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German prisoners bound for hunger-strike over conditions

Joe Black | 21.07.2008 14:50 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Solidarity welcomed! - Almost 500 prisoners in Germany have answered a call for a co-
ordinated hunger-strike on August 1st - 7th by prisoner solidarity
group "Iv.i" (Representation for the Interest of the Detainees).

Gabriel Pombo da Silva, a Spanish anarchist who escaped from the
brutal F.I.E.S isolation units in Spain, and who is now serving a
prison term for attempting to escape a police control near Aachen,
Germany, with another Spanish anarchist escapee, who is also now in
a German jail, Jose Fernandez Delgado, made an extended
international call for all those who wish to participate in the way
that they choose in solidarity to make their actions in conjunction
with the prisoners hunger-strike.

Over 28 jails will be involved in the protest, which is also
specifically in solidarity with Nadine Trivian, who has been
dispersed into isolation to a prison where she finds herself in an
extremely hostile environment. This is due to the fact that she
made a complaint, together with other fellow female prisoners,
against a prison guard, who is now condemned for rape and sexual
assaults while practicing in his work place. Nadine is one of the
representatives of "Iv.i" , which has for years fought against the
abuses of power, the psychological-terrorism, the conditions of the
detentions, forced labour, constant debt, etc, which exists in the
German regime.

However the call by Gabriel goes further than the demand for a
change in repressive conditions. His struggle, like other
anarchists, is against the existence of "all centres of detention
and punishment, against all life imprisonment, death sentence, and
systems of isolation and torture." This is a struggle that can be
found in the hearts and minds of abolitionists and freethinkers

Mass incarceration has lead to not only the entrenched control of
the ruling class, but amassed huge profits for a small number of
increasingly powerful companies, whilst the root causes of ‘anti-
social behaviour’ and ‘crime’, namely : poverty and inequality, are
left untreated.

The state and capitalism need prisons to protect the divisions
between the classes and maintain their power and exploitation,
prisons are places of abuse and alienation, not rehabilitation and
justice. A fundamental libertarian change in our societies
accompanied by radical redistribution of wealth is required to
solve the causes of crime and end prisons forever.

People can show their solidarity according to their criteria:
sending faxes to the ministry of justice in Dusseldorf, to the
German embassies & consulates, making direct actions and awareness
raising drives about the demands of the prisoners. These demands
are: an end to forced labour, dispersal, isolation, abuse of power,
the "life" sentence and sentences of 20+ years.

Against all cells, borders and police.

More Information about prison abolition and supporting class
struggle prisoners:

Joe Black


PDF Flyer for download

22.07.2008 16:24

Here is a PDF flyer for you to download and print out.

Joe Black