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Free Tibet demo in Central London

Kristian Buus | 24.03.2008 18:12 | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

As a response to the Chinese crack down on the Tibetan up-rising in Tibet and the general repression of Tibetans, a demonstration was arranged, marching from outside the Chinese embassy to Trafalgar Square. Hundreds of Tibetans and supporters turned out to a spirited demonstration with shouts for China to leave Tibet.

China invaded Tibet nearly 50 years ago and she has ever since repressed the Tibetans. Tibetans do not have any citizenship in their own country and countless have perished trying to escape the country by walking across the Himalayas to India. The last couple of weeks have seen new unrest in the country with Tibetans demanding their rights and the Chinese government cracking down any protesters killing up to 130 people, according to Tibetan sources.

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