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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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MPs' house squatters claim victory anyway

10-07-2009 20:51

Squatters occupying the long-term empty “main home” of MPs Ann and Alan Keen had a stunning victory in Brentford County Court today. A courtroom packed with squatters and supporters agreed that the greedy MPs should not be allowed to kick the squatters out.

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Direct Action; Mexico, Italy & Switzerland

10-07-2009 18:18

3rd-9th July


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Athens: When the Minister met the Fascists &OK’d to attack an anarchist squat

10-07-2009 17:20

To sum up: A junta-appointed attorney general and present government minister meets with a “residents’” group widely known to be a fascist front. Minutes after the meeting, fascists attempt to attack the local anarchist squat, backed by police force. Sometimes, the line between fascism and democracy is much, much thinner than we’d ever think.

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FDC to G8-funded World Bank: Cancel all illegitimate debts

10-07-2009 12:41

MANILA, Philippines. Members of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) staged a protest action in front of the World Bank office here today to demand the total and unconditional cancellation of all debts it is claiming from the Philippines and developing nations. The protest action coincided with the opening of the Group of Eight Nations’ (G8) 35th Summit in Italy which sets among its agenda the development of a comprehensive response to the global economic crisis.

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Fascists attack Villa Amalia, the oldest squat in Greece

10-07-2009 02:28

Fascists under the cover of cops attacked the oldest anarchist squat in Greece with molotov cocktails and beaten a youth. Our comrades successfully driven away the fascists. The squat, Villa Amalia, suffered no damage.

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Picket Indian Embassy - No to landgrab and state terror in Lalgarh, India

09-07-2009 23:14

Protest at the Indian embassy, Birmingham, against the state terror unleashed on the people of Lalgarh, a village in West Bengal, India, who refused complying with a government sanctioned corporate landgrab of 5000 acres of land uprooting them from their homes and depriving them of their livelihood.

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ryanair beining banned from charing extra fees on credit card

09-07-2009 22:32

ryanair beining banned from charing extra fees on credit card

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After the Greek Riots

09-07-2009 17:28

from the occupied london blog

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Should twitter receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

09-07-2009 14:44

Twitter, Paulo Coelho, Facebook, were instrumental in getting information out of Iran over these last few weeks that the evil Supreme Being has ordered a clampdown on what little democracy exists in Iran. Should they not be joint recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize?

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Students respond to G8 in Rome with occupations

09-07-2009 13:19

Students in Rome demand housing, basic income and welfare from the G8 Summit.

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Domestic violence survivor and PA to disabled woman threatened with deportation

09-07-2009 09:28

Jessica Davanzo, a survivor of domestic violence and a Personal Assistant essential to her disabled employer, has been unjustly threatened with deportation by the Home Office, in direct contradiction of its claim to be "building a safe, just and tolerant society".

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Silence on Cynthia McKinney

09-07-2009 05:29

Cynthia McKinney
Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, peace prize winner Mairead Maguire, and nineteen others were captured by Israel while on a humanitarian mission to bring food, medicine, and building supplies to Gaza.

The silence from the corporate media is, sadly, not at all surprising. The complete surrender of black American leadership is also sad and also not surprising, but is nonetheless disgraceful, and should not pass without comment.

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SHAC Diary Dates

08-07-2009 20:57

$72 million in debt, top 5 shareholders sold all shares, jobs axed, bonuses cut, revenue down, 75% drop in share price, no wonder Brian Cass describes the future of HLS as "uncertain".

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Heather Nicholson moved prison

08-07-2009 20:31

Heather Nicholson was moved yesturday without warning, she was transferred to Eastwood Park in Gloucester, but today she's being/been moved again to HMP Foston Hall in Derbyshire.

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SHAC Latin American Day of Action against HLS customer Bayer

08-07-2009 19:51

27th-28th June: SHAC Latin American Day of Action against HLS customer Bayer in; Buenos Aires (Agentina), Columbia, Limia (Peru) & Santiago (Chile).

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Unemployment Movement

08-07-2009 16:47

Here Again! Another recession, another round to blame and shame the unemployed..... While green shoots appear and disappear just as quick, we all know the crass and inevitable lines the newspapers are going to come out with to vilify the unemployed and hot on their heels will be the political bureaucrats

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Colnbrook IRC: Fariat Mohammadi has sewed up his mouth and eyes and is on hunger

08-07-2009 10:46

Fariat Mohammadi
"Why are they imprisoning me here for so long? I am a victim of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I fought against their injustices for the rights of people in Iran and had to leave because they tried to arrest me. I came to the UK and they have locked me up without rights. It is inhumane. I have been forced to take this drastic action. I haven't been outside or seen any part of Britain since the day I arrived. They have put me in the detention centre like a criminal." Fariat Mohammadi

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Revolutionary Cynicism

07-07-2009 17:10

In order for a truly autonomous movement to be realised, the rebellion must trascend consciousness, theory and action, with a true hatred for all civilized convention as a fundamental starting point. Enough about the December uprising, maybe some due time should be paid to their forefathers!

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Meet the author - Prof David Kinley on Human Rights and the Global Economy

07-07-2009 14:39

We welcome members to the launch of Civilising Globalisation: Human Rights and the Global Economy. WEDNESDAY 8th JULY 2009, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS BOOKSHOP,TRINITY ST, CAMBRIDGE 6.00PM. The author David Kinley provides compelling arguments for why the wealth created by economic globalisation must serve the broad goals of social welfare and human rights.

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G8 legal infopoint in Rome

07-07-2009 10:25

details of legal point of contact for anyone in Rome for the G8