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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Zimbabwean women on hunger strike in Yarl's Wood IRC

12-09-2007 00:52

The hunger strike by five Zimbabwean women who are being held in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Center enters it's third day today. The women are protesting against their continued detention and impending deportation to Malawi.

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11-09-2007 20:41

This was the session two at the UK Defence System conference in Mayfair

SESSION 2: Protecting Freedom of the Seas, Littorals and Choke Points if Globalisation breaks down

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The Campaign Against Prison Slavery & ITN News

11-09-2007 16:05

Are you a recently released ex-con and want to both help CAPS and be on prime-time TV news?

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Freedom for the Cuban Five!

11-09-2007 14:39

An International Campaign to Free the Cuban Five will begin on September 12. This will be an excellent opportunity to knock at the doors of American people’s consciences

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Cycle to Recycle: A Radley Lakes Protest 15 September 2007

11-09-2007 14:19

Illegally felled trees at Thrupp Lake
You are invited to join cyclists from across Oxfordshire in a bicycle ride in support of the campaign to Save Radley Lakes next Saturday.

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Durham Working Class bookfair November 3rd 10-5pm

11-09-2007 11:49

North East Working Class Bookfair
St Nicholas Church, Market Place, Durham City.
Saturday November 3rd 2007, 10-5pm

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Freedom for Catalonia!

11-09-2007 10:12

Catalan Countries are a little nation without sovereignty, in the east of the Iberian Peninsula and south of the Pyrenean mountain range. There are 4 important capitals: València, Palma de Mallorca, Perpinyà and Barcelona.

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EDM 1763 Unlocking Democracy

11-09-2007 00:54

Please support EDM 1763

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Manchester mental health staff strike again

10-09-2007 17:46

After a similar strike just over two weeks ago, hundreds of mental health workers in Manchester are going on strike for a second time today in a row over the suspension of union official, Karen Reissman.

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Local government unions break ranks over latest offer

10-09-2007 17:43

Trade unions GMB and Unite have split from Unison over their response to the increased offer from local government employers for English, Welsh and Northern Irish staff.

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Socialist Presidential Candidates at America’s Crossroads

10-09-2007 14:08

Today Americans are faced with a broad range of complex issues not seen since the American Civil War; a war that divided America and created a clash of ideologies. Now, more than 140 years since the end of Civil War, Americans are faced with greater challenges and 11 socialist presidential candidates with Socialist Party USA and Peace and Freedom Party believe a new direction for the nation is critical.

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Campaigning On The Edge Of Society

10-09-2007 13:48

What does it matter whether a campaign changes the world, so long as the intentions are good? Well, yes, it matters a hell of a lot. Set your sights low enough and reaching them is easy; set them high and you might have to risk your life to get there.

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J. A and N - Removal directions set for Thursday

10-09-2007 13:30

[This article has been amended to remove identifying details]

J, a young woman from Uganda, is a torture and rape victim who was accepted by the Immigration Appellate Authority as a 'believable witness'. Her appeal was refused in 2005. Even though it was accepted that she was suspected of being an LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) member and was a torture and rape victim, it was claimed by the Home Office that she would not be in danger of persecution if she was returned to another part of Uganda, such as Kampala.

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BLOOD to greets un-welcomed guests and delegates in Mayfair

10-09-2007 10:27

This morning an action took place in from of the Mayfair Hotel
where the DSEi conference is taking place from 9 am this morning.

An unidentified substance was spelled out in the pavement around the
entrance and on the walls of the Hotel

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'Anarchy' in Piccadilly

10-09-2007 00:43

I was walking down London's Piccadilly yesterday and stumbled upon Raymond Charles Dell's street exhibition, Anarchy in the UK, which has been on display every weekend for almost 40 years. The pictures, all marked with a circled A and priced £8 each, ranged from anti-war and anti-establishment to images of resistance from different eras. Luckily, i had a friend's camera with me so i took some pictures.

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*Call for Solidarity* - Eviction and Social Cleansing in France

09-09-2007 14:41

Here below is a call for solidarity for a recent treat of eviction of more than 80 families beacause of the
social cleansing for the Rugby World Cup taking place in Paris. As already many evictions experienced
in London for the preparation of the Olympic Degeneration ( an many more evictions to come).

"Fair Play for Housing Rights: Mega-Events, Olympic Games and Housing Rights".
published on 5 June 2007 by the ‘Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions’.

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Imperial College's wilful dilapidation of Wye Agricultural College

09-09-2007 09:08

The Wye Community Farm tender for the tenancy of the Wye College Farm has been rejected by land agents acting on behalf of Imperial college. it is another further kick-in-the-teeth for local residents of the village of Wye and former Alumni of Wye College...

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Another Metropolitan Police Authority whitewash attempt.

09-09-2007 07:04

Apparently, the death of Jean Charles de Menezes was not caused by a police 'Shoot to kill' policy, it was caused by terrorism.

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Solidarity Campaign Hosts Revolutionary Speakers from Africa

08-09-2007 20:16

Mfanelo Skwatsha
The African People's Solidarity Committee has launched a campaign to gain support and resources from the white community for the international African liberation movement. The campaign will culminate in mid-October with a series of events across the U.S. featuring speakers from Africa, multi-media presentations and cultural performances. (see