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International Reclaim the Fields camp joins Rosia Montana against the new Romani

26-09-2011 18:39

On the 24 September at 15:00 o'clock, the international participants of the Reclaim the Fields camp, together with the local association Alburnus Maior, from Rosia Montana, Romania, held a lively street demonstration in the village's Old Square. Local and international people are opposing plans to open Europe's largest open cast gold mine and a proposed new law on expropriation currently being discussed in the Romanian parliament. The law would enable private mining companies, instead of the Romanian state and judicial system, to carry out forced expropriation of residents, in a clear violation of human rights.

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Swindon Anarchists launched

26-09-2011 16:57

A new group for anarchists in Swindon and Wilts has been launched - come and join the fun!

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David Willetts says deaths of disabled people "are not a policy", gets pied.

25-09-2011 15:03

the attempted pieing
David Willetts was pied after attending a private function in Oxford last

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National treasures 'under the hammer' as campaigners auction off public services

23-09-2011 15:21

Protest against the government's plans to sell off ALL our public services. Meet outside Westminster tube station (opposite Big Ben) in London at 1pm this Saturday 24 September. (Ring Cat Hobbs for more information or to join the protest 07817 885 131.)

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Brighton 9: Verdict this Friday

23-09-2011 09:49

On Friday afternoon, after a 9 day trial, the verdict for the 9 activists accused of criminal damage as a result of the Brighton Uncut action at Top Shop on the 4th December last year, will be announced. That day 8 activists super-glued themselves inside the windows of the shop (where they remained for around 4 hours) while a demonstration took place outside. In total 21 people (out of a total of around 50 people who took part) were arrested that day, with many people kettled and arrested outside the shop.

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Occupy Wall Street continues in New York, protesters arrested

23-09-2011 01:48

Since Saturday, activists in the United States have camped out on Wall Street to speak out against the richest 1% of the country looting from the poor. Sending a message to those who profit from insatiable corporate greed, people are maintaining a presence on Wall Street sending a loud message.

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Anarchism, Autonomy, violence and the state

22-09-2011 08:29

“Anarchists are opposed to violence; everyone knows that. The main plank of anarchism is the removal of violence from human relations. It is life based on freedom of the individual, without the intervention of the gendarme. For this reason we are the enemies of capitalism which depends on the protection of the gendarme to oblige workers to allow themselves to be exploited–or even to remain idle and go hungry when it is not in the interest of the bosses to exploit them. We are therefore enemies of the State which is the coercive violent organization of society,” says the Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta. Similarly the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek stresses that violence should not always be condemned, but often it is unnecessary.

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Of Freedom and Molotovs

22-09-2011 08:26

Of Freedom and Molotovs

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Kukutza eviction in Errekalde, Basque Country.

21-09-2011 22:47

pigs in the roof
Kukutza social centre got violently evicted today after 13 years of okupation. The developers company owning the abandoned building have decided now that they are going to knock it and turn it into flats, against the will of all the Errekalde community.

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Report by the Brigade of Observation and Solidarity with the Zapatista Communiti

21-09-2011 18:40

General Presentation by the Brigade of Observation and Solidarity with Zapatista Communities: great increase in acts of aggression, especially against autonomus schools

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Remember remember the 5th of November-huge protest outside parliament

21-09-2011 17:05

Lets's make this big! Mask up V for Vendetta style and inspire the world that enough is enough!

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Unite Official Slams "Cancerous" Electricians' Resistance

21-09-2011 16:57

Bernard McAulay thinks rank-and-filers who challenge him are "cancerous"
This morning, electricians briefly occupied a construction site in Farringdon, London, as part of their rank-and-file organised campaign against wage cuts of up to 35%. However, a leaked email has shown the contempt which Unite union tops hold for the aspirations of their own membership.

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Friday 23rd: Solidarity with Dale Farm, High Court, the Strand, 11.30am

21-09-2011 10:02

aerial photo of Dale Farm traveller site in Crays Hill, Essex
Callout for solidarity by supporters of Dale Farm outside the High Court on the Strand at 11.30am on Friday for traveller families at Dale Farm facing eviction. Court judgement likely mid-afternoon.

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Ahava’s last day

21-09-2011 09:35

This time the shop really IS closed!
Recent photographs showing an almost empty shop and boxes waiting for the removal van strongly suggests that the illegal settlement company Ahava will soon be leaving Monmouth Street for good.

This is the end result of the London campaign to expose Ahava, which has been found to be complicit in Israeli violations of international law.

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re: Dispatches - The Fight For Dale Farm

21-09-2011 08:47

I've lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard the words “there's one law for you fucking gypo's and another law for the rest of us”. Indeed, when you are raised a Gypsy you often come face to face with many disgruntled locals who are not exactly happy that you have just set up home on their most precious playing field. I find it somewhat ironic that these are often the same people who produced a brood of overweight, xbox addicted children who have never used (and will never miss) a playing field in their lives, but I digress. The unauthorised use of these playing fields, village greens, car parks etc. by Gypsies and Travellers fuels a hostile response from locals who feel Gypsies and Travellers are given 'special treatment' by the government and indeed this was voiced several times by angry resident's throughout last night's Dispatches.

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End war on freedom of media in Bangladesh

21-09-2011 08:09

Basil Fernando: Director for Policy and Programme Development of Asian Human Rights Commission commenting on the present situations of Bangladeshi media freedom said “For a democratic government it is essential to facilitate a free platform of discussion and one of the important instruments of that platform is a free media, which is free from censorship. A free media signifies the right of free speech and promoting respect for differences of opinions in public discussion. Without a free media a democracy is blind, deaf and dumb which are lead towards violence not justice and peace. The Bangladesh government has totally lost the characteristic of democratic government.

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Welsh Miners: Four More Victims of the Profit System

20-09-2011 15:48

Gleision colliery in 2008 - notice wooden tunnel props
Responding to the four deaths at Gleision drift mine at Cilybebyll, South Wales last week, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have launched a joint investigation with the police. Their report is expected to be months away, however it is already clear that the deaths - like so many in the UK and around the world - can be attributed to the supremacy of the profit motive over the needs of working class people.

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Fight The Power - London + Manchester Demos!!!

20-09-2011 12:18

2nd Oct, 12 noon, Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4JR

Defend Education, Fight Privatisation - NATIONAL DEMO

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Occupation of Wall Street

20-09-2011 08:35

The dawn of a new American uprising, or a formulaic reaction bound to fizzle out?