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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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National No Sweat Week of Action

10-01-2006 01:10

No Sweat, the campaign against sweatshop labour, is holding a week of action from 11th to the 18th February.

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Tony's cafe in Broadway market EVICTION !!

09-01-2006 15:56

We received a good quality tip off today that the EVICTION of this fantastic community campaign against council corruption and gentrification is going to take place tommorow morning - ie: Tuesday 6am

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Foreign Office on Guantanamo detainees & torture etc.

09-01-2006 12:59

Foreign Office finally replies to letter campaigns on Guantanamo,Torture etc.

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Palestine events in Oxford (Jan06)

08-01-2006 15:17

Below is a list of upcoming events in Oxford (and Reading) during January 2006, re Palestine.

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Anti Lydd Airport expansion-Update

08-01-2006 13:10

Newsletter from one of the groups opposing the expansion of Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh, Kent, (LAAG) see first post below and some info from the Keep The marsh Special Alliance.(2nd item)

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Interview: The New Year tube strikes

08-01-2006 11:11

With the second tube strike in as many weeks scheduled for 6.30pm today, news conducted this interview with a long standing London Underground worker and RMT member on the eve of the strike.

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'Energy Dissent' and the 2006 G8 Summit in Russia

07-01-2006 23:43

Reclaim the debate! Resist the G8! In July 2006, the G8 will hold its annual Summit in St.Petersburg, Russia. Vladimir Putin says he's placing "energy security" at the top of the G8 agenda during Russia's presidency. The G8 countries consume 45% of world oil and produce 47% of global CO2 emissions. Their "energy security" is our energy grave!

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Demo Against the Deportation of Mohammed Arrian

07-01-2006 17:23

There was an assembly today outside Sheffield Town Hall to express support for Mohammed Arrian who is facing deportation back to Afghanistan on the 17th Jnauary

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Demonstration for passports in Calais

07-01-2006 14:43

Here are two translated texts relating to the demo that took place in Calais on Wednesday 4th January which could be an important first step in recognising the misery that the borders erected in our name inflict on the victims of global politics

The first is the call before and the second a report in the national newspaper 'Liberation' the following day

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Shell / Co Mayo International Solidarity Actions Planning Meeting

06-01-2006 16:12

There will be an initial planning meeting at Larc on thursday 12th Jan @ 7pm

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GenderRecognitionAct 2004 - Holes & Poles and all things to all men

06-01-2006 12:59

Commentary on the Gender Recognition Act …and why it fails us.

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Palestinian Lunch against Trade with Israel

06-01-2006 11:39

On Monday 23rd January there will be a Palestinian Lunch to support the Uxbridge Seven outside Uxbridge Magistrates Court, Middlesex from 1-2. The trial lasts from 23rd January - 2nd February.

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Hunger Strike Launched by the WTO Political Prisoners

06-01-2006 08:35

12 of the 14 WTO Political Prisoners have decided to launch an indefinite hunger strike starting January 5 to not only highlight the injustice of their case, but more importantly highlight the reason for them coming to Hong Kong---to protest against the WTO. Their fight was not with the people of Hong Kong, but with the undemocratic institution of the WTO and the free trade policies implemented by the WTO without any real consultation with workers and farmers.

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Judgement transcript of Peace Activists Deportation Appeal

06-01-2006 00:08

Read a translation from Hebrew of the transcript of the appeal proceedings brought by the Peace Activists denied entry to the non Violence Conference in Bethlehem Dec 2005.

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Support Hackney Cafe SquatAction against developer : & article by Hari Kunzruin

05-01-2006 16:37

Over here in Hackney, a former mayor has demanded that the
council take down her portrait at the town hall in disgust as the revelation of Hackney council's role in selling off public properties at knock-down prices a few years ago to get-rich quick developers has been re-exposed as a direct result of the occupation of the cafe at 34 Broadway market. Meanwhile, a priest at St Paul's Cathedral makes reference to the squatters in his NewYears' day sermon!

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school gardens - academic Success, feed the poor, reducing cost

05-01-2006 14:36

utilizing organic school gardens for improving Academic Performance and social development

Many Links to sustainable technology, Recycling, organic gardening-farming, renewable energy, Permaculture and disaster relief web sites.

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protest to free iranian union leader, london, saturday 7 january

05-01-2006 14:12

Activists will protest outside the BBC's Persian Section from 12-2pm this Saturday, 7 January, to press for the release of Tehran bus drivers' union leader Mansoor Ossanlou, who is being held without charge by the Iranian regime.

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Birmingham Food Not Bombs has its last street event of 2005

04-01-2006 23:01

On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve Birmingham Food Not Bombs (Brum FnB) took delicious hot food, politically inspired music and leaflets into the City Centre creating a positive public space.

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Occupiers ready to resist Broadway Market Eviction.

04-01-2006 16:42

Over 30 people watched the sun rise from the roof of Tony's cafe, occupied for weeks by the local community resisting gentrification, ready to resist the Bailiffs once again ( this is the 5th attempt at eviction !).

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OutRage!- on Sir Iqbal Sicranie's outburst over gay rights etc.

04-01-2006 16:28

OutRage! responds to the comments by Sir Iqbal Sicranie on Radio 4 jan 3rd.