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Muhammed Shuket born 1964 - died in Colnbrook IRC 2nd July 2011

09-07-2011 12:06

Another death in Immigration Detention. At the moment there are no hard facts, not even the cause of death of Muhammed Shuket and the Home Office after the 63 word statement below have *shut up shop, until after the inquest.

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Brian Haw's funeral held in Redditch

09-07-2011 01:51

The funeral has taken place of anti-war campaigner Brian Haw who has died from lung cancer aged 62.

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J30 West Midlands round up

08-07-2011 19:38

Thousands of public sector workers across the West Midlands joined other unions around the country for a day of action against government proposals to increase pension contributions and retirement ages.

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Southampton Council Workers Await "Armageddon Monday"

08-07-2011 17:17

A defiant refuse picket line
Southampton council workers are now in the eighth week of a dispute with the local authority, which wants to impose drastic "savings", including pay cuts of up to 5.5% (about ten per cent with inflation), to be followed by a two year wage freeze. Throughout that time, unions have organised a series of rolling strikes, and an estimated two thousand tonnes of rubbish has piled up. However, despite the inconvenience and the corporate media's propaganda war, a poll in the Southern Daily Echo shows that 63% of respondents currently support "the workers", over 37% supporting "the council".

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US Teen In Jail 18 Years For Accidental Shooting When He Was 16

08-07-2011 15:21

Kenny Richey an innocent Scot was held on death row in Ohio for many years before
citizens achieved his release. Now there is focus on another unjust imprisonment
in Ohio.

American Jonathan Shue: In Jail 18 Years in Ohio for An Accidental Shooting When He was 16

Ohioans Have Paid $720,000 For The Incarceration of An Innocent Man.

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6th Anniversary of 7/7

07-07-2011 23:11

Six years on from an event with the largest single loss of life in London since the blitz can the Metropolitan Police, with it's long track record of complicity in facilitating Miscarriages of Justice be allowed to offer a 'narrative' which is so deeply flawed and suspect? How about a 'narrative' which has remained unexamined and unchallenged except by the July 7th Truth Campaign? A 'narrative' that has ascribed guilt to four men without their families having the opportunity and legal representation to question, particularly when the four accused have been denied their own Inquest proceedings? Or a 'narrative' deemed outside the scope of inquiry by the 7/7 Inquests, and a 'narrative' which has led to the demonisation of the Muslim population? This is the same flawed and unproven narrative that has been the basis for the questioning of multi-culturalism and a 'narrative' which has done much to fuel the race-hate and bigotry of the far-right neo-fascist organisation, the EDL.

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Reclaim the Fields South West Gathering

07-07-2011 19:18

The first gathering for Reclaim the Fields South West will be happening on the weekend of the 6th -7th August in Bristol.

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Italy: No TAV press conference – “This is the people’s resistance”

06-07-2011 21:01

The People's Resistance in the Susa Valley
In the midst of the riot porn that can be found on the internet about the NO TAV protests of Sunday 3 July – and that I’m not going to post here because a) you can find it anywhere and b) you can have too much of it – I’ve found a story that I think is much more important.

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Eco-village social media platform being developed! HELP needed!

06-07-2011 01:21

New eco-village orientated social media platform being developed- seeking fellow hackivists and geeky campaigners for collaboration / community based on free, equal association, consensus decision making and open source principles... lets take a activist sized bite outta fciabook!

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PHILIPPINES: The Rough and Rugged Road toward Change

05-07-2011 04:51

Akbayan Party’s Statement on the First Year of the Aquino Government

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PRO-CHOICE DEMO Saturday 16th July, 1-2pm, outside the Guildhall, Market Square

04-07-2011 22:13

Women's right to an abortion in the UK is under threat

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No Borders blockade Calais detention centre

04-07-2011 18:31

On Saturday around 30 No Borders activists blockaded the detention centre and border police complex at Coquelles, a few miles from Calais.

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Dale Farm eviction notice served -- Camp Constant to be set up from Sat. Aug 27

04-07-2011 16:39

Today, some 90 families at Dale Farm, the UK's largest Traveller community, were hand-delivered a final notice of eviction giving families until midnight on August 31 to abandon their homes, or face their entire community being bulldozed. The central government and Basildon Council have set aside over £18m for the eviction battle that could last three weeks. It will be the biggest clearance of its kind involving the ploughing up of 54 separate plots created on a former scrap-yard purchased by the Travellers ten years ago.

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Anarchism: the A word

04-07-2011 12:30

Mindless, violent thugs, hell-bent on sowing chaos.’ That’s the kind of press anarchists often get. Uri Gordon provides a more sympathetic take on a growing yet still little understood political movement.

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Italy: civil war in Valsusa – Repression against NO TAV movement

03-07-2011 20:37

Greeting from the Free Republic of the Maddalena
After a crowded torchlight march on the night between June 26th and 27th, the Free Republic of the Maddalena in Piedmont was brutally assaulted by a full-scale military operation performed by around 2000 forces that turned the place into a battle site: teargas thrown at eye level, bulldozers and heavy vehicles used to evict the camp, water jets against protesters, beatings, tents and equipment smashed up. In the nearby town of Venaria, a riot police vehicle on its way to the site ran over and killed “by mistake” an elderly woman.

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Muammar Gaddafi: Speech, July, 1st, 2011

02-07-2011 21:01

Tripoli - Kadhafi Speech 1-7-11
Speech of Muammar Gaddafi to a crowd in Tripoli on July, 1st, 2011 – video and fulltext english transcript 2. Juli 2011 ..... Yesterday, Friday, July 1st, 2011, the leader of the Libyan revolution Muammar Gaddafi addressed via telephone a very large crowd of hundreds of thousands of people, which gathered in Tripoli in support of revolution leader Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan government. Here is a video of that speech.

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report and pics from j30 events in london

02-07-2011 17:55

from the use of 150 officers to remove a small peaceful occupation camp from trafalgar square early in the morning, through the use of tsg officers to conduct targetted snatches, searches and dodgy arrests throughout the day, to the use of lines upon lines of police to clear the whitehall area later in the afternoon, the j30 protests were characterised by repressive, stupidly expensive, and unnecessary shows of force from the authorities.

from the eviction of trafalgar square onwards, it was clear the met believed their own hype, trumpeted in the evening standard the previous evening, that j30 would turn into riots, however despite continual provocation, it turned out a very relaxed and english affair, and of the 30 arrests reported, many were of children, some clearly unlawful, and most pointless.

an NUJ journo told me he'd watched a 14 year old boy being arrested for arguing with the police when his friend was pulled out of the crowd for wearing a hoodie. i spoke to another young man who had a bandana round his neck. it was stolen from him by police under the guise of section 60, even though he had at no point used it to cover his face. he was given no receipt or paperwork. because he was wearing black, a smart pair of jeans and a t-shirt, he had been stopped and searched on three occasions by mid-afternoon, and on one of those, taken down a side street and roughed up in the process.

as the march passed charing cross station on the strand, a team of tsg were pulling people from the crowd, mainly black and asian along with some white teenagers. a muslim girl was told to remove her religious face covering, and a 12 year old boy, on the protest with his mother, a teacher, was handcuffed and hauled away when a search found a small paint canister in his bag. as he was taken into the station, a crowd of concerned protestors (made up of a real cross-section of ordinary people) surrounded and shouted at the police. although this crowd was angry, their anger was vocal not physical, but it gave the excuse for some of the tsg thugs to become violent. i watched one in particular, constable webb, U3543, assault several people in succession, coming up from behind and without warning pushing people out of the way. when i tried to report the assaults to other police, i was of course met with stony silence, despite the fact that his actions were not dissimilar to those of pc simon harwood, now finally facing a manslaughter charge years after iain tomlinson died.

aside from the anti-cuts protest, a small group from were staging a protest outside the department of culture media and sport on the day the vulture secretary, jeremy cunt, was due to announce in favour of rupert murdoch's controversial bskyb monopoly bid.

meanwhile, down in parliament square, a squad of riot police in their silly blue baseball caps were busy conducting searches on passers-by, including a journalist with a press card, while a forward intelligence photographer took close up face shots of some of those searched, even though nothing incriminating was found.

outside the queen elizabeth conference centre, a spanish-style 'people's assembly' formed, and an open mike was made available to speakers, while uk uncut organised football and other games.

a group of black-clad anarchists marched past the centre and acted as pied pipers to some of the crowd who followed them up whitehall, where they pulled over the central line of metal barriers in a token act of defiance. dozens of police trotted along behind them, and inevitably at the trafalgar square end of the road they were met by a large police presence, and became cordoned in by the officers behind them.

there were a few scuffles at this point, and several overly-violent arrests. it really seemed as though the police were hyped-up for violent confrontation, and every attempt was made to inflame the situation, including tsg officers striking out at press photographers as they dragged their arrestees out of sight behind police lines across side streets.

i also saw a man snatched by plainclothes police who looked much like your average football hooligans. they used plastic wires to tightly restrain his wrists behind his back even though he appeared calm and offered no resistance.

in protest at all this violence, a small group of people, some of whom i recognised as part of an explicitly peaceful campaign group, staged a sit-down protest at the north end of whitehall. more people joined them, until around 30 were sitting in the road, despite a short wet rain shower. police numbers built up, tsg officers also moved in, and among the ensuing confrontations i again saw card-carrying press being pushed around and refused access, as the sitters were picked up and moved to the pavement.

then lines of police, sometimes 5 or 6 thick, began pushing people down whitehall, and then left down horseguards avenue to the embankment, leaving the upper end of whitehall clear of all except police.

as most of the protestors had left the area, i joined a small group, including several colourful clowns, who decided to stage a good-natured anti-cuts protest outside 'boots' and 'tesco' opposite westminster. their singing and banners managed to close the 'boots' store ten minutes early, and their boisterous song outside 'tesco' amused and interested many passers-by, several of whom agreed not to shop there after speaking to the protestors.

small shops across the nation, killed by tesco's monopolisation
small shops across the nation, killed by tesco's corporation

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Save Temple Cowley Pools - July happenings

02-07-2011 13:22

Lots (and lots) of stuff happening, as we wind up to the next really BIG Council meeting on the 21st. More reminders to come, but first, a BIG, BIG thank you to all the volunteers who distributed our response to Councillor Malik's highly misleading letter around Cowley Marsh over the last week. If you haven't already, please take time to look at the website and see the propaganda still being pushed out to the public, and our response.

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Urgent Appeal: Crackdown on Malaysian Socialists

02-07-2011 12:45

Manila -- Around 70 members of Partido Lakas ng Masa (Party of the Laboring Masses - PLM) held a brief picket in front of the Malaysian Embassy this morning to protest the arrests and detention of 30 activists belonging to the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM).