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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Make Poverty History

01-02-2005 15:54

Church launch of Make Poverty History, a global campaign on debt, aid, and trade. Held at Bloomsbury Baptist Church in London on Saturday 29 January 2005.

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Sylvia Pankhurst remembered

01-02-2005 14:55

Peter Tatchell reveals his admiration and affection for the socialist suffragette, Sylvia Pankhurst

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RFID in the Library

31-01-2005 16:51

RFID technology has been intro'd in a Library in Colchester.
So now they can better watch what your reading- and where you're taking it ???

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Coca Cola in Colombia - Cambridge meeting

31-01-2005 10:11

Coca Cola is accused of trade-union busting in Colombia. Find out the latest news and how you can help to hold this and other corporations accountable. Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Cambridge Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group meeting.

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Iraqis risk their lives to vote, but the occupation continues

31-01-2005 02:04

Voices in the Wilderness draw attention to the inability of the Iraqi election to change the fact of occupation.

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A song for Sri Lanka — musicians appeal for backing

30-01-2005 14:20

Unsigned band “Shalika” have recorded a song entitled “26/12/04” to mark the tsunami catastrophe and raise funds for victims in Sri Lanka. The London-based musicians have paid for studio time out of their own pockets and are appealing for backing from a record label. The band is also planning two gigs to raise funds for projects being organised by Sri Lankan swimwear manufacturer MAS Linea Aqua and the Diocese of Colombo.

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Blair in Manchester: Urgent

30-01-2005 09:17

I have just found out from an inside source that Tony Blair will be in Manchester in MONDAY AFTERNOON to open the Wythenshawe Forum.

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Saturday January 29th: new demonstration in Tenerife

30-01-2005 08:32

On Saturday January 29th at 11AM a new demonstration took place in Tenerife, this time in Santa Cruz´s neighbouring city of La Laguna:

* Against antisocial, undemocratic and corrupt economic speculation in favour of a few at the cost of many
* In favour of genuine and sustainable ecological and social progress

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Latest news on the community-run Alberdi school in Venezuela

29-01-2005 22:44

The Alberdi school in Venezuela, a closed down school taken over by the community and turned into a progressive education centre, has been threatened with closure by the Caracas pro-Oligarchy mayor.

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First pictures of Greenwash Guerrillas (05) in action

29-01-2005 11:28

GGs protest and survive Shell g'wash onslaught
Hi-tech Greenwash Guerrillas struggle to stem tide of greenwash oozing from Shell Chairman's Greenpeace Business Lecture, London, 25.1.05

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Manchester - Protest Against ID Cards Beginning Already

29-01-2005 10:42

Manchester offices of PA Consulting Group
Today Manchester residents opposed to the introduction of biometric identity cards and the creation of a National Identity Register visited the Manchester offices of PA Consulting Group [1] and Siemens Business Services [2].

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Positive Global Movements

29-01-2005 01:12

Positive Global Movements is an exhibition with film forums happening at Rampart Social Creative Centre in London, England, from the 6th to the 12th of February 2005.

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UNISON Official Pension Strike Ballot is On!

27-01-2005 19:51

Today's UNISON's Industrial Action Committee meeting gave the go-ahead for a strike ballot of local government workers in England, Scotland and Wales to oppose proposals to change the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

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Iraq: Order 81

27-01-2005 15:55

As part of the systematic corporate looting of Iraq, the US is now about to destroy Iraq's agriculture, and in doing so, will destroy a heritage going back at least 10,000 years.

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Kiss It!xx Campaign March Against Psychiatric Assault

27-01-2005 10:12

March against psychiatric assault (forced treatment) Monday 14 February 2005 Valentine's Day demonstration 11am gather at Whitehall Place (nearest tubes Embankment and Charing cross) For more information, visit:

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UNISON heading for pensions strike action

27-01-2005 00:52

Massive strike action is on the cards because of government plans to downgrade public sector pensions schemes.

An overwhelming majority of UNISON members voted in favour of strike action during consultation in January 2005, and members across the country are planning activities for the TUC day of action on pensions on February 18. The Yes vote was 82%.

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Hilary Benn in Oxford – 27/01/05

26-01-2005 21:58

Hilary Benn is in Oxford on Thursday 27th January 2005.

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Venezuelan March for Sovereignty: Caracas January 23 2005

26-01-2005 19:12

March in Caracas -1-23-05
Tour of the Revolution II: Photo Essay
Venezuelan March for Sovereignty: Caracas January 23 2005
"En Defensa de la Soberanía"

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Dover-Kent-Rave bashes muslims-gay marraige etc.

26-01-2005 16:14

Greeting from darkest Toryland- Kent, where a Rev, at a service in Dover used the occasion
to bash women priests, gay marraige and muslims etc.

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Precarity Network meeting Jan29

26-01-2005 14:50

>>Next Precarity Assembly Saturday Jan 29th, 2005