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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Greenpeace board and brand pirate ship in Las Palmas

13-04-2006 13:31

© Greenpeace/Gleizes
Las Palmas, Spain — Activists from the Esperanza have climbed on board an illegal cargo vessel full of fish stolen from Guinean waters. Greenpeace and the Environmental Justice Foundation tailed the "Binar 4" for six days, as it sailed from West Africa to dump its pirate catch on the European market.
The team of activists will "police" the vessel in the port of Las Palmas until Spanish authorities move to confiscate its illegal cargo. As the "Binar 4" waited to enter port it was branded with the words "Stolen Fish" - painted five times across both sides of its hull.

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Greenpeace activists occupy Monsanto GM seed facility in France

13-04-2006 13:24

On 13 April 2006 activists occupied the seed factory of Monsanto in Trèbes, Aude, France. As of 2pm local time, 100 activists are still inside the building carrying out a "citizen's inspection", looking for GM seeds.

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vital need to boycott israeli products

13-04-2006 07:33

we try to argue that all products exported by israel to european countries should be boycotted, as a pressure mean to force israel to enter into a peace process with the palestinian autorities

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Freedom Found Guilty - interview with Milan Rai

12-04-2006 23:17

Watch this video and read riki's report ( on Milan Rai's Guilty Verdict heard today in London

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NAIL Public Debate - [Nottm Against Incineration and Landfill]

12-04-2006 21:52

NAIL - Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill hosted a meeting to inform the public on the progress of the campaign, and the up-and-coming planning hearings.

This is the recording I made, of the disussions.

NAIL Public Debate - 1hr 20mins [32kbs, 19Mb]

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World Bank/IMF Direct Actions

12-04-2006 19:18

Come on over to D.C. for the World Bank/IMF Direct Actions!

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milan rai found guilty as organiser of unauthorised demonstration today

12-04-2006 17:10

'justice not vengeance' founder activist milan rai appeared at bow street this morning to hear the verdict and sentencing in his trial as organiser of an unauthorised demonstration in the designated zone around parliament. his was the first prosecution of an organiser, and he faced up to three months imprisonment (rising to 51 weeks later in the year!)

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Vidio from March Critical Mass Gothenburg

12-04-2006 16:43

This is worth a watch

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Palestinians latest casualty of Iraq conflict

12-04-2006 13:13

Three weeks after they fled violence in Iraq, about 130 Palestinian refugees, including at least 50 children, are still stranded in the no-man's-land between Iraq and Jordan with no light at the end of the tunnel.

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Failed Strategies

12-04-2006 06:08

The New World will not be dominated by military might or economic strength, it will be dominated by the will of the people – all people everywhere acting in the interests of each other and the planet that sustains them. Analysts are highly paid to determine future directions; recent social history has laid bare the most likely outcome. The recent capitulation of the government to the will of the people in France; the demonstration of six hundred thousand Hispanics in LA, the success of the people against their corrupt leader in Thailand. All these events in very close succession signal with clarity the world ‘government’ of tomorrow.

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Mr Justice Finnegan, Royal Dutch Shell & the "Rossport Five”

11-04-2006 15:01

On Friday 7th April the “Rossport 5” were back in court before the President of the Irish High Court, Mr Justice Finnegan.

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1 million people to donate 2p

11-04-2006 14:19

Educate for Life 2p pledge
Two university students who started a charity to build schools in neglected corners of the world are trying to get 1 million people to send in 2 p each.

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Jailed for organising

11-04-2006 12:43

New York Transit Workers Leader Faces Jail for strike.

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11-04-2006 10:02

Independent scientists have raised the alarm after media reports ommitted to mention that drugs, which left six people critically ill after a trial, are genetically modified and are being used in crops planted in secret locations across the UK.

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Glasgow - direct action group UNITY goes public!

11-04-2006 02:42

Hundreds of asylum seekers are planning a campaign of direct action to prevent immigration officers removing people who are threatened with deportation.
Using prearranged phone networks, they aim to erect human barricades in front of flats and houses to prevent officials gaining access and set up watches to alert people who fear being taken into detention.

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BNP go into lie overdrive with insane July 7th fantasy

11-04-2006 01:43

British National Party in story that’s even more crap than the fake ‘assassination attempt’ story shock

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100 Migrants in Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre on Hunger Strike

10-04-2006 22:25

Press Release on updated situation in Colnbrook. Includes the text written and signed by 97 hunger-strikers.

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Banking on Our Ignorance: A holocaust denier is taken on by his cousin

10-04-2006 21:47

The more ignorant or unfamiliar you are with and about statecraft, the easier people who want to perpetuate war can manipulate you. So committments to war or peace or radical sanity take form, and an intensifying radical's radical dialogue
"becomes" between two persons who like each other at face value (and some years of background history). This communication may be instructive for those who want to better understand aggression and its rationalizations in order to ju-jitsu the worst of what happens when beliefs are allowed to bear the ugly fruits of perpetual war.

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April 8 anti-deportation demo - detainee tell of beatings in Colnbrook

10-04-2006 21:07

Another detainee via mobile phone informs the demonstration detainees are being locked up and beaten.