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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Manchester Space Invaders Landing April

26-02-2008 12:10

11th & 12th April have been named as ‘international days of action on autonomous
spaces’. There will be things happening in Europe including squatted
buildings, parties, Reclaim the Streets, land occupations and more!
We have started an organising group to kick start ideas for action in Manchester. From reclaiming the streets to guerilla gardening..from a ceilidh to a
vegan party to permaculture space...

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'Protest march and rally against health care restrictions'

26-02-2008 08:53

Proposed protest march and rally against health care restrictions for certain refugees and migrants - Sat 5th April Manchester

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Lismullen Woods near the Hill of Tara under threat from M3 Motorway

26-02-2008 01:27

The Lismullen Woods near the Hill of Tara in Ireland are now under threat from the M3 Motorway, which has now expanded to cover the woods and unexcavated archaeological structures there.

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Manchester NO2ID Minutes, 13th February 2008

26-02-2008 01:10

Manchester NO2ID Logo
The main focus of this meeting was getting more people more involved in the Manchester NO2ID campaign. Please read on to find out how you can help from the comfort of your own armchair!

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Freedom of Speech protest audio report

25-02-2008 22:05

Some collected speeches and interviews from the protest.

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rampART and RAMpart2 evictions

25-02-2008 19:46

All very gloomy news from the various parts of the rampART. This morning there was a hearing to decide whether there would be an appeal against the granting of the possession order relating to Rampart Street. The judge decided there would be no appeal.

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Scientology as Sci-Fi Fascism (corrected)

25-02-2008 18:58

(if an administrator could remove the previous version of this article it would be much appreciated)

Today I was reading Ur-Fascism ( by Umberto Eco. In it he addresses a common political problem: how to define fascism. The problem is the incoherence in fascism either as a philosophy or a movement. Anti-capitalist or pro-business, conservative yet revolutionary, contradictory both within and between movements which take the name. Eco identifies a number of characteristics which are common to fascist movements, while acknowledging that not all will be present in any one movement or philosophy, and that a number of perceived contradictions do not prevent movements being categorised together. These characteristics are described as Ur-Fascism, or Eternal Fascism, the base on which fascist traditions may be built.

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Local Outrage at Manchester's "Deaf and Dumb" Bar

25-02-2008 16:30

Information about a protest taking place in Manchester on Thursday 28th February over new "Deaf and Dumb" bar.

The demonstration will be held on Thursday 28th February at 8:30pm, outside “Deaf and Dumb”, Grovesnor Street, Manchester

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Introducing The Solidarity Without Borders Campaign

25-02-2008 12:08

Dear comrades,

We are writing to introduce the Solidarity Without Borders Campaign, a
coordinated, sustained, three-pronged campaign in solidarity with
immigrant and indigenous struggles across North and Latin America.

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Abduction and torture in Ecuador: Carrying out the orders of Rafael Correa?

25-02-2008 11:37

“The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador CONAIE announces its objection, before the country, public opinion, international agencies, and the media, to the abduction, and psychological and verbal assault committed against Compañera Miriam Cisneros 28 years, spouse of President Marlon Santi.

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Refugees and escapees of the Prozac Nation are converging at Corsica Studios

25-02-2008 08:41

Lurking behind tabloid interest in the mental health crises of artists like Britney Spears, Heath
Ledger and Amy Whitehouse is a vast unease around mental ill-health. The everyday
stigmatisation of the Mad affects everyone.
Mad Chicks fight this stigma by celebrating the creativity and eloquence of Mad women.

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8 March; Serco picket; Iran; Reproductive Freedoms: Feminist Fightback events

24-02-2008 23:50

Upcoming events organised by Feminist Fightback.

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Hands Off Iraqi Oil - Liverpool Picket

24-02-2008 17:14

Activists from the Liverpool Social Forum picketed the Shell garage on Aigburth Road yesterday, as part of Hands Off Iraqi Oil's day of action.

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Fidel Castro: Who wants to be in the Garbage Dump?

24-02-2008 15:54

Today, by mere chance, I remembered that the OAS still exists, when I read a cable posted on the Internet which contained an article by Georgina Saldierna, published in La Jornada, titled “Insulza rules out the possibility of re-admitting Cuba into the OAS”. No one even remembered the OAS. Note how retrograde this line of reasoning is.

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Talking (even more bollocks) About Cannabis

24-02-2008 14:23

We’ve been looking for a worthy adversery in the void ever since the Ukippers stopped biting and unfortunately Debra Bell is not one.

That said while she continues to spout unscientific drivel on her lame website (1) we’ll continue to expose her for the ignorant hypocrite she is.

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Nottingham Speakers’ Corner Officially begun

23-02-2008 23:49

On Friday 22 February at 12.30pm, Nottingham adopted the first Speakers’ Corner in the UK since an Act of Parliament paved the way for the original in London’s Hyde Park almost 150 years ago.

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Support Bhopal Survivors

23-02-2008 18:08

Bhopal Survivors marching on Delhi to get Indian PM to honour pledges

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Banner drop in Coventry, West Midlands for hands off Iraqi oil solidarity

23-02-2008 15:28

Description of action taken for hands of Iraqi oil day in Coventry

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Marylebone Road protest against Total Oppression in Burma

23-02-2008 15:03

Ten protesters held a demonstration at Dorset House Total petrol station at 170-172 Marylebone Rd on Thursday calling on the French oil company to stop fuelling oppression in Burma with hundreds of millions of pounds a year to the brutal regime. Total has for many years been the largest western supporter of the military regime. Villagers forced as slave labour to build Total's gas pipeline nicknamed the soldiers oppressing them as the "Total Battalions".

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Weird Load visits leafy Chiswick

23-02-2008 14:36

After January's thousand strong meeting against Heathrow expansion, protest continues apace.

This week saw a 50,000 leaflet doordrop, and today local campaigners were joined by Baroness von Reichardt, partner Mr Spunky and members of her World Famous Treatment Rooms.