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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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First, the "extremists", then the "radicals", then the world

10-07-2008 18:27

The ACPO recently released a strategy with which to tackle "extremism". This was circulated among local authorities and strategic partnerships in order to co-opt their help in delivering it. The strategy seeks to identify, isolate, muffle and divert any protest and concern that is not channelled through the "official" and "normative" streams, and to establish these "extremists" as enemies of democracy. First, they came for the "extremists" ...

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Lambeth residents and workers confront council over privatisation

10-07-2008 14:08

Save Our Services Campaigners Outside Lambeth Town Hall
A group of local trade unions and community groups fighting against plans to privatise local services yesterday confronted the Labour-run Council behind them. Under the banner of "Save Our Services in Lambeth", the group, including local teachers, lecturers, local government workers, tenants and leaseholders packed the public gallery at Lambeth Town Hall and quizzed the Cabinet Members responsible for widespread cuts and privatisation.

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Class struggle, not the market, to save the planet

10-07-2008 13:31

A political economist and activist who directs the Centre for Civil Society at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa, Patrick Bond was a featured guest speaker at the Green Left Weekly Social Change — Climate Change conference ( ) held in Sydney in April.

Author of a range of books, including Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Civil Society, Looting Africa: The Economics of Exploitation, and Walk left, Talk Right: South Africa’s Frustrated Global Reforms, Bond is a long-time advocate for radical solutions to the climate and social catastrophe wraught by global capitalism.

Lauren Carroll Harris spoke to Bond at the conference about responses to climate change.

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Wembley Tent City Occupation: Press Release, 30/06/2008

10-07-2008 13:13

The Latest Press Release from the Wembley Tent City Occupation: Smash School Privatisation, dated 30 June 2008.

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Greenwash Guerrillas vs. E.ON

10-07-2008 10:21

Greenwash Guerrillas
All systems are go for the E.ON demo next Wednesday, where the Greenwash Guerrillas will greet delegates as they arrive at the E.ON sponsored Climate Change Summit being organised by the Guardian. Join us!

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Independent : Judge who sentenced animal rights activist was fan of blood sports

10-07-2008 10:02

It would seem that the real story of Sean Kirtley's plight has been picked up by the national press (Independent) we hope this will raise the profile of Sean's case and have already been told by Bindmans (Seans legal team) that this should help his appeal no end!

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French sans-papiers occupation : two months !

10-07-2008 08:56

Occupied Center of the Unions
French undocumented immigrants, workers but isolated, begun the occupation of the Center of the Unions in Paris two months ago !

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G8 solidarity action for Food Sovereignty - Portugal

10-07-2008 00:52

Last Friday, July 4th, a group of activists occupied the building where the Japanese Embassy was located on a 6th floor, in Lisbon - Portugal. Holding a 6 metres where it read “G8 at the table, One Planet starving”, with the objective of exposing the real consequences of the anti-democratic neo-liberal policies of the G8, and their fake recipes for the current world crisis: food, climactic and social..

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Wembley Anti-Academy Tent City Facing Eviction: Party And Resist!!!

10-07-2008 00:25

Wembley Tent City Occupation
On Tuesday 15 July 2008 Brent Council representatives will attend Willesden County Court at 10.30am to seek a court order for the immediate eviction of the Wembley Sports Ground Tent City Occupation. Party Friday night. Meet the locals and get involved.

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The Climate Putney Debates St Marys Church July 29th 2008 7pm

09-07-2008 19:22

The Camp for Climate Action presents:

+++ ‘Turning the world upside down’: The Putney Climate Debate +++

Monday 28th July 2008
Arrive 6.30pm speakers from 7pm.

St Mary’s Church, Putney, London
Putney High Street, SW15 1SN
Info and Directions:

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Challenge to the G8 Governments

09-07-2008 17:45

Below is the statement of more than 100 international, regional, national, and local organizations and individuals, challenging the G8 governments to acknowledge their responsibility for the food and climate crises and the continuing problem of debt, and take decisive action to:

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Don’t Send Me Back To Iraqi Kurdistan

09-07-2008 05:13

Sarwar Gare
I am Sarwar Gareb, from Iraq who was a member of the Worker communist party of Iraq (WCPI) and who worked as a journalist in the media. Through my professional and political career I have supported women’s, children’s and the general worker’s rights.

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Sister Helen Prejean and Dennis Fritz Meet in Chicago

09-07-2008 00:12

Dennis Fritz and Sister Helen Prejean
Noted authors’ Dennis Fritz and Sister Helen Prejean, teamed up together in Chicago, Illinois, to speak at the Saint Vincent Catholic Church at DePaul University—against the arbitrary use of the death penalty.

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Thurs 10th, London: Is This the End for FARC? (Media Talk)

08-07-2008 19:50

Will the release of Ingrid Bettancourt - arguably the world's most famous hostage, and FARC's main bargaining chip - along with 14 other hostages - mean the end of FARC and the beginning of serious peace negotiations with the Colombian government?
Location: 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ
Thu 10th July, 7.30pm Price: £10.00
This event will be webcast live - you can view it for free via the link on our homepage -

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John Holloway and Alex Callinicos debate strategies for changing the world

08-07-2008 17:26

John Holloway and Alex Callinicos debate strategies for changing the world at the marxism 2008 event.

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Yuppie flats for sale

08-07-2008 14:17

yuppie flats for sale
Centrus at The Meads, 115 overpriced non-existent yuppie flats for sale, part of the St Modwen disastrous redevelopment of Farnborough town centre. A town in which there is an acute shortage of 2- 3-bedroom houses with gardens.

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Scientology's KGB: Inside the Office of Special Affairs

08-07-2008 14:13

"These were enemies of the church. You shut them down. You find out what you can about them. You find their weak spot and you expose it. You make it so that they cannot survive or exist. You literally destroy them."
Frank Oliver, former OSA Agent. From ABC 20/20 - Scientology. Transcript

"In my opinion the church has one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S. rivaling even that of the FBI."
Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI's Los Angeles office. Quoted in Time Magazine, 6 May 1991.

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Happy Birthday Binyam! actions

08-07-2008 12:31

The last Londoner in Guantánamo Bay turns 30 on 24/7 - after six years of illegal detention, he is suicidal and on hunger strike and facing the prospect of an unfair trial and the death penalty. In the run up to his 30th birthday, take action to get the British government to stop his trial and have him returned to this country.

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Scandal of Diego Garcia rendition flights strains US-UK relations

08-07-2008 12:03

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files”, reports on the latest developments relating to the British Overseas Territory of Diego Garcia: the exiled islanders’ latest salvo in their 40-year pursuit of justice, and the British government’s failure to tackle its US allies over the use of Diego Garcia for “extraordinary rendition” flights.

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Colombia: Pax Romana

08-07-2008 11:51

I have honestly and strongly criticized the objectively cruel methods of kidnapping and retaining prisoners under the conditions of the jungle. But I am not suggesting that anyone laid down their arms, when everyone who did so in the last 50 years did not survive to see peace…