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The Organisation and Politics of Social Forums

steffen boehm, sian sullivan and oscar reyes | 22.07.2005 07:59 | Analysis | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

The new issue of 'ephemera: theory & politics in organization', which has just been published at, looks at the organisation and politics of social forums...

...included are some interesting reflections on the London ESF...

ephemera: theory & politics in organization
volume 5, number 2 (may 2005)


The Organisation and Politics of Social Forums
Steffen Böhm, Sian Sullivan and Oscar Reyes


The Other Worlds Educational Project and the Challenges and Possibilities of Open Spaces
Vanessa Andreotti

The World Social Forum: Exploiting the Ambivalence of Open Spaces
April Biccum

Ground Zero of the Forum: Notes on a Personal Journey
Steffen Böhm

The Future of the World Social Forum
Caracol Intergalactika

Open Office and Free Software: The Politics of the WSF 2004 as Workplace
Giuseppe Caruso

PR like PRocess! Strategy from the Bottom-Up
Massimo De Angelis

The Ethics of Engagement Revisited: Remembering the ESF 2004
Emma Dowling

Research in Progress: Making Feminist Sense of the Anti-Globalisation Movement
Catherine Eschle and Bice Maiguascha

The Forum and the Market: The Complexity of the Social and the Struggle for Democracy
Jeremy Gilbert

Deliberation or Struggle? Civil Society Traditions Behind the Social Forums
Marlies Glasius

Social Forums and their Margins: Networking Logics and the Cultural Politics of Autonomous Space
Jeffery S. Juris

Notes from the WSF 2005: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Tadzio Mueller

The Intercontinental Youth Camp as the Unthought of the World Social Forum
Rodrigo Nunes

Networks, Open Spaces, Horizontality: Instantiations
Rodrigo Nunes

Constructing the Intercontinental Youth Camp
Romualdo Paz de Oliveira

World and European Social Forums: A Bibliography
Oscar Reyes

Activism, Affect and Abuse: Emotional Contexts and Consequences of the ESF 2004 Organising Process
Laura L. Sullivan

An Other World is Possible? On Representation, Rationalism and Romanticism in Social Forums
Sian Sullivan

Sensing the Forum: A Collage
Sian Sullivan and Steffen Böhm

From Utopian Worlds to Utopian Spaces: Reflections on the Contemporary Radical Imaginary and the Social Forum Process
Simon Tormey

Opening Spaces: Power, Participation and Plural Democracy at the World Social Forum
Colin Wright

The World Social Forum and the Globalization of Social Movements and Public Spheres
Tuomas Ylä-Anttila

steffen boehm, sian sullivan and oscar reyes
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