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Urgent Call Out: Mayo Needs You! Now Is The Time

we can win but we need you | 12.08.2008 18:54 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ocean Defence | Social Struggles | London

During the next 2 weeks, the Solitaire (the biggest pipe laying ship in the world) is set to begin illegally constructing the offshore section of the pipeline. It is believed that the Solitaire is on a pretty tight schedule & booked up for the next 2 years, so ANY disruption provides us with a real opportunity to delay the project significantly.

After the success of Climate Camp, come over to Ireland and support a community determined to resist Shell...but they need your help!
Although local resistance has been ongoing, the police and a hired security force have meant it is incredibly difficult. A few weeks ago 13 people were arrested in Glengad (1 man remains in hospital). However the police are now just escorting people from the site and not arresting people.

Therefore there is a real need for clever actions to help delay current construction at the landfall area in Glengad and the planned offshore pipe laying. The local people are calling for your assistance at this time.

It is expected that once the off-shore pipe laying is done, there will be another quiet period for several months before construction is due on the onshore section possibly next spring or summer, so NOW IS THE TIME TO COME!

If you cannot come over please do what you can from home ...organise Rossport film nights, protest at Shell garages & offices, contact the Irish Embassy & media.

Travel details on camp website
The cheapest and easiest way to travel from England-Ireland is to get a coach or train ticket that includes ferry too. - 08705 455 455
Accomodation is avaliable at the camp house

we can win but we need you
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