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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Free Tibet demo in Central London

24-03-2008 18:12

As a response to the Chinese crack down on the Tibetan up-rising in Tibet and the general repression of Tibetans, a demonstration was arranged, marching from outside the Chinese embassy to Trafalgar Square. Hundreds of Tibetans and supporters turned out to a spirited demonstration with shouts for China to leave Tibet.

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More strikes expected as Greece passes pension reform

24-03-2008 11:29

Greek unions promise to continue protests against the government's pension reforms, passed on Thursday.

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Exposed - The A.L.F. Crime Investigation Agency presents Novartis Austria

24-03-2008 11:25

Knocking on the door of a Novartis
Novartis is a major customer of the animal laboratories HLS and Covance. Therefore
500 names and emailaddresses plus 250 additional names of the 3100 employees of Novartis in Austria are revealed.

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Obama's Multiracial Coalition and the Politics of Racial Reconciliation

23-03-2008 18:47

Obama's unconditional affirmations that America is “inherently good”, that white racism is not endemic, that “radical Islam” is the enemy, that apartheid Israel is a “stalwart ally”, and that his pastor and spiritual mentor, a man who accurately reflects the views of most of Black America is an angry, divisive old uncle stuck in the fifties and sixties --- all these may restore his credentials among whites as the candidate of “racial reconciliation”. But what is being reconciled here? Aside from the color of the president's face, what is being changed?

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Chinese embassies under international attack

23-03-2008 16:00

A Chinese government spokesperson claimed that 17 embassies and consulates in the 10 countries had been attacked, including the use of an incendiary device in San Francisco, as shown below.

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Leaflet to hand out on Fossil Fools Day

23-03-2008 15:07

Leaflet front
A leaflet has been made that you can use on Fossil Fools Day if you haven’t got time to create your own. We think it looks particularly good photocopied on yellow paper but obviously that’s your call!

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Greece: Report on the 19th's General Strike and demonstration

23-03-2008 09:43

Demonstrations were organized after a call by workers unions and syndicates in Greece's larger cities, against the new law on the pension system. Below are gathered some of the reported direct action.

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Media release on 'Irresponsible Tourism Convention' Kerala

23-03-2008 04:33

Civil society organizations and representatives of
people's movements from various parts of Kerala, India organized a
protest march against Kerala's irresponsible tourism practices and
held a parallel people's Convention at Achuthamenon Hall, Eranakulam
on 'Irresponsible Tourism' under the banner of Kerala Tourism Watch.
They made their strong protest against the irresponsible practices of
Kerala Tourism. The groups made their reservations against the non
participatory nature of the present Responsible Tourism initiative of
Kerala Tourism. This convention was a response to the International
Conference on Responsible Tourism held on 21st - 24th at Le Meridien
in Kochi organized by Kerala Tourism and International Centre for
Responsible Tourism- India.

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Showing solidarity with Tibet in peaceful protest through London

22-03-2008 17:24

An account of the march through central London today, to show solidarity with the Tibetans in the wake of the last weeks crackdown in Lhasa and beyond by the Chinese.

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Victories are within sight for communities that host U.S. foreign military bases

22-03-2008 13:40

Victories are within sight for people in a growing number of nations where communities that host U.S. foreign military bases have long fought to get rid of them.

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Reflections on the Groene Voltage, Rotterdam

22-03-2008 09:28

gv october06, just squatted
In this short article, one member of the nonhierarchical collective which ran the centre would like to address some issues raised by the project. As such it can only be read as one person's viewpoint. It is likely that other people from the collective would see things differently. In some ways we achieved a lot, in others we got caught in the traps common to all such DiY projects. I will describe what we did, discuss the collective, mention what we achieved and assess what we did not. Hopefully others can be inspired by our successes and learn from our failures.

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Tibet Hunger Striker Speaks Out

22-03-2008 00:59

Over the past week several Tibet supporters, many of whom were students have held a vigil and series of 24 hour hunger strikes opposite the Chinese Embassy in London. One of the hunger strikers, Terry Bettger, has spoken of the purpose of the action and the importance of a sustained protest against the Chinese crackdown on those protesting inside Tibet.

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Asking Wallace Art Collection not to whitewash Totalitarian Oil

21-03-2008 20:35

Wallace Collection
Four activists held a demonstration outside the Wallace Collection art gallery at Hertford House, Manchester Square, London on Wednesday 19th March. The Art Gallery is currently considering a sponsorship deal with Total so the activists were asking them not to accept sponsorship from the largest western sponsor of the brutal Burma junta. A boycott is not yet called for as it is hoped the gallery will do the right thing and not become associated by Total with oppression in Burma.

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Tara in Ireland calls for urgent solidarity

21-03-2008 15:44

One World
Whatever you dream you can do begin it.
Boldness has genius, power & magic in it.
Begin it now.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 21st March 2008

21-03-2008 12:21

In Memory Zarine Rentia
In Memory Zarine Rentia

"Sadly I have to let you know that Tasnim contacted me to say that Zarine Rentia died Wednesday morning in India and was buried in the evening.

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"Democratic Imperialism": Tibet, China, and the National Endowment for Democracy

21-03-2008 11:57

While in recent years far more information has been made available concerning the CIA’s violent linkages with Tibetan forces, to date only one article has examined the connection between Tibet’s current independence campaigners and an organization that maintains close ties with the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

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Aldermaston bike ride on March 22-24, 2008

20-03-2008 22:30

Bikes not bombs are planning a bike ride from London to Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment

The bike ride is expected to take 3 days (22nd March - 24th March 2008)

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Nottingham City Council Postpones Victoria Pool Closure

20-03-2008 22:30

Nottingham City Council had signaled it was ready to close the Victoria pool at the Easter. But A strong campaign and local opposition meant it diluted those plans and backed down [just a bit] at a meeting today. On Tuesday the campaign says they have achieved their first aim - delaying any closure while other options are looked at.

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Two-day DWP strike ends

20-03-2008 19:18

Thousands of Job Centre and benefit office staff carried out a 48-hour strike this week against a new three-year pay deal.

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'Blok R' Mass Action in Copenhagen, April 3rd

20-03-2008 19:11

Blok R - one of the posters
Blok R is intended to increase the pressure on Copenhagen City Council to come up with a new Youth House (one year after the brutal eviction of Ungdomshuset). Various houses have been proposed by the Council but negotiations have become drawn out. Blok R happens on 3rd April, afterwhich all participating groups have agreed to quit negotiations and take the battle to the streets for as long as it takes.