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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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France: Immigrants strike for the right to work

22-07-2008 14:32

“They work here, they live here, they stay here!”
French immigrants strike for the right to work—and win.
By Marie Kennedy and Chris Tilly

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Boris Johnson will face tough court fight if he backs Crossrail hole scam

22-07-2008 10:43

Harriet Heartless is set to making a gloating announcement today around the Houses of Parliament
confirming her backing for the Big Business Crossrail hole scam

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North Camp traders suffer

21-07-2008 15:42

ticket machine obstructing highway
Having destroyed Aldershot and Farnborough town centres, both are now ghost towns, the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor now seems determined to destroy North Camp, the only success story in the borough.

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German prisoners bound for hunger-strike over conditions

21-07-2008 14:50

Solidarity welcomed! - Almost 500 prisoners in Germany have answered a call for a co-
ordinated hunger-strike on August 1st - 7th by prisoner solidarity
group "Iv.i" (Representation for the Interest of the Detainees).

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Former Burnley BNP councillor Luke Smith found dead

21-07-2008 13:51

Inquest on Friday - verdict likely to be suicide

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Italy G8 summit site switch?

21-07-2008 12:40

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has hinted that next year's Group of Eight summit may not take place on the small island of La Maddalena as planned.

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Free the Cuban 5 Solidarity Demonstration Edinburgh 12-3

21-07-2008 06:20

Saturday 26 July - Free the Cuban Five demonstration!

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Analysis of the Oaxacan social movement from within.

20-07-2008 16:52

Analysis of the Oaxacan social movement from withinm written by some of those intimately connected to grassroots struggle and organisation.

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West Coast Capital HBOS PLC The Company You Keep is Vile!

20-07-2008 10:32

Pirates of Penarth Crest Cardiff Bay Wales
Please Help Us! The Shalom Family of 7 who, five years ago, were immorally evicted by Crest Nicholson, now in the joint ownerships of Sir Tom Hunter's West Coast Capital and HBOS Plc Bank of Scotland, make fresh joint appeal to Sir Tom Hunter - West Coast director and Mr Hornby CEO HBOS Plc. The letter is reproduced, as also published to the family run website at

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G8 Genoa 2001 - reperto 239 Diaz

20-07-2008 06:29

G8 Genoa 2001 - reperto 239 Diaz

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Bastille Day Card - Support Liberty in Burma

19-07-2008 14:08

On July 14th, three members of celebrated Bastille Day at the Institute Francais in London, calling on "Liberty Equality and Fraternity" with the Burmese "liberty" movement and the heroic prisoners of conscience in Burma. A Bastille Day card with approximately 150 signatures was sent to President Nicolas Sarkozy care of the French Embassy in London, highlighting French Total Oil's continuing shameful collaboration with the brutal Burmese dictatorship and calling for liberty for Burma.

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Climate Camp goes back to Heathrow: Conference Sat 26th July

19-07-2008 11:19

A conference organsied by the Camp for Climate Action, local residents groups NoTRAG and HACA and Greenpeace to answer the question:

“What do we do if the worst comes to the worst and the Government says ‘yes’ to Heathrow expansion?

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Antispeciesism - The way it is

18-07-2008 21:48

Ollibapril65 / Vegan Reich - The way it is

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Local Government Strike: Day Two

18-07-2008 16:35

The second day of the 48 hour strike by local government workers in the Unison and Unite unions was rather wetter than the first, but many school remained closed across Nottinghamshire and the country and there were picket lines outside many council offices.

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Town centre regeneration schemes

18-07-2008 15:34

For whose benefit has disastrous town centre regeneration schemes been foisted onto local communities?

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Anti-Wembley Academy occupation comes to an end

18-07-2008 15:27

Anti-Wembley Academy Roof Top Protest
The Tent City Occupation of Wembley Sports Ground was evicted this morning at 6.30am (report to follow). Hank Roberts - Brent Secretary of the NUT and ATL - had to be removed from the roof of the Community Centre on the site, where he had d-locked himself to a flagpole. Specialist baliffs had to use an angle-grinder to seperate him from the pole. Supporters gathered in front of the gate to the carpark; as he was removed from the site, he was bestowed with rapturous applause for his brave stand.

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Private Equity Headquarters Under Lock Down in London July 17

18-07-2008 15:01

beginning of demo at Trafalgar Square
On the Global Day of Action against Private Equity, 50 people collectively delivered a giant invoice to Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts's (KKR) headquarters in London.

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House of Lords Crossrail Committee farce - leaving petitioners unprotected

18-07-2008 13:48

The House of Lords Crossrail Committee presented a fine example of how these UK institutions are failing democratic principles let alone scrutinising the Commons and this also goes for the longstanding peers, one Viscount Colville. The Crossrail Bill is due to receive Royal Assent this Tuesday 22 July 2008, in the recent debates, members of the House of Lords Crossrail Committee, in particular Viscount Colville has suddenly developed an interest in communities and addressing concerns about Crossrail's impacts but this was far from the case when petitioners were being heard.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 18th July 2008

18-07-2008 09:27

Victory for Tamil's in the UK - ECHR Judgment NA. V. The United Kingdom
The Court held unanimously that the applicant's expulsion to Sri Lanka would be in violation of Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment) of the European Convention on Human Rights.