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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Leeds No Borders in Solidarity with Harmondsworth Detainees

08-12-2006 16:58

Friday 1st December. Following revelations concerning the atrocities perpetuated in the Harmondsworth Removal Centre, and subsequent riots, Leeds No Borders gathered outside of the Waterside Reporting Centre to express solidarity with asylum seekers and raise awareness of Watersides status as the shame of Leeds.

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TURKEY: Conscientious objector Halil Savda arrested

08-12-2006 12:18

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On 7 December, Turkish conscientious objector Halil Savda (TK14682) has been arrested while attending trial at the Corlu Military Court.

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Voices of Torture in London

08-12-2006 11:30

Last night at the regular rampART social centre cinema night a disapointingly small audience was treated to a series of film being presented under the theme 'alternative black history month'.

Along with the films was a illuminating discussion about deportation, torture and the awful human rights abuse in Eritrea. Coincidently we also learned of a demonstration called for today outside the Eritrean embassy to commemorate The International Human Rights Day.

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“OAXACA” from Above and Below

08-12-2006 10:11

The Other Campaign in the North of Mexico: Saying “Oaxaca” from Above and Below


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The Lebanese Velvet Revolution

07-12-2006 23:37

The Lebanese opposition, which organized this mass demonstration are Hezbollah (Party of God), AMAL Movement (Afwaj Al-Mouqawama Al-Lubnaniyya; Lebanese Resistance Detachment), and the Christian Free Patriotic Movement (FPM). They claimed the legitimate right for such protest based on the Lebanese constitution that grants the people the right to change their government.

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07-12-2006 21:35

Free to rebroadcast
A review of news, opinion and photography recorded from the Indymedia Newswire. Free to rebroadcast. The world and recorded for the community archive

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Police raids in Istanbul, Turkey

07-12-2006 15:13

Raids on various premises by police

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New powers for baliffs if Government inittative gets its way:

07-12-2006 14:40

Citizens Advice launches campaign to tackle unfair bailiff practices

see the paragraph about 'Draft Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill,'

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Cleaners Fast for Justice outside Royal Bank of Scotland. Call for Support

07-12-2006 13:33

Starting Monday 11th Dec, a group of cleaners from the TGWU Justice for Cleaners campaign will be spending several days without food, sitting outside the headquarters of one of UK's richest banks, demanding a fair deal.

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John Reid on AI concerns over 'failed' refugees and benefits.

07-12-2006 12:32

Home Sec John Reid replies to an Amnesty Intl camapign letter regarding the removal of benefits from so-called failed asylum seekers.

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Rome - The aboriginal people mapuche they contest Benetton

07-12-2006 10:51

ROMA, Piazza di Spagna - 6/12/2006

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All men are responsible for stopping male violence against women

07-12-2006 05:18

All men, both violent and non violent are responsible for stopping male violence against women because globally, men as a group hold more power than women.

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AUDIO spanish Brian Haw

07-12-2006 04:53

Interview in spanish/english to Brian Haw, pacifist living and acting in front of the British Parliament

Entrevista en español/inglés con este pacifista
que puede ser expulsado de Parliament Square el próximo lunes día 11 de diciembre

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Private cab drivers want same rights as bus and black cab drivers

06-12-2006 23:11

Private cabs are often used by people with disabilities and people who can't afford black cabs, yet drivers aren't allowed to stop in red routes and use bus lanes. This means that people with disabilities, etc, can't easily be taken to their front doors, etc, or the front doors of the places they're trying to get to. You can do all that if you can afford a black cab, though. Is this fair?

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Support the Zapatistas? Speak Spanish & English? PLEASE read on....

06-12-2006 16:54

>>>Please FWD this callout >>>



// If yes, PLEASE donate a little time to help the UK Chiapas
Solidarity network....

Please email us at edinchiapaS(at) - thanks!

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Asylum From Rape Bulletin October/November 2006

06-12-2006 16:31

Our Asylum from Rape Project provides self-help support services to rape survivors seeking asylum. We offer help and referrals, welcome volunteers and provide guidance to organisations on how to meet women’s needs.

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OutRage!: Iraq death squads target gays

06-12-2006 16:28

Gay rights group news release with evidence of Iraqi death squads attacks on lgbt people in Iraq.(see also the story in the current Pink Paper-front page...The article on p10 above the continuation of this story in PP has Home Office minister Ian McCartney pledging to tackle homophobia wordlwide. Yeah right, bet he won't do much about this.....

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Brad Will's murderers freed for lack of evidence- Reporter San Frontiers

06-12-2006 13:01

Two suspects in cameraman Brad Will's murder freed for lack of evidence.

Reporters Without Borders voiced outrage today on learning of the release of Abel Santiago Zárate, the official in charge of public security in Santa Lucia del Camino (in Oaxaca state), and his bodyguard, Orlando Manuel Aguilar Coello, who had been arrested on suspicion of firing the shots that killed Indymedia cameraman Brad Will during a protest against Oaxaca's governor on 27 October.

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No Justice - video of deaths in custody march

06-12-2006 10:28

Every year for the last nine years, on the last saturday of October, there has been a gathering in London of the friends and family of those who have been killed while in the custody of the state and it's employees....