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English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson asks EDL members to leave :Youtube

Camden Antifash | 09.10.2010 03:18 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The English Defence League is facing a major upheaval after EDL leader Tommy Robinson addressed the EDL members and told them that some members had to go following accusations of theft of money, rumour mongering and other problems. Tommy Robinson has made a short film based on The Muppets called The John Snowy Shaw Show. Granny Doris has also been ejected along with others in EDL.

For more details on who has been thrown out of the English Defence League and why you can watch the speech made by Tommy Robinson here on youtube.

The EDL are due to have a rally in Leicester tomorrow. They are also appearing at the Israeli Embassy London UK on the 24th October in support of Israel. Alan Lake is attending the EDL London rally alongside a Rabbi from Israel.

With regard to the speech made by Tommy Robinson to the English Defence League, John Snowy Shaw is said to have called a previous meeting where he accused Tommy Robinson of living off of EDL money. Tommy Robinson says in the film that John Shaw accused him of making £160,000 from EDL merchandise. The merchandise was pulled in response. Tommy robinson says also that John Snowy Shaw accused Kev Carrols mixed race daughter of being a paid actress who was pretending to be his daughter. Tommy Robinson in response has said that John Shaw has been talking money. Other people including other men and afemale EDL member Granny Doris have been asked to leave EDL for causing trouble and spreading malicious rumours.

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