th, as part of solidarity actions with counter-information media that were recently gagged by the Greek State with the aid of the rector of the National Technical University of Athens, Simos Simopoulos.

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UG#631 - John Taylor Gatto, Genius (Extended Childhood and Western Spirituality)

24-04-2013 18:01

This week, exceptionally, we hear two pieces from a single speaker, John Taylor Gatto. After a period of neglect following a stroke in 2011, Gatto is steadily recovering. We reflect on his genius with two classic talks: "Bianca, You Animal, Shut Up!" and "The Neglected Genius of American Spirituality".

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Brighton: Statement At Adjournment of Squat Trial

24-04-2013 16:24

A packed gallery sees two squatters freed and the case of the third adjourned..

Trial background -

Law background -

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CURO Housing prepares to sell-off £100m plus of our charitable assetts.

24-04-2013 08:01

CURO Housing appoints senior management consultant to oversee the development and sale of the charitable assets of the registered social landlord Somer Community Housing Trust.(SCHT)

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Call out for action - UK and Germany calls for Brazil to halt Belo Monte dam

23-04-2013 21:20

Action for the Amazon is planning to hold a small fluffy demo out side the Brzillian embassy on Friday the 26th April. Please come and show your support for the Achaur tribe who's land will be flooded, and call the Brazillian government to halt the dam buiding.
We plan to take potted plants to the embassy to offer them somthing to re-plant with.

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Scottish Coal's Collapse : The Untold Story

23-04-2013 17:03

On Friday 20/4/13, Scotland's largest producer of surface mined coal, Scottish Coal went into liquidation. LAON's press release suggests that reasons other than those which have dominated news items about this event, lie behind this collapse. This press release aims at putting the record strait. In so doing, it raises questions as to whether large scale opencast mining operations, under present circumstanace will ever be profitable in Scotland again.

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Private security fine the public on Public streets in Leeds

23-04-2013 10:47

Leeds Council sign cosy deal in which a Tory councillor run private security firm will fine the public on public streets in a breathtaking reduction of civil rights.

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March for England 2013

22-04-2013 23:14

227 racists - this is the entire crowd
Once a year we are treated to the far right's shit attempt to take over Brighton. This is one antifascist's view of a good days work.

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Mobs and Coppers

22-04-2013 14:59 antifascist day out by the seaside