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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Smash School Privatisation: Wembley Sports Ground Re-Occupied - Support Needed

27-07-2008 14:29

Wembley Sports Ground - Re-Occupied
First report from the Wembley Sports Ground Anti-Academy Camp. Support Needed.
Save The Sports Ground. Save The Community Green Space. No To School Privatisation. No To Education For Profit.

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Smash School Privatisation: Wembley Sports Ground Re-Occupied, AGAIN!

27-07-2008 10:52

Following the recent residents and local teachers' resistance to the privatised Wembley Ark Academy school plans, this morning an independent group of "concerned citizens" re-occupied the Wembley Park Sports Ground.

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an attempt to assassinate bolivian president Evo Morales?

27-07-2008 01:13

LA PAZ - Bolivian President Evo Morales has voiced suspicions about the crash of a helicopter he used last week that killed five people, saying the incident was “probably not accidental”.Morales flew aboard the Super Puma on Sunday in southern Bolivia and was scheduled to use it again on Monday to travel from La Paz to the northern city of Cobija, said Defense Minister Walker San Miguel.

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Free the Cuban Five!

26-07-2008 18:47

Free the Cuban Five
International Pressure Grows, Demanding U.S. Release of the "Cuban Five" Anti-Terrorists
(tune in to Sunday for live interview with committee representative)

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Nottingham 6th Gay Pride : Pictures 2

26-07-2008 16:25

A few thousand folks turned out for the 6th Nottingham Gay Pride Bash in the Arbo.

Saturday 26th July 2008, from 12.00-6.00pm
Arboretum Park, Nottingham

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Nottingham 6th Gay Pride : Pictures 1

26-07-2008 16:15

A few thousand folks turned out for the 6th Nottingham Gay Pride Bash in the Arbo.

Saturday 26th July 2008, from 12.00-6.00pm
Arboretum Park, Nottingham

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Smash School Privatisation: Next Step In The Anti-Academy Campaign

26-07-2008 15:19

Following last week’s actions against the privatisation of UK education in Wembley, North West London, a new call out by campaigners to re-squat the land and put another obstacle in the way of Blair’s profitable education program, centring the campaign against school privatisation right under the nose of the new Wembley Stadium.

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600 million of pounds burned last night at the Hackney Planning Committe

26-07-2008 14:16

How 600 million of pounds were burned last night
in the Hackney Planning committee of London.

Hackney Council effort to sell off most of its land bank asset to
speculative driven private property deals suffered a blow last night
at its very own home - the Hackney Town Hall.

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Raga P and Trial delay of Malaysian Activists.

26-07-2008 11:27

image from Raja Petra's Site
This is a heads up on some of the repressions in Malaysia , from
colleagues and friends caught up in the new rules, regulations
and problems- which really have been building up since Anwar's
first trial.

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Police try and enter Bodge House

25-07-2008 20:28

Earlier today (25 July) several police turned up to look at a hole in the field, in actual fact it is a tunnel, but hey!

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Around the Campaigns Friday 25th July 2008

25-07-2008 13:15

Elizabeth, Hilary & John - Still detained, Still facing removal


Anselme Noumbiwa - Back in Middlesbrough where he belongs

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Andy Stepanian's Birthday in 2 Weeks

25-07-2008 10:54

Andy is serving 3 years for "conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act", which is basically a US version of Section 145 SOCPA, to "conspire to interfere with contractual relationships so as to harm animal research organisation", although much broader to protect all animal abusing industries from democractic protest and criticism.

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Intersex Shadow Report: "End forced genital surgery now!"

25-07-2008 05:14

1st Court Rally, Cologne 12/12/07
A shadow report submitted by the German "Assiciation of Intersexed People" to UN-Committee CEDAW in New York and published on the internet highlights worldwide human rights violations against hermaphrodites by forced medical treatments -- and a growing "Zwitter"-movement making itself heard.

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London bus drivers demonstration 24/7/08

24-07-2008 21:43

London bus drivers march to city hall demanding pay parity among the private companies who run London's buses.

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Community halts illegal work on Special Area of Conservation, Ireland- pls help!

24-07-2008 12:52

The fight goes on- be part of it.
This is an urgent call for support to protect the community and environment of Rossport in Mayo, Ireland. Shell is now attempting to construct the first 200m metres of the onshore section of the pipeline without any planning permission. 13 residents were arrested on Tuesday and this morning a 10ft fence was erected and guarded by40 police & 70 security.
Help is urgently needed. Come if u can. Protest at Irish Embassy, Shell garages etc.

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AIDS: Genocide of neglect

24-07-2008 11:01

DAN JAKOPOVICH delves into the rich states' record on HIV/Aids.

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Update On John Bowden

24-07-2008 09:30

In May this year, long-term prison resister John Bowden went on the run whilst out on a routine shopping trip from HMP Noranside. We can now reveal why he did so when he was so close to a new parole hearing.

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Fresh and Wild : The "ethical" organic store is selling Nestle products.

23-07-2008 17:58

Fresh and Wild in Camden and Soho are selling Nestle products. Nestle are unethical and not the type of manufacturer whose products expect to find in Fresh and Wild etc.

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Zimbabwe: Western Lies and Hypocrisy

23-07-2008 02:40

How Do We Know What We 'Know'?

In recent times I have been reasoning with many people about what is happening in Zimbabwe, and a continual theme that emerged is just how much people rely on mainstream media for views about Zimbabwe and the wider world. Many persons admitted that BBC and/or CNN were the main sources that 'informed' their perspective on Zimbabwe. However, the Western Media, especially BBC and CNN, are openly on a mission to demonize President Robert Mugabe and bring about regime change in Zimbabwe. So it is like asking a person's sworn enemy for opinions/news about that person. Very unbalanced stories will be told. It is clear that the Western international media is complicit in fabricating/distorting stories to justify intervention in the affairs of sovereign nations. And that is one of the main points that is connected to understanding the Zimbabwe issue. Local media around the world, especially where I am from in the Caribbean, simply reproduce coverage by the dominant international media. Even when local commentators try to analyze the events they end up giving a very distorted picture mainly because they assume that the news they get from Western sources are true.

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Smash School Privatisation: The Wembley Tent City Eviction

22-07-2008 16:00

Friday 18 July 2008: At 6.30am council bailiffs arrived with ten police officers at Wembley Sports Ground on Bridge Road to evict Brent NUT and ATL Secretary Hank Roberts. He was locked by the neck to the sports hall rooftop flagpole. Below is the press release and a video used with kind permission of freelance video and print journalist Jason Parkinson. EVICTED WITH PRIDE - The campaign continues.