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Convocation for “Week Of Global Struggle For The Liberation Of Patishstan & Santi

21-04-2012 17:05

The following is an urgent call to action from Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York, and supported by the Patishtán Family, to realize the:


To take place from Tuesday, May 15 to Tuesday May 22 of this year.

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Stop deportation of Zimbabwe activist tonight

21-04-2012 11:24

david moyo
David Moyo is a young Zimbabwean refugee, and an activist against the Mugabe regime. The British Home Office is trying to forcibly remove him to Zimbabwe tonight, from Heathrow via Nairobi on Virgin Airways flight VS671 at 9pm. If he is taken to Zimbabwe he will face imprisonment, torture or even death.

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Brutal beating of an immigrant by Police caught on camera

20-04-2012 21:52

In a new video published today the brutal beating of an immigrant by the Police was caught on camera by a resident from his balcony.

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Keep Virgin Profiteering Out of Our NHS!

20-04-2012 09:28

Keep Our NHS Public will be picketing the Virgin Store, Cornmarket, Oxford, 12 noon this Saturday.

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Winston Green 8 - Only 1 person drove the car 8 charged with murder

19-04-2012 17:28

The trial opened with what would have been a comedy of errors if it hadn't been for the seriousness of what was happening.

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They Took the Air out of the Life Jacket – A Report From a Workfare Attendee

19-04-2012 17:11
We’ve been sent this report from Raman, a Birmingham resident who was sent on the work programme, one of the compulsory workfare schemes we’ve been campaigning against with Boycott Workfare.

If you are on, or have been on the work programme, or one of the other workfare schemes, please get in touch with us, anonymously if you want, and let us know what happened and whether it was useful to you. email or comment on this post.
At our demonstrations we’ve had many people stop and talk to us telling us that workfare did not help them, and the more of these stories we can publicise, the more pressure there is on the government to scrap the scheme and stop the providers profiteering from the taxpayer.

This is what Raman has to say:

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Workers Day Wolverhampton May 1st 2012

19-04-2012 16:16

1st May Wolverhampton
Tuesday 1st May 2012, the 18th FREE annual event - to be held at Pegasus, Jackson St, Wolverhampton WV6 0QQ from 7pm

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Occupy Brookes kicks off despite monsoon weather

18-04-2012 21:53

The occupy camp outside Oxford Brookes Uni started up today amid crazy downpours.

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Oxford Brookes Occupied

18-04-2012 14:32

Students inspired by the global occupy movement have today occupied Oxford Brookes University as a protest against rising tuition fees.

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EUROPOL conference on targeting anarchism

18-04-2012 11:41

Police from 20 European countries are meeting next week (24-25 April) in Den Hague, NL, for a conference on coordinating repression against FAI, No TAV, No Borders and other "euro-anarchists". Repost from "Out of Control Berlin"

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Delegation to Venezuela: Food Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Community Power

17-04-2012 16:15

We will examine issues of land reform, urban agriculture, rural development, fishing rights, and food sovereignty within a dynamic political context in the Bolivarian revolution.

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Anti-Prison Gathering timetable

17-04-2012 10:17

Here's the schedule for the antiprison gathering to be held in Nottingham at the Sumac Centre on the 28th of April.

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner will be provided, as will accommodation on Friday and Saturday night.

On Friday night the Zounds will be playing at the Sumac, so come along to that if you can.

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Mass Protest against Disablist Cuts - 18th April

16-04-2012 19:08

Meet outside McDonalds in Leicester Square at 1.30pm - Wednesday 18th April

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Blockupy Frankfurt - Participate!

16-04-2012 19:06

Blockupy Frankfurt!
Here, we hope to share how international groups and persons (and others who have not been present in the planning structures up to now) can participate in #Blockupy Frankfurt, both in preparation for and during May 16-19. The action days are planned as participative and open, and their success depends on the presence, participation, creativity, initiative and spontaneity of everyone – please join in!!

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Hopi weekend conference: April 21-22, central London

16-04-2012 19:04

The danger of a new war in the Middle East is increasing every day. The war drums are beating ever louder, especially in Israel. Hands Off the People of Iran is hosting this weekend conference in order to highlight the dynamics behind the sabre rattling.

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Poland, Bialystok: antifascist demonstration 15.04.2012

16-04-2012 10:37

Poland, Bialystok: antifascist demonstration 15.04.2012

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Poland, Katowice: antifascist blockade 14.04.2012

16-04-2012 10:33

Poland, Katowice: antifascist blockade 14.04.2012

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Lawless Libya - A country in chaos

15-04-2012 17:07

Yaara Bou Melhem gets rare access to see what life is really like in Libya after Gaddafi was deposed by NATO backed reactionary forces against the wishes of the Libyan masses.

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St. Andrews Queers show O'Brien their backsides

15-04-2012 13:28

St. Andrews students protest O'Brien sermon at St. Salvators Church. Following O'Brien's recent comments his invitation to deliver a sermon was criticised by the Student Association and the LGBT Society organised a demonstration. Autonomous queers acted of their own accord and walked out of the sermon in protest.