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Direct Action News from Germany

13-08-2008 14:11

Class War

'Direct action news' is an attempt to cover, publicise and translate any reported direct action from Germany apart from the mass-media mediation game. It aims to provide an open database and resource system about any confrontative, direct action against State and Capital, as against its various agents.

The blog has been online since December 2007 and follows in the footsteps of Direct Action News from Greece, which was launched in August 2007, see

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High tension electrical tower bombed in Chile, claimed by anarchist group

13-08-2008 02:15

An anarchist group, in an e-mail sent to various media outlets, took responsibility for a bomb attack on a high tension electrical tower on the road at Farellones, where one of the major ski centers of the Metropolitan Region is located.

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No more deaths in custody! - Prisoners Justice Day! London

13-08-2008 00:23

Campaigners gathered outside Holloway Prison, London on Sunday 10 August to remember all the women who have died there, to protest against all deaths in prison and to remember the massive contribution to the struggle against prison brutality made by Pauline Campbell, who died earlier this year.

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Evo Morales wins Referendum : Bolivian Seperatists set back.

12-08-2008 21:43

who is the man on the left with the inked voter thumb?
On the 10th of August 2008 Bolivians were invited to the polls to take part in a vote of confidence in the administration of both president Evo Morales and his vice-president Álvaro García Linera.

The result confirmed that the majority of voters support the project of both Morales and Garcia Linera whislt also confirming the polarisation of anti-Evo sentiments in the east of the Bolivian state.

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Urgent Call Out: Mayo Needs You! Now Is The Time

12-08-2008 18:54

During the next 2 weeks, the Solitaire (the biggest pipe laying ship in the world) is set to begin illegally constructing the offshore section of the pipeline. It is believed that the Solitaire is on a pretty tight schedule & booked up for the next 2 years, so ANY disruption provides us with a real opportunity to delay the project significantly.

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Clashes at Lefkimmi's police station, Corfu, Greece

12-08-2008 16:57

From mass media reports and the blog

"Riots started when more than 150 persons gathered at the work site of the XYTA ("hygienic" disposal center). As the residents claim, they went there to dig water channels at their fields, that are tresspassed by the XYTA works, and the riot police repelled them with batons, bang-light grenades and tear gas. Residents state the policemen were beating and insulting women and children as well. The police claims they were attacked with molotovs, stones and metal screws."

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Four Questions on Violences against Women.

12-08-2008 15:07

This simple questionaire is based in two earlier reports and links to
the Ban Ki-Moon campaign on gender and violence:

And of course to the issue of marginalisation of women's political voice by National Governments.

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Rossport Recruitment Night Tuesday August 19th

12-08-2008 12:12

Tuesday, August 19th 7:30 pm
Pogo Café, 76 Clarence Rd, Hackney E5 8HB

Rossport Recruitment Night – Shell to Sea Needs You!

Information, Cake, Films & Fundraiser

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Anarchy Alive - Uri Gordon speaking in Liverpool Fri 15th Aug

12-08-2008 11:54

Book cover - Anarchy Alive by Uri Gordon - ISBN 9780745326832
News From Nowhere Radical & Community Bookshop presents anarchist author Uri Gordon speaking about his book "Anarchy Alive! Anti-Authoritarian Politics From Practice to Theory", at 7pm, this Friday 15th August, at Liverpool Social Centre, basement 96 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HY (Entrance next door to bookshop - ring basement bell). All welcome.

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Hugo Chavez Spearheads the South American Revolution

12-08-2008 11:49

How Venezuela is leading the revolutionary integration of South America

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A Small Dirty Victory for Barrick Gold in Famatina, La Rioja, Argentina

12-08-2008 08:22

Pro-mining lawmakers have reversed a citizen-led prohibition of open-pit gold mining enacted in 2007. Citizens vow to continue their struggle to resist transnational open-pit mining operations in the Famatina range of La Rioja, Argentina

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Bristol Anarchist Bookfair - news update

11-08-2008 16:01

Fly the flag with pride!
5 weeks to go and its looking good!

With over a month to go until Bristol’s Anarchist Bookfair, we are already fully booked up with stalls & workshops.

As the current crisis of capital deepens and yet another war (Georgia/Russia) breaks out over land and energy resources, we need more than ever a serious alternative to the chaos of the present world order and the suffering it inflicts upon us. And we need to take the time to properly sit down & chat about it – as equals.

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proof that kingsnorth was infact shut down by protesters!

11-08-2008 15:46

the water cooling inlet system of kingsnorth power station was shut down because of four protesters who conducted a peacefull sitdown protest above it.

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Wed 13th: Discussion on 'The Britain-Colombia Connection

11-08-2008 11:11

Wednesday 13 August 7pm: discussion on 'The Britain-Colombia Connection', at Housmans Bookshop 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1

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No more deaths in custody! Pauline Campbell remembered

11-08-2008 10:40

Campaigners gathered outside Styal prison in Wilmslow, Cheshire on Sunday 10 August to remember all the women who have died there, to protest against all deaths in prison and to remember the massive contribution to the struggle against prison brutality made by Pauline Campbell, who died earlier this year.

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Hands off the MST Brazil! - S African social movements say!!

10-08-2008 15:50

To the poor of the world, to all people of good will who work for progressive change

We, the landless and homeless people and associated activists of South Africa, decry the secret campaign by the so-called Workers' Party (PT) government of the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul to criminalise, outlaw and otherwise illegitimately harass our landless comrades of the MST.

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Diop Olugbala Speaks Out About Obama Protest

09-08-2008 17:42

Obama rally in St. Petersburg, FL, Aug. 1
Uhuru Movement leader speaks out on, "Why We Challenged Barack Obama."

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Police Assault Teenage Activists at the Climate Camp Children's Revolution

09-08-2008 16:05

The Children's Revolution joined together with the Orange march to Kingsnorth power station on the day of mass action and combined with the children of local residents to help form a huge blockade which attracted the attention of all the international news media.

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US Billionaire Dan Duncan Violates Russian Law by Aerial Hunting

09-08-2008 12:34

US billionaire Dan Duncan who operates canned hunts (in which animals
are confined behind enclosures while trophy seeking hunters shoot at them
like fish in a barrel or 'sitting ducks') has violated Russian law in aerial hunting there.

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Solidarity Action with European Hunger Strike August 1-7, Kanada.

09-08-2008 11:57

"Sheriff Van and Police Cruiser Firebombed, August 6th, 2008, Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver), Kanada.