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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Iraqi Resistance Responds To Obama

03-03-2009 04:06

The Iraqi Resistance have released a comprehensive statement in response to US President Obama's recent announcement of troop withdrawals from Iraq.

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Greece: Afghani migrant critically injured in Patras; clashes with riot police

03-03-2009 01:55

athens &patras imc's still down..................

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Green MEP Calls for Urgent Political Solutions On Return From Gaza

02-03-2009 17:15

- Caroline Lucas MEP demands recognition for Palestinian unity government and an end to the blockade, as illegal Israeli settlement building continues

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Camden Lab and Community campaign has a new address in Kings Cross

02-03-2009 13:37

There are plans to build a deadly "super virus" lab in Kings Cross, alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library. this has been opposed by MI5, MPs and councillors on Health and Safety grounds. Foot and Mouth disease was leaked into the water supply from Pirbright in Surrey. Local people want community / education facilities and council homes here with realistic employment opportunites rather than this ill thought out lab project. Please also see the online petition.

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Week of Action on ‘Welfare Abolition Bill’ March 7 – 15th

01-03-2009 21:29

Call to Action: The London Coalition Against Poverty, Disabled People’s Direct Action
Network and Feminist Fightback are calling on all groups and individuals
concerned with the eroding of our welfare rights to take part in a week of
action against the ‘Welfare Abolition Bill’ .

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The Arrogance of Capitalism

01-03-2009 14:47

Mandelson, Labour's most neo-liberal minister says to keep the Royal Mail public, it must be (partially) privatised (!). He today also accused the unions of "fighting an ideological battle" - now, remember everyone, we all decided ages ago capitalism is great.

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Bash a Billionaire, Tuesday 7pm, Park Lane

01-03-2009 11:30

"On Tuesday night, 100 billionaires will gather at London's sumptuous Dorchester hotel, to watch Mr Ted Turner in conversation with Ms Carol Vorderman. Ms Joss Stone will sing, and some model or other will be in attendance."

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Scientific Prediction of the Big Crash already three years ago

28-02-2009 21:59

n a commentary, three years ago, explaining Marxist 'crisis theory', I predicted scientifically the current American crash!

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Banner drop in solidarity with SHAC 7

28-02-2009 21:50

On the day of the SHAC City Shakedown march in London anarchists hung a banner from a bridge crossing over the A358, the town center inroad for Taunton, Somerset.

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SHAC Global Week of Action Part 2: Sweden, Chile, Cambridge & Poland

28-02-2009 19:43


Part 1:
See newswire posts for photos and videos of London march

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Shac City Shakedown 27 February 2009

28-02-2009 17:19

The City of London trembled on Friday as Animal Rights protesters marched its streets in what has been one of the largest Animal Rights turnouts since some unlucky activists got 50 years.

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Action Against Judicial Corruption & Institutional Failures in the UK

28-02-2009 08:12

Demonstration against Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonments, Convention Rights Violations, Institutional Failures and unaccountability in the UK; weekly every Saturday outside HMP Wormwood Scrubs, Du Cane Road, London W12 0AE; commencing from 12pm until 3pm.

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Targeting Israel with Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions, and Prosecutions

27-02-2009 22:59

Enough is enough. After 61 years of Palestinian slaughter, displacement, occupation, oppression, and international dismissiveness and complicity, global action is essential. Israel must be held accountable. World leaders won't do it, so grassroots movements must lead the way.

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Democratic Upsurge at MMU Students Union

27-02-2009 19:35

take back mmu
Students fight for democracy at MMU Students' Union.

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Victory for Plymouth Occupation!

27-02-2009 13:09

Students of Plymouth University have successfully won most of their demands in just 4 days of negotiation with their university management.

The following is an extract from their blog.

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Heroes of law and order

27-02-2009 11:21

There's a couple of classic cop tales in the post today. The first concerns a Notts cop who accused a mechanic of stealing his sunglasses from the car he was working on and arrested and searched the poor guy before his mate found them still in the car. The other concerns two Notts police arrested over misappropriation of union funds.

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Defeating Complaints, Creating Rage by John Bowden

27-02-2009 09:57

The liberal argument that internal prison justice and the equitable resolution of prisoners' grievances is a critically important factor in maintaining the equilibrium and legitimacy of prison regimes, while also preventing the widespread embitterment of a group of people already significantly in conflict with the system, is obviously true in a particular sense. In the closed and hidden world of prison where the guards and system they enforce wield an omnipotent degree of power over prisoners the manner in which prisoners' complaints and grievances are dealt with will inevitably determine whether that power is frequently abused or mediated with at least some semblance of fairness and lawfulness.

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Averting the China Syndrome

27-02-2009 05:59

We do not advocate violence as a tactic so much as we argue that there are strong justifications for the use of violence, such as in a “just war,” to intervene on behalf of genocide victims, or in self-defense. And we advance the concept of “extensional self-defense” to say that humans can be legitimate proxy agents for animals who rarely can defend themselves against their tormentors.

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Hope Happening - 2nd Palestine Cafe Event

27-02-2009 03:07

Radical Hope Happened at the YOMA Cafe in Southampton for Palestine
add your responses / thoughts for zine making please