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Support the Zapatistas? Speak Spanish & English? PLEASE read on....

EdinChiapas | 06.12.2006 16:54 | Oaxaca Uprising | Social Struggles | Zapatista | World

>>>Please FWD this callout >>>



// If yes, PLEASE donate a little time to help the UK Chiapas
Solidarity network....

Please email us at edinchiapaS(at) - thanks!

Since January 1st 1994, when the Zapatistas said "Ya Basta!" and
rose up in arms, declaring war on neo-liberalism, they have been a
constant inspiration to anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians and
other rebels around the world. From shattering the myth of 'the end
of history' and the triumph of global capitalism, to their ongoing
experiments in horizontal self-governance and autonomy to the Other
Campaign, the Zapatistas inspire us to live, love and fight with
dignity for democracy, liberty, justice and autonomy.

The UK Chiapas Solidarity network, aims to support the struggles of
these indigenous rebels in Chiapas, Mexico, as their inspiration
supports us in our struggles. One part of this is to continue to
spread information about their struggles, to spread their words of
resistance and to spread accounts of the repression they face from
power. Of course, most of the original information is written in
Spanish, and heres where we need your help...

The network desperately needs more people able and willing to
translate texts from Spanish to English. If you can get fully
involved with the network thats would be fantastic, but if you can
only give a little time to translate quick and emergency messages
this would be an enormous help!

So, please, if you speak Spanish and English to a comprehensible
level and support the struggles of the Zapatistas, please get in
touch and donate a little of your time.

Please email us at edinchiapas(at)

Love and rage,
Chiapas Solidarity UK network.

- e-mail: edinchiapas(AT)