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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Huntington Lane Coal Mine Eviction?

13-10-2010 13:05

The eviction process at the Huntington Lane coal mine site near Telford, Shropshire appears to have begun, but no eviction notice has yet been served. The National Eviction Team and local constabulary are currently on site but no arrests have been made. Heavy machinery is now on site and breaking ground.

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The Gay Liberation Front’s social revolution

13-10-2010 10:44

Forty years ago, the Gay Liberation Front challenged society's gender system

GLF’s radical critique of orthodox masculinity and femininity

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Singled Out And Suppressed At Birmigham Anti-Tory March

13-10-2010 08:39

On 3 october 2010 during the demonstration in Birmingham against Tory party cuts, the comrade holding the red flag in the photos was singled out by the police in a sinister fashion and brutally set upon on by over 6 policemen, after been thrown onto the ground.

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Bath Bomb #34 Out Now!

12-10-2010 23:09

The latest offering from the Bath-based radical freesheet, mostly obsessing about cuts nowadays

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325 Magazine - issue 8

12-10-2010 17:46

Released now for September 2010, the free yearly PDF of the international anarchist magazine, 325. 76 pages packed full of revolutionary anti-capitalist social war.

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US threat to attack Iran with nukes is “criminal”

12-10-2010 14:49

The U.S. today is threatening to attack Iran “under the completely bogus pretext” that it might have a nuclear weapon, a distinguished American international legal authority says.

When Obama administration officials, like those of the Bush regime before it, say “all options are on the table,” they are threatening nuclear war and that is prohibited by international law, says Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois at Champaign.

Not only has the International Atomic Energy Commission said this charge against Iran “is simply not true,” Boyle pointed out, but threatening Iran with nuclear war in itself constitutes an international crime.

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Oppose the English Defence League London rally on October 24th

12-10-2010 11:37

The English Defence League are a racist & Islamophobic organnisation with links to the BNP, Combat 18, Blood & Honour, National Front & UKIP. They have rioted in Newcastle, Dudley, Bolton, Bradford & Leicester. The EDL have been arrested on bombing charges, have placec pigs heads on mosques, pulled off womens hijabs etc. They say they are against extremism but are against all Muslims.

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Calais No Borders: how to organise a secret festival

12-10-2010 07:31

report of the Festival Without Borders in calais this september

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10 years of the Palestinian Intifada, 10 years of boycotting M&S

11-10-2010 20:37

On 25 September, activists from FRFI and other groups held a lively demonstration outside Marks and Spencer on Oxford Street, to mark 10 years of Palestinian Intifada and 10 years of the weekly picket against M&S.

(video of event can be seen here:

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No Borders in Brussels: becoming a movement

11-10-2010 20:18

reflections on the No Border camp in Brussels

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For a Coalition of Resistance!

11-10-2010 18:10

As Tory austerity starts to bite, and anti-cuts groups spring up everywhere, we need to build a COALITION OF RESISTANCE...

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THWAC Autumn Gathering

11-10-2010 17:00

The Happendon Wood Action Camp (THWAC) was occupied on 12th September 2010 to resist the destruction of the Douglas Valley by Scottish Coal and SRG Estates.

Join us for our five day Autumn gathering in the woods!

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Simon Kirby MP Seeking IPCC Investigation Into Sussex Police

11-10-2010 14:14

Government have no responsibility regarding Police corruption. Simon Kirby MP will assist elderly pensioner forced to take on Sussex Police unaided

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Homophobes riot against serbia pride event

10-10-2010 22:12

Church and culturally endorsed homophobia still runs wild in Serbia, where today a Belgrade pride parade suffered the attacks of several hundred bigots. The majority of clashes seem to be between cops and bigots. Win win I suppose, although it's obviously never that simple.

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Bristol Uni wins contract to tell Non-EU countries to behave on Human Rights

10-10-2010 14:37

The University of Bristol’s Human Rights Implementation Centre (HRIC), which seeks to address the effective implementation of human rights, together with partners in Africa and Europe, have been awarded two grants totalling nearly €2.4 million by the European Commission (EC). The funding will contribute towards research into torture prevention in Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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Attacks against police targets in Bristol

10-10-2010 14:08

Anti-police actions on the nights of the 8th and 9th October.

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Parliament square being re-taken - now

09-10-2010 18:49

Around 30 activists are pitching tents on the green at Parliament square, London it is reported.

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Amsterdam: and the squatting ban

09-10-2010 17:08

A report of the last few weeks in Amsterdam in relation to the squatting ban and rising tensions in the city.

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English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson asks EDL members to leave :Youtube

09-10-2010 03:18

The English Defence League is facing a major upheaval after EDL leader Tommy Robinson addressed the EDL members and told them that some members had to go following accusations of theft of money, rumour mongering and other problems. Tommy Robinson has made a short film based on The Muppets called The John Snowy Shaw Show. Granny Doris has also been ejected along with others in EDL.

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08-10-2010 20:09

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