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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Mass co-ordinated deportation of Afghanis from Europe

23-07-2005 14:12

Take off to Kabul Tuesday morning.

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How to beat the terrorists: Lessons from a journey across the Arab world

23-07-2005 11:31

In the last seven weeks I have had the opportunity to make working visits to seven different Arab countries and to engage in political and other discussions with local officials, academics, journalists and opposition activists. The experience has been instructive, and simultaneously heartening and depressing, but has suggested obvious opportunities and dangers in the dual quest to respond to the rights of Arab citizens and defeat the global terror plague.

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Sharon - West Bank settlements to be expanded, permanently

23-07-2005 09:30

The "Road Map to Peace" = Turn Gaza into a walled ghetto + Steal more land in the occupied West Bank.

Ariel Sharon is a man of peace alright - "I want that piece, and that, and that ..."

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Mexican Government Admits Zapatista Drug Reports Untrue

22-07-2005 15:48

So this is sort of old news i guess, but no sign of it in the archive and pretty ironic in light of the Mexican government's recent welcome of the Zapatistas' new political initiatives.

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Post-G8 Dissent! Gathering: August 6th-7th, South Wales

22-07-2005 15:34


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Crisis in Niger

22-07-2005 14:15

Millions starving to death because the world did not act when warned as long ago as a year. And whats being done now? Shockingly little. Can we justify ignoring the plight of 3.5 or so million in the face of what is happening here?

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g8 bikeride video

22-07-2005 12:42

Fairly long video containing interviews with cyclists prior to setting of on bike ride from London to Scotland for G8 protests.

approx 18 minutes long

preview and screening versions available

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22-07-2005 11:42


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Street Art ~ Radio show today (Fri) 2-3pm

22-07-2005 10:01

Resonance fm 104.4FM - Small Slow Peasants Show

Broadcasting Live to london on FM @ 2-3pm
+ the world via the web (

Todays theme is 'Street art' with interviews from melbourne, NYC, and London.

What is street art ~ graffiti, sticker art, political posters, busking and street perfomance, urban reclaimation blogging the freeways and more!

For more info go to

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The Organisation and Politics of Social Forums

22-07-2005 07:59

The new issue of 'ephemera: theory & politics in organization', which has just been published at, looks at the organisation and politics of social forums...

...included are some interesting reflections on the London ESF...

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E.V. Debs Speech at the 1925 Conference for Progressive Political Action

22-07-2005 00:00

This earth possesses plenty enough resources to provide, the peoples of the earth if free market capitalism didn't by its very nature dole out the earth's treasures so disproportionately.

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Foucault and the Iranian Revolution

21-07-2005 23:28

This is an extraordinary radio interview that aired on KPFK Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles last Monday, on the Iranian Revolution and French Philosopher Michel Foucault, who embraced it. A new book by Janet Afary and Kevin Anderson about this historical situation has great relevance today for our understanding of political Islam, religious fundamentalism and the attack on science and reason.

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URGENT Communiqué from CIPO-RFM

21-07-2005 21:46

Today, July 20th 2005, at ten in the evening repression increases against the community “Trapiche La Soledad”- Sola de Vega.
Since yesterday July 19th San Cristobal – Sola de Vega authorities have placed a patrol in the only road that leads to the community of La Soledad.

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What Happened at the G8? Films, Slides and Discussion

21-07-2005 14:24

Dangerous trouble-makers
An evening of short films, slide shows and discussion with people from Cambridge who have just returned from the demonstrations, blockades and protest camps against the G8 in Scotland.

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Transcript of London Anarchist Forum Debate Online

21-07-2005 08:17

The transcript of the talk and debate, 'Is Activism Counter Revolutionary' is now available online.

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Parliament cleaners go on strike.

20-07-2005 23:22

Not an unreasonable request when you consider how much MPs earn.
When you consider how badly Parliament has shafted the rest of us it’s hardly surprising that they treat their own cleaners like dirt as well. The T&G Trade union today organised a 1 day strike and protest over the conditions experienced by the agency staff who clean Tony Blair’s toilet.

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Bristol Trade Unionist, victimised by management and sacked

20-07-2005 22:42

Jerry Hicks, highlyrespected by his workmates.
Management at the Rolls Royce engineering plant in Bristol recently suffered a humiliating clime down when two suspended workers were reinstated after unofficial strike action. Since then they have suspended popular shop steward Jerry Hicks and today they sacked him. This will almost certainly result in ballots for strike action at the plant and the company’s other depots. The pictures below are from Mondays Solidarity demo at the factory gates.

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20-07-2005 20:52

Send messages of protest to Coca-Cola on the 2nd anniversary og the international campaign against the multinational for their crimes in Colombia.

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Sth East Trains defends Ticket office reductions/staff redeploying.

20-07-2005 11:48

Letter received in reply to RMT (rail Union) campaign against proposed changes to station ticket office opening times/staff re-deployment.

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20-07-2005 06:39

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