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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Even US laws would find MDC-T subversive

28-05-2008 02:50

The political behaviour of MDC-T in calling for and supporting illegal economic and trade sanctions against Zimbabwe in an attempt to cripple its infrastructure and invite foreign military forces and corporations; just for a change of government, are acts of treason without question according to US law.

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Ministry battles paganism in Ecuador

28-05-2008 02:43

As this article shows, some christian groups are seeking to undermine the social revolutions in latin america.

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Citex Squat Amsterdam Illegally Evicted

27-05-2008 12:32

The Citex squat in Amsterdam has recently been illegally evicted.

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Everybody's looking for something: Life in Scientology's Sea Org

27-05-2008 12:23

Billion year contracts, physical labour, false imprisonment, and a mission to Clear the Planet. Welcome to the Sea Org.

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UNISON Public Meeting, 11th June: Save our services in Lambeth!

27-05-2008 11:15

Speakers include:
Mark Serwotka – General Secretary, PCS
Alan Walter – Secretary, Defend Council Housing
Heenal Rajani – Lambeth UNISON
Barbara Glosby – Lambeth Pensioners Association

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Southfields Get Total Oil Out of Burma Protest

26-05-2008 19:39

Southfields Total Sation
Six protesters demonstrated at the Southfields Total Station, 262 Wimbledon Park Road on 21st May 2008. They were protesting against the French oil and gas giant's 500 million dollar a year funding for the brutal military regime in Burma. The money just goes to the evil junta not the poor people of Burma. The regime has allocated just 5 million dollars to cyclone relief, whilst it earned 2 billion dollars in gas exports in 2007.

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Calling all Activists, Artists and Astronauts for Day of Action against G8

26-05-2008 17:09

Do you Screenprint? Make Music? Street Art? Perform? Do you like to bake Cookies?
The 5th July 2008 will be your chance to take to the streets and be part of a creative intervention in Croydon. Come together with lots of other artists, activists and alternative astronauts, to create a disturbance in the normal structure of time and space and show your support for the protests against the G8 in Japan.

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Barnone:Films about prison

26-05-2008 15:18

BarNone: Films about Prisons

Sunday 15th June at the Star and Shadow Cinema

A day full of films and workshops from the UK and around the world that will tap into the visible and invisible voices behind bars.

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America facilitating for the UK Census?

26-05-2008 14:45

UK-USA 2011 UK CENSUS CONCERNS: The House of Commons Treasury Committee has expressed strong concerns that if the 2011 UK census is run by a US company that the data could be accessed by USA security and law enforcement agencies:

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Antifascism hits home in South Yorkshire

26-05-2008 11:50

On Thursday 22nd May South Yorkshire anti's vandalised the property of a leading BNP (British National Party) candidate and his supporting officers.

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Letter to Amnesty International

26-05-2008 07:45

Dear Amnesty International,

Thankyou in advance for taking the time to read this letter. It is an important subject to hundreds of thousands in Australia and millions around the world.

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Activists succesfully block Cargill soyfactory in Belgium: exciting videoreport!

26-05-2008 07:20

On April 17th 2008, activist from seven different european countries blocked the soy factory of Cargill in Ghent (Belgium) for a whole day long. Not one single truck of soy was able to enter or leave the factory.

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Five suppliers for the National Identity Scheme apointed

25-05-2008 15:44

repost from
The five suppliers chosen to work with the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) and to deliver the National Identity Scheme (NIS) were named today.
CSC, EDS, Fujitsu, IBM, and Thales have been invited to sign framework contracts and form a Strategic Supplier Group for the scheme.

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Ban Ki Moon and world leaders to take proactive action on Burma

25-05-2008 15:41

Burma Democratic Concern today called for Ban Ki Moon and world leaders to take proactive action decisively by setting out clear deadlines and benchmarks to solve Burma crisis.

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Colombia claims founder of FARC is dead. - disinfo alert.

24-05-2008 18:23

Pedro Antonio Marín a.k.a. Manuel Marulanda Vélez codename "Tirofijo" (English: Sureshot) (born 12 May 1930 Genova, Colombia - is reported by Colombia to have died of a heart attack on the 22nd of March 2008)

The release of this news this afternoon is calculated to distract from the court order issued in the last 14 hours on Senator Piedad Córdoba the champion indiginous and womens' rights in Colombia and most outspoken critic of the Uribe regime. Already facing charges of treason for describing Colombia as a "Narcostate" and Uribe as being the centre of a Mafia and Terrorist regime, Piedad Cordoba's case ought take full consideration today.

Tirofijo the founder of FARC was believed to be the oldest "guerilla" alive. His death in March would have followed three weeks after the March 1st assassination of Raul Reyes who proposed a peace process in 2005, a process which Senator Cordoba was international recognised as working for in a role of interlocutor, opposed to paramilitarism and to the purpose of conflict resolution. Indeed Raul Reyes was married to one of Tirofijo's daughters Olga Marín.

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The Many Faces of Paul Dodds: Pride & Promiscuity

24-05-2008 13:22

This is the third episode in a series about a dangerous con artist, namely Paul Harvey Dick, of Portland, Oregon, USA. Dick, in addition to being an accomplished lady/man killer and confidence trickster, has stolen the identity of Paul G. Dodds, Esquire.

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Zimbabwe's political opposition deploys its own WMD claim

24-05-2008 02:30

ZIMBABWE'S political opposition and its Western-sponsored civil society allies are concocting stories of an impending genocide to call for Western intervention to oust the economic nationalist Zanu-PF government of Robert Mugabe.

Yet they themselves have used threats of violence to destabilize the country to pursue an agenda shaped by and conducive to the interests of Western corporations and investors and the white settler community.

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"The Ballot or the Bullet Revisited" - LIVE coverage of African Liberation Day

23-05-2008 19:43

Tune in to for the LIVE broadcast of African Liberation Day, Sunday, 9-5 U.S. Eastern Time. Hear from representatives of today's most dynamic organizations working for African rights worldwide. They will answer the question, "Is Barack Obama Black Power?"

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May 31st | Workshop Skills | Project 2012

23-05-2008 18:55

Workshop, Direct Action Video Session
Saturday 31st May 2-5pm
Conservatory Café, Methodist Central Hall, Near Parliament Square, Westminster

Please do personally forward to others who you think might be interested in rights, resistance and self-determination discourse and strategy..

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Direct Action Greece: 17th - 22nd May

23-05-2008 17:45

University rectors elections sabotaged (ATHENS-PIRAEUS)
Appelate Court's expansion works sabotaged with fire (ATHENS)
Attack against the municipal police of Ilioupoli (ATHENS)
Bank firebombed (LOANNINA)
University rectors elections sabotaged (ATHENS-PIRAEUS)
Surveillance cameras destroyed during squaters solidarity march (ATHENS)
Fencing bars around the polytechnic school dismantled (ATHENS)
Arsonists hit a bank (THESSALONIKI)