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Diggers 350th birthday march and occupation VIDEO

12-12-2006 15:27

April the 3rd, 1999

11 min video chronicle of the march and occupation of St. George's Hill in Surrey on the 350th birthday of the Diggers occupation of the same area.

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Dept of Health replies to camapign on New record system (Spine)

11-12-2006 22:07

Long letter to all those who sent in dissenting letters regarding the introducton of the centralised NHS Care Record System (starting in 2007) aka Spine.

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Solidarity with Harmondsworth detainees demo report

11-12-2006 21:51

On 5 December around 25 people assembled at Communications House Immigration Reporting Centre to show their solidarity with the Harmondsworth detainees whose protest the previous weekend showed up the horrific treatment that immigration prisoners are subjected to.

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How New Labour is creating slave labour

11-12-2006 16:57

Whatever the merits of Tony Blair's recent retrospective apology for Britain's leading role in the slave trade it would be less hypocritical if his government was not developing a modern system of slavery and the reintroduction of sweated labour through the reshaping of immigration controls.

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Emergency Vigil Outside Scottish Parliament Tues 12 Dec

11-12-2006 16:27

Valentina Montoya Martinez of Voces del Sur (photo by marc marnie)
Tuesday 12th December
Events in Edinburgh to commemorate the disappeared, murdered, tortured and exiled from Chile
Emergency Vigil Outside Scottish Parliament at 5.15pm
Presente! Ahora Y Siempre!! at 9.30pm

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Imagine Cabbies on 'Drive-Slow' at John Lennon Airport

11-12-2006 14:30

Liverpool cab drivers are taking part in a 'drive-slow' in Speke on Friday, in protest against £7 per day fees demanded by John Lennon Airport.

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Turkey, Istanbul: burning barricades and clashes on the streets

11-12-2006 01:12

Massive fights in the streets of Istanbul:

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VIDEO - Defending Democracy (Sack Parliament 2006)

11-12-2006 01:05

Another better late than never production by Real2Reel. Should have uploaded this months ago after completing it in time for distribution at the anarchist bookfare in London but forgot....

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200 Eritreans Protest outside the Eritrean Embassy in London.

10-12-2006 20:41

(London 08-12-04) Nearly two hundred Eritreans gathered together protesting the Human Rights abuse that continues unabated in Eritrea....

Originaly posted (along with many photos) on

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On the Ground: San Cristobal, Chiapas - Dirty Water on a Death Bed

09-12-2006 23:12

A Barrio lying on the edge of a polluted stream
The latest report on polluted water resources and corporate privatisation from IMC correspondent Oscar Beard in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

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Bring David Hicks home - thousands of people rally across Australia

09-12-2006 22:01

Adelaide Rally
"John Howard, he doesn't want (to) bring David Hicks here for so many reasons, because he's a good witness against the crime of the government overseas."

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09-12-2006 18:28

50 lee street E8 (hackney)

SUNDAY 10 OF DECEMBER from 7 p.m.

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Stencil Graffiti from San Cristobal de Las Casas

09-12-2006 17:28

Some photographs of stencil graffiti from the surrounding barrios of San Cristobal.

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Anarchist prisoners on hunger strike in Greece

09-12-2006 17:14

We publish two letters from anarchist prisoners from Greece.

Please suport.

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13th DECEMBER decision from the Botswana high courts- action now please

09-12-2006 13:27

we love tribal peoples, they have a place in our earth, so why are they being pushed out of existence and how can we gravitate to a free world for all of us....maintain your freedom of speech and give a call to the people who are questioning this answer, the answer that will have all the peoples a place and some choices for the future...

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Photos/Report - Eritrean embassy demo on human rights day 8/12/06

09-12-2006 00:54

About 80 to 100 brave Eritreans turned up outside the Eritrean embassy today (saturday 8th Dec 2006) to commemorate the International Human Rights Day and demand freedom and justice in from the government of their country. (Photo plus background below. Video to follow)

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Islamophobic Britain

09-12-2006 00:24

Blair is a racist maniac

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Don't DIS- my Ability-Medical Cannabis

08-12-2006 20:54

Part One of Medical Cannabis Campaign. Exposing Drug apartheid discrimination (social segregation defined by differential and/or preferential treatment) when it comes to personal choice and the individual human rights thereof.

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Justice for Cleaners: Stop Press. Victory number 2, events cancelled.

08-12-2006 18:22

The Fast for Justice by cleaners planned for next week has been cancelled due to a premature victory. Sounds like a pretty good reason!