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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Ramona Africa and MOVE the movie in London, Thursday 28th

27-06-2007 17:28

Ramona Africa will be speaking at 8pm Thursday 28th @ 15 rampART Street, London E1

MOVE communication minister Ramona Africa, is touring the UK for two weeks to talk about the MOVE Organization, the events of May '85, the MOVE 9, Mumia Abu-Jamal and what they stand for. Come to listen to her story and watch the "MOVE" documentary.

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Good riddance Blair from Parliament Square.

27-06-2007 16:30

Since Saturday the protest camp in Parliament Square has been a scene of almost boring calm. Even the police were behaving in an unusually affable manner but all that changed today, almost as if in a final finger-up gesture from the departing Tony Blair.

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Parliament Square 10.35am

27-06-2007 09:39

Police searching tents. Brian and\'Barbara resisting.

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Nick Griffin the mortgage broker?

27-06-2007 01:39

Just what precisely IS the BNP now?

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Autonomously Gazing After the G8

26-06-2007 17:59

A text written in the hope of an empowering self-critical debate in autonomous and anarchist circles about what happened and what didn´t happen during the protests against the g8...
one swallow doesn´t make a summer

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Report: gay schoolkids at great risk of attacks

26-06-2007 15:39

Gay lobby group Stonewall today released a 24 page report which clearly shows the extent of homophobic bullying and attacks within UK schools.

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G8 Film premiere. This Thursday, south London

26-06-2007 09:31

REEL NEWS presents over 90 minutes of short films from this years G8 protests in Germany.

Entry is free.

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Parliament Square update, Monday afternoon.

25-06-2007 16:39

Barbara and Charity
Plenty of rain but still no hassle from the police. The Peace Camp now has 10 tents plus one Gazebo. The latter is very good for socialising out of the rain.

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A Protest camp for the victims of the socio-economic terror in Jerusalem

25-06-2007 15:41

A camp for families who suffer from the "Winsconsin" economic plan, is set up in Jerusalem.

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Transformation, survival and emancipation in a world city: regeneration or busin

25-06-2007 11:52

This week in London, Inura is having it's 2007 conference, 25 June to 1 July 2007

INURA is a network of people involved in action and research in localities and cities.
It is a non-governmental and non-profit organization with a self-organizing, non-hierarchical, decentralized structure. The Network consists of activists and researchers from community and environmental groups, universities, and local administrations, who wish to share experineces and to participate in common research. Examples of the issues that Network members are involved in include: major urban renewal projects, the urban periphery, community-led environmental schemes, urban traffic and transport, inner city labour markets, do-it-yourself culture, and social housing provision. In each case, the research is closely tied to, and is a product of, local action and initiative.

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US JUdiciary CVorrupted By fbi and cia

24-06-2007 19:23

The following report presents evidence of the total corruption of the judiciary of the uSA by the intelligence agencies of the united states of america.

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Parliament Square Peace Camp pics.

23-06-2007 18:21

Peace Camp
At 5pm there were 8 Peace Camp tents, including a Gazebo. While Brian's bunch had 11 tents and a fairly loud sound system for music and speeches.

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Peace Camp update 3.40PM

23-06-2007 14:45

Short shower earlier.

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Mammoth electoral fraud in Philippines elections: Padding and shaving

23-06-2007 08:07

Philippine election
Nearly three weeks after election day, there are still no definitive results for the Philippine elections to the Senate and House of Representatives. Counting is still continuing and in a number of provinces it has not even begun. This has nothing to do with inefficiency and everything to do with ballot-rigging. The Philippines is one of the most corrupt ‘democracies’ in the world.

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*New Genoa G8 video* The Diaz raid, July 2001

23-06-2007 02:08

This revised edition video shows the opening moments of the Diaz raid at the end of the Genoa G8 in July of 2001. Over 300 police took part in the raid, expecting to find violent protesters.

What they found were 3 journalists and 90 environmentalists, social workers and pacifists. In what can only be described as a bloody massacre, 62 people were hospitalized. Some with life threatening injuries.

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DepARTure Lounge: create resistance against the root causes of climate change

22-06-2007 13:28

DepARTure Lounge: A weekend workshop designing creative resistance against the root causes of Climate Change.
13 – 15 July, near Heathrow, London

A weekend workshop where we will collectively explore the spaces between art and activism and design creative actions in preparation for the Camp for Climate Action.

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screening of 'Move' documentary on June 28 at rampART

21-06-2007 17:49

Move poster
Talk by Ramona Africa, sole survivor of the 1985 FBI bombing of MOVE's
house, where 11 adults and children were murdered, and screening of The MOVE