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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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LaDIY Cinema Fundraiser Presents: Itty Bitty Titty Committee (2007)

28-07-2011 10:16

On Sunday, July 31 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm at the Rutland Arms, 86 Brown Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2BS

LaDIY Festival presents a first in a series of feminist film screenings

Starting with Jamie Babbit's light hearted comedy approach to radical feminism in 'Itty Bitty Titty Committee' (2007).

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No Mill Road Sainsburys Petition Handed In Tonight.

27-07-2011 18:40

Lib Dem MP Julian Huppert was in attendance.
This evening a small group of concerned local people gathered in front of Cambridge Guildhall to hand over a petition against the proposed Sainsburys store on Mill Road.

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Counter G-8 in Chicago 2012

27-07-2011 15:49

You are needed in Chicago 2012

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Free activists detained at nonviolent action at military training area in Sweden

27-07-2011 10:26

War Resisters' International is calling for the release of ten activists who were detained by Swedish police during the “War Starts Here” nonviolent action at the North European Aerospace Testing Area (NEAT) near Vidsel, Sweden. The test site – covering an area the size of Belgium – is used for testing a range of innovative weapons, including planes, missiles and “drones” (remotely piloted weapons). Despite its size, NEAT is a little known site – even in Sweden – yet plays a crucial role in multi-national preparations for war.

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London's Death Sentence For Brendan Lillis

27-07-2011 02:23

Brendan Lillis is an Irishman left dying in the UK prison system. The British Govt and their agents shockingly believe that Brendan is still a dangerous man. What nonsense.

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Rote Flora: "Access all areas" - International Day of Action

26-07-2011 17:32

The squatted Rote Flora with a topical billboard for the support of Kukutza III
A proposal for a International day of action towards the end of the year against capitalist urban development and gentrification

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2011: the year we took on the unaccountable elites

25-07-2011 22:20

The people are fighting back - even Charles Moore wonders if ‘the Left may actually be right’

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Shell blockaded on the first day

25-07-2011 07:45

Tripod blockades Shell
Tripod blocakding road as first of new fences sit and wait with nowhere to go

At 6.59 this morning a tripod was erected on the road between Shell's Ballinaboy refinery and their compound at Aughosse, Co Mayo.

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State's case against Abahlali baseMjondolo collapses (South Africa)

24-07-2011 15:10

In September 2009 the South African shack dweller's movement Abahali baseMjondolo (which has strong links to the London Coalition Against Poverty) was attacked by an armed ANC mob in Durban. Twelve AbM activists were arrested after the attack and were detained for eight months. The state's case against the 12 has now fallen apart completely and clear evidence of a state frame up has emerged. This report is from the radical legal NGO that represented the 12.

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Demo against cuts to social care in Oxford

24-07-2011 14:40

A smallish, but lively crowd took the streets (OK, pavements!) of Oxford yesterday to protest against cuts to social care in a "March of the Uninvisibles".

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Norwegian Terrorist Had Links to EDL!

24-07-2011 09:56

Anders Brehing Breivik -- EDL Supporter
Whilst it comes as no surprise that he was a violent fascist who attacked democracy and "left-wing" students, (if the Nowegian Labour Party could even be described as "left-wing"), nor should it come as any surprise that this violent psycho had links to the EDL! The only surprise is the silence on the EDL forums since it turned out that one of the worst terrorist attacks ever seen in Europe was committed by one of their own, especially considering the regular threats and hatred posted on their Facebook pages!

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Calais: "Welcome to Fortress Europe" action at City Europe

23-07-2011 18:38

No Borders activists stage a mock FORTRESS EUROPE CONTROL ZONE outside City Europe mall opposite Coquelles detention centre in Calais.

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Come up to Rossport! Shell Starts Work on onshore pipeline

23-07-2011 13:36

IRMS blocking public road
Friday 22nd July Shell brought a digger and a port-a-cabin into the existing temporary compound in Aughoose. This is in preparation to start building a permanent compound in Aughoose from which they hope to start digging the tunnel for the pipeline which will connect Ballinaboy refinery to the 70 kms of offshore pipeline. They will come in full force on Monday 25th July, please come up to Mayo and show your support! A mass day of action is planned for Friday 29th July, but come up any time.

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Mayo County Council steal caravan from Rossport Solidarity Camp at 3am

23-07-2011 13:19

Early Thursday morning at 3am Mayo County Council illegally removed a caravan from private property in Aughoose, opposite Shell's temporary compound. People from the Rossport Solidarity Camp were woken by the noise and ran down to the road in pyjamas to find their caravan being loaded onto a flatbed trailer. The gardaí present said to "take it up with the County Council" if there was a problem. When questioned as to why they were doing it at 3am if the removal of the caravan was lawful, there was no response.

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UG#560 - Cyberluddism (Reclaiming Luddism on the Bicentennial)

23-07-2011 03:54

This week we look at the goings on in England which started 200 years ago this November, headed by the mysterious figure of Ned Ludd. Why did the Luddites break certain machines but leave others? Why did central government send more troops to crush Luddism that to fight Napoleon in France? But first, the soundtrack of two videos, Robots vs. Luddites and New Technology Whose Progress?'

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solidarity demo for the pelican bay hunger strikers

21-07-2011 20:42

support the prisoners
demo at 3pm - 6pm monday july 25th @
U.S. Embassy, London. Mailing Address 24 Grosvenor Square London, W1A 1AE United Kingdom.
in solidarity with thousands of prisoners across California have participated in a hunger strike against torturous conditions at Pelican Bay State Prison's Security Housing Unit.

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Italy: NO TAV / Genoa / Naples / Other News

21-07-2011 14:10

Update on the last few weeks in Italy: NO TAV movement, Genoa 10 years after the G8, labour struggles in Naples, and more.

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Estate Agents attacked - Bristol

21-07-2011 12:10

Last night (20 July) the windows of Maggs & Allen Bristol were smashed.

We did this in response to Maggs & Allen's part in the threatened eviction of the Freeshop and the Emporium, two squatted spaces on Stokes Croft. Our solidarity goes out to all people being threatened with eviction, from those in squats to those who can't afford their rent.

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Occupation of Shell peat storage facility in Rossport

20-07-2011 17:13

on a digger with sign
Shell to Sea protest halts Shell's peat works for second day

At 10.30 am this morning Shell to Sea campaigners stopped work for the second day in a row at the Bord na Móna site at Shramore, near Bangor, Co. Mayo. They are currently on the site and occupying machinery.

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Transition in Cities and the #SpanishRevolution

19-07-2011 19:45

Attached are three recordings from the UK Transition Network Conference 2011, which was held in Liverpool from 8th to 11th July.