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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Chile: Invitación Campamento Autónomo

17-12-2010 13:03

Trabajo de Verano autónomo, comunitario y rebelde

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Heinz Means Strikes In Wigan

17-12-2010 13:01

Workers at the Heinz factory in Wigan stopped work on Wednesday, leading to the production of an estimated 2 million fewer cans of beans and other foods. They are striking against a below-inflation pay offer, which has been combined with attacks on sick pay and changes to the bonus scheme.

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In reaction to recent articles surrounding the student protests

17-12-2010 10:14

Protest is a right of ours, but with a highly distorted understanding of democracy and resistance engrained throughout the UK, what are the most effective methods for getting heard... or better still, achieving change?

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Guerrilla Orchestra - Birmingham musicians & students protest against cuts

16-12-2010 15:55

At 18.00 on Friday 10th December musicians staged a 'Guerrilla Orchestra' in Birmingham city centre in protest of cuts to higher education, the Arts Council, and local councils, another longer video of the action...

Click here to view video..

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Pro student letter in todays Northern Echo

16-12-2010 13:51

In response to the right and far right polutting newspaper letters pages and message boards with anti student crap its time we took them on.

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Afghan Peoples' Anti-War Petition: 'We Want You Out'

16-12-2010 11:00

A call for a worldwide change through international popular solidarity has been made by Afghan youth

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For Riotous Assemblies not Reasonable Dissent

16-12-2010 10:47

The atmosphere of UK State repression and 'queen's peace' was definitively broken on the 10th November 2010, when the Millbank Tower, Conservative Party HQ, was stormed by a mob of malcontents, during a demonstration against student fees

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WE’VE GOT THE RAGE ! General Strike in Greece

16-12-2010 09:16

Nationwide report from the General Strike in Greece, December 15th 2010

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Uninvisible Rally

15-12-2010 19:15

This lunchtime saw Bonn Square in Oxford briefly transformed into Hyde Park, as a “Speakers' Corner” gave local people the opportunity to make their voices heard. Disabled people, parents, job seekers, teenagers and young people facing an insecure future, as well as older people facing poverty and discrimination, all spoke out about the damage that the cuts will do to their lives and their community.

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The mother of all demonstrations-central London 29th April 2011

15-12-2010 18:39

Everyone to the streets of London on the new bank holiday!

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The Inevitability Of Brutality

15-12-2010 15:17

Now we see the violence inherent in the system!
The police brutally repressed demonstrators on the 'Day X 3' student protests in London last week, continuing the pattern of escalation seen since the 'Battle of Millbank Tower' on 10th November. Quite apart from the cavalry charges and the kettling - which as Laurie Penny has noted are intended to discourage young people from making more stands - some mainstream media attention has gone to the cases of Alfie Meadows and Jody McIntyre.

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ex minister Hatzidakis after he was attacked from demonstrators

15-12-2010 14:00

ex minister hatzidakis
ex minister Hatzidakis after he was attacked from demonstrators in Athens today

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Now Athens Riots - happening riot now

15-12-2010 13:14

London last thursday, Rome yesterday and today Athens. A day of general strike across Greece sees protesters out in force and the inevitable happens - a third west European capital city sees riots in the space of a week. Cops have fired tear gas and flash grenades while rioters use molotovs and set fire to cars. A former transport minister has been stoned and protesters attempted to torch two luxury hotels near parliament. The economic blockade has paralyzed the country - grounding flights, shutting schools, halting public transport.

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Spanish air controllers :A brief wildcat strike takes the Spanish skies by storm

14-12-2010 23:31

Desscription of the recent wildcat strike staged in Spain by air controllers.

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A message of Solidarity to British Students - From Iranian Students

14-12-2010 23:12

In response to a solidarity massage to Iranian students from occupant students in the universities of UCL, Manchester, Sheffield, SOAS, Brighton, Goldsmiths and Bath:
( Iranian students inside the country as well as those studying abroad have drawn up a message of solidarity to the British students who are protesting against cuts and privatisation of Education system as well as universities.

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Italy: Demos, blockades and riots everywhere today

14-12-2010 19:25

Today was the 2nd vote of No Confidence in the Berlusconi government. He survived by two votes. Across Italy, students, school kids and workers took the the streets to protest Berlusconi but also against the continuing neo-liberal education reforms. In Rome there were major clashes that saw the most heavy rioting seen in Italy since Genova in 2001. As well as this, economic blockades and occupations were put in place at many train stations, the port of Palermo and even on the runway of an airport in Sicily.

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National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts - December 15th

14-12-2010 18:17

Take action now to defend the Welfare State. We will not pay for their crisis.

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NCAFC STALINISM - 'Professional Activists' stifling The Peasants' Revolt

14-12-2010 14:23

It seems as they are sitting there in their middle class comfortable rooms saying to themselves... "I know something you don't know"... And already they have begun to form parties, to say to people "don't go to other protests" - we are supposed to run to them for protection just like "the party" protects under Stalinism

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Utterly disgraceful and disgusting BBC interview of Jody McIntyre

14-12-2010 14:07

The BBC News interviews Jody McIntyre, the man who was pulled from his wheelchair at the last fees demo.

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Support for students is very strong

14-12-2010 13:20

The old control of the media is not enough to get hegemonic control of society in the context of the new student risings.