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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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2nd Northern March Against Racism, Newcastle (25th Oct 08)

25-10-2008 23:19

The march sets off from the West End
The 2nd Northern March Against Racism took the message of anti-racism, working class solidarity and internationalism to the streets of Newcastle.

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United Families and Friend March in London (23 Oct 2008)

25-10-2008 21:32

Justice for Sean Rigg
Several hundred people, including many family members and friends of those who have died in suspicious circumstances in police custody, prison and 'secure' mental health facilities, marched at an appropriately funereal pace through the centre of London this afternoon (25 Oct 2008.) Pictures (C) 2008, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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African Socialist International Builds in West Africa; Wins Int'l Support

25-10-2008 18:17

The first West Africa Regional Conference of the African Socialist International (ASI), held in Freetown-Sierra Leone from October 20-22, 2008 was attended by over 500 people each day, with roughly 80% of its participants less than 30 years old. It was also attended by international observers, including the Ambassador from Iran, who delivered a solidarity statement from that country.

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Iran's Civil Society & Prospects of Peace

25-10-2008 10:44

Iranians for Peace is proud to announce its exciting event on Monday 27 October. It is a chance to hear one of the most important figures from the Iranian Civil Society, Baquer Namazi, the chairman of the Board of Directors of "Hamyaran" the Iranian NGO resource center, speak. He will show a short film on their latest projects followed by a presentation. We will then have a distinguished panel focusing on the standoff between Iran and the west and the effects of the forthcoming US election on Iran. Our panelist are: Akbar Etemad, the honorary co-chair of "Iranians for Peace" and the founder of "Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, and Farhang Jahanpour, a tutor at the Department of Continuing Education at the University of Oxford and a former Senior Fulbright Research Scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard.

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Deaths in Custody: A Call for Solidarity for tomorrow 25.10.

24-10-2008 14:09

Every last Saturday in October, the friends and families of the victims gather for a protest march to Downing St 10. In addition, there's a press conference announced beforehand. Deaths in custody are still rampant, both by police and in prisons, and the new Counter Terrorism Bill won't change that for the better. As the ongoing Menezes inquiry shows, the persons responsible for the killings still go off scot free.

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St Modwen financial meltdown

24-10-2008 13:44

St Modwen meltdown
The financial position of St Modwen, The Developer from Hell, has worsened.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 24th October 2008

24-10-2008 11:54

Anselme Noumbiwa / French passengers protest stops removal
Anselme was removed from the UK on a BA flight on Thursday morning from London Heathrow; Anselme's appeal to the passengers to stop his removal on the BA flight fell on deaf ears and the flight proceeded on the first leg to Paris.

However when Anselme was put on to an Air France flight at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and again appealed to passengers the response was overwhelming. Passengers stood up and demanded Anselme be removed from the plane, the French airport police were brought onto the plane to try and persuade the passengers to sit down and let the flight proceed, they refused, so Anselme was taken off the plane and returned to the UK. He is now in Colnbrook Short Term Holding and can be contacted on 020 8607 5200 Ex 678 or 079 1938 8365. Anselme alleges escorts again roughed him up.

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Colombians demonstrate for social justice, London 23 0ct, 2008

24-10-2008 11:40

INSURREXION POPULAR - Botota anarcho-punks
Around thirty people turned up at short notice to a demonstsratin called by the PDA on the day of the General Strike in Colombia opposite the Colombian Embassy in London at 4.30pm on Thursday in support of the Colombian indigenous people, the sugar cane cutters on strike and the Colombian social justice movement. Pictures (C) 2008, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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What would GM crops mean for Britain? Percy Schmeiser UK tour.

24-10-2008 08:34

Percy Schmeiser, farmer's victory over Monsanto.
International GM campaigner, Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian arable farmer, will talk about his experiences and the implications for UK farmers after his major fight in the courts with food and biotech giant Monsanto.

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Well-known investigator exposes alliance between McCain and terrorists

23-10-2008 21:01

ANN Louise Bardach, the U.S. reporter famous for her interviews with Luis Posada Carriles and her investigations into Cuban-American terrorism, has written an extensive article for the website on the close ties between Republican presidential candidate John McCain and notorious terrorists in Miami...

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Mobilisations in Colombia

23-10-2008 20:47

40000 indigenous are on the move, 18000 sugar cane workers have been striking for over a month and today 5 large unions are on strike in protest to the governments violent response to peaceful protest. And what is more, they are building common demands that go beyond their indiviudal sectors agenda.

Below is an edited translate article by Simone Bruno, an Italian Journalist who has been present at some of the mobilisations

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Italy:Movement comes to life, berlusconi demands riot police evict the students

23-10-2008 18:37

We have all read and heard the stories coming out of Italy in regards to the Fascists, old and new, dominating and control both the state institutions and streets. But as the government turns up its repression again on the working class, native and immgrant, a new movement has exploded on to the piazza and boulevards of major italian cities.

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Italian police HQ bombed, anarchist comrades arrested

23-10-2008 14:19

Bombs against the communal police of Parma: four comrades arrested.

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Hip Hop Artists fighting back against the fascists

23-10-2008 06:57

Found this video of some anti fascist anarchist hip hop

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Chase Neighbourhood Centre Project Closing

22-10-2008 22:22

On visiting this afternoon, we asked staff about the rumours that we had heard about closure. It turns out it had been an intense week at the Chase Neighbourhood Centre in St.Anns.

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Immigration Minister shows why we should join TCAR's March Against Racism on Sat

22-10-2008 21:57

flyer for the march
Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) invites all progressive organisations and individuals to support the 2nd Northern March Against Racism this coming Saturday 25th October. The march will assemble at the Old Fire Station on Westgate Road at 12noon. We will march through the West End to the city centre and there will be a public meeting in the open air at Grey's Monument from 1pm.

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Notts to get elected mayor?

22-10-2008 20:45

the crook, the toff, the cop, the fascist
According to the Evening Post, Nottinghamshire may soon have a directly elected mayor. This might be a very bad idea.

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Benefit Gig - Support DPM - Saturday Night, Jamm, Brixton

22-10-2008 16:22

The aim is to show support for a group of friends that have been incarcerated for graffiti and to raise awareness to the injustice of imprisoning people who paint graffiti. In a society where 'street/urban art' is exhibited on the walls of the Tate Modern, London and sold in auction houses around the world the messages are mixed.

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Chagos Ethnic Cleansing; No Right to Return: Implementation of International Law

22-10-2008 13:35

Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes against Humanity justified by UK Regime and House of Lords