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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The WTO Drug Deal -- How Hope was Bargained Away

06-09-2003 02:23

There was a time when health activists thought a global trade deal on
affordable medicines would be an
achievement worth celebrating.

Now they have one. But they're not celebrating.

Last weekend, members of the World Trade Organization agreed on a plan
to offer poor countries improved
access to life-saving drugs. The deal, which ended a 21-month test of
wills between the United States and
the developing world, was hailed as a breakthrough by relieved negotiators.

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Pirate radio -- Loud and Offensive!

06-09-2003 02:16

Support Loud and Offensive! Information is power and we want to spread it to as many people as possible.

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2nd Manchester People's Assembly/Social Forum

05-09-2003 11:34

The Second Manchester People's Assembly is taking place on the 4th october
from 10:30-5:30 at the Methodist Central Hall on Oldham street city centre.

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Nottingham & Manchester Gay Pride Events.

04-09-2003 10:58

Gay Pride
Nottingham Gay Pride - A lovely gay afternoon out in the park. Stalls and info exchange around the field and bands and singers from the Bandstand all afternoon

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Sounds Like Freedom report from Palestine

04-09-2003 09:21

Update from the Sounds Like Freedom group in Palestine

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Another blow for Asylum Seekers

03-09-2003 09:05

Once again the "Left" Labour government make Maggie look like Marx, how can we let them get away with it?

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WDM Director speaking in Oxford

01-09-2003 17:04

Barry Coates, Director of the World Development Movement (, will be speaking at a free public meeting in the Oxford Town Hall at 7pm, on Thursday 4th September.

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'Tô Bolado' is a song by about the Vigário Geral massacre in Brazil

01-09-2003 12:27

'Tô Bolado' is a song by about the Vigário Geral massacre performed by Afroreggae. The video clip for the song shows footage of some of Brazil's most notorious incidents of police violence.

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International prisoner support

01-09-2003 11:39

click on the links-

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Update from Jenin

31-08-2003 16:20

Report and footage from the streets of occupied Jenin

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Defund the WAR machine..

31-08-2003 14:25

Vote with your money if you want your vote to count

Defund the war machine? Yes we can!

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ECGD office occupation PHOTOS

30-08-2003 20:20

the uk's export credit guarantee department offices occupied.

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More dirt on the Sequani animal killers

29-08-2003 22:03

More dirt on the animal torturers ... 'sequani limited'...

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A challenge to anarchists

29-08-2003 21:27

A fraternal debate on marxism and anarchism

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Last call for Jeremy Hardy, Ted Curtis, Jason Pegler , Sunday, all for £3

29-08-2003 17:12

This is your last to see Ted Curtis, Jason Pegler, Ben Watson & Jeremy Hardy all on the same tiny stage, at different times, for only £3!!

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Cost of Water to Double!

29-08-2003 15:29

THE cost of water to Merseyside householders will soar to £10 a week, if the Government's regulator sanctions a £3.8bn spending programme.

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£117m needed to fix council houses

29-08-2003 15:25

It has been estimated that 60% of Liverpool's council homes are below basic standards.

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Child abuse activist George Farquar fitted up- put in Edinburgh Mental hospital

28-08-2003 18:37

George Farquar - scotish anti child abuse and electronic warfare activist committed to mental ward in Edinburgh hospital

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Marines menace Zapatista community Nuevo San Rafael

28-08-2003 16:57

Mexican government officials and Marines have once more menaced the Zapatista community of Nuevo San Rafael in Montes Azules. On 19 August officials from PROFEPA, marines from the state armed forces, and also TV reporters all arrived in the community, which is also known as Ignacio Allende, and is in the south of Montes Azules, Chiapas, Mexico.

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Activist-George Farquar committed to mental ward in Royal Hospital Edinburgh

27-08-2003 21:44

George Farquar - scotish anti electronic warfare activist committed to mental ward in Edinburgh hospital

NB: No doctor was present at his "trial!"